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    Drone feed panel won't stay open

    Update: the players on the server state that they have noticed this occurrence as well and remember being able to keep the drone feed panel open while playing in previous days. There are currently players who are able to make use of this feature as well as those who cannot. Nobody knows what is causing this but they believe it must be a bug of some sort as this condition is not uniform across all players to be a server parameter.
  2. Happy Kiwi

    Drone feed panel won't stay open

    No, I'm able to keep the panel open in vanilla single player. I made a confusing discovery last night when I asked another player on that sever I was on whether they had this issue and they also could not keep the panel open. They think it might be a server parameter that does not allow a drone feed to be open while not actively using the UAV terminal for fair fight/PVP balancing. If anything it does not explain why other people are able to keep it open and some individuals can't. When I see them, I will ask the same people who said they could keep it open again to make sure they are not confusing my question with something else because if it was a server parameter to not allow this feature, it would be enforced across the sever.
  3. I was able to keep the drone feed panel (square window to the side of the screen) open when I was playing on a server I frequent until recently I noticed that as I cycle from GPS to the drone feed, the pop-up panel/window would close on its own. I've asked other people on the server whether they had experienced this issue and they've all said no, they are able to keep the drone feed open on their screen while they ran around and played the game without actively using the UAV terminal. I heard picture-in-picture must be enabled in video settings for this feature to work and I confirmed it's enabled. I'm a basic user so any info will help, please see the below for more details. Notice that as soon as I cycle from GPS to the drone feed, the panel closes on its own no matter which side I open it on using the bracket keys. Troubleshooting steps: 1. Validated game files on steam 2. Reinstalled game 3. Reinstalled mods: 509th User Interface (http://www.509th.net/downloads.shtml) and Enhanced Movement (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=333310405) 4. Played without mods on same server
  4. RIP Marines, they get the hand me downs from the army 🤣
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    Music Recommendations

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    Dyatlov Pass Mystery

    if you like stuff like this, check out this youtube channel called MrBallen. He covered this story and others similar to it and it's the reason i even knew what the mystery was before clicking on the link
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    Chernobyl: The end of a three-decade experiment

    wow this is nuts, learned some new stuff today thanks
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    Funny & interesting videos

    beware of volume
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    How does the military deal with a NBC attack?

    An interesting question though I imagine the response would vary depending on the country or countries in question as they have their own training curriculum and procedures for the reason that their equipment available may differ from one another. Some things, however, remain the same. If their intelligence suggests the possibility of the presence of chemical, biological, or radiological weapons, troops will be ordered to don their MOPP gear to a level appropriate to the perceived threat and likeliness. Proximity to the alleged threat also plays a factor into the level of MOPP the commander will choose to order their troops into. CBRN specialists embedded within the unit will be responsible for confirming or disproving the presence of such weapons through the tests they conduct. The commander has the authority to enforce MOPP on all forces under their command however the leaders under that commander have the authority to enforce stricter postures depending on their immediate situation. This authority exists for leaders and small unit leaders so in the event that they suspect the presence of such mentioned weapons while MOPP has not yet been issued by their commander, leaders can take the initiative to facilitate force protection and communicate their situation up the chain of command.