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  1. daanvs

    config.cpp trouble

    Still no luck with getting the lightbar to show up in the editor. It only shows up ingame. I think because of the way it is called through the init eventhandler for now.. On to a new question for my config file. I have added some vehicles and I want to add some of my custom gear to one of the vehicle's inventory. Figured out how to add weapons and mags, could someone tell me in which category of transportitems (transportweapons etc..) vests and helmets should be added?
  2. daanvs

    config.cpp trouble

    Thanks for your reply Jackal326, I've been scrutinizing that config for hours yet I haven't found a solution. I was under the impression it had to do with animationList[] but apparently that doesn't do anything at all. I've come quite a way mostly because of the pointers you gave me so far. Having the police lights show without using a script would only be the icing on the cake. Maybe someone here can point me in the right direction. Thanks again though Jackal326!
  3. daanvs

    config.cpp trouble

    Everything seems to work fine except for the lightbar not showing in the editor. I know it should be possible without using a script as the gendarmerie offroad shows it's lightbar in the editor as well. I use the gendarmerie offroad class as the baseclass for my police offroad, yet the lightbar just won't show in the editor and I have to use a script to get it to show when it spawns. :( Here is what I have so far:
  4. daanvs

    config.cpp trouble

    For some reason the police lightbar won't show. Anyone know why? class B_GEN_Offroad_01_gen_F; // external class reference class Politie_Offroad_01: B_GEN_Offroad_01_gen_F { displayName = "Politie Offroad"; author = "BBE Drummer"; faction = "BLU_F"; side = 1; scope = 2; scopeArsenal = 2; vehicleClass = "Car"; crew = "BBE_politie"; typicalCargo[] = {"BBE_politie"}; hiddenSelections[] = {"camo","camo2"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\BBE_Operators\data\vehicles\politie_offroad.paa","\BBE_Operators\data\vehicles\politie_offroad.paa"}; animationList[] = {"HidePolice",0,"HideBumper1",1,"HideBumper2",0,"HideConstruction",0,"HideDoor3",0,"HideBackpacks",1}; class EventHandlers { init = "(_this select 0) setVariable [""BIS_enableRandomization"", false];"; }; };
  5. daanvs

    config.cpp trouble

    Thanks again Jackal, works like a charm. Got a fair number of new custom units running now. As for the last thing I'd like to do is add a reskin of the offroad. I've got it to show up in the editor but it won't load the new textures. When I use the gendarmerie offroad class, it just shows the gendarmerie textures. When I use the civillian offroad classes the textures get randmoized. Any ideas? EDIT: Added event handler to fix the randomization. Fixed now.
  6. daanvs

    config.cpp trouble

    Alright, So I've got the units to work with armor values to the appropriate parts thanks to Jackal, now I've ran into the next problem. Fixing this, and more importantly, understanding this so I can do it myself in the future, will complete the base of my addon. I'm trying to add attachments to the weapons. Following what has been posted in another thread I found gives me an "undefined baseclass" error. Probably because I have no understanding of the code at all. :( Could someone help me out here and show me how it's done? I'd like to have the arifle_SPAR_01_blk_F with a flashlight and the MK17(?) Eotech scope attached.
  7. daanvs

    config.cpp trouble

    Thanks mate, I will give this a go.
  8. daanvs

    config.cpp trouble

    Well, the scripting noob that I am.. I managed to fix the config.cpp I will post it here for reference.
  9. Hello all, A few months ago I started making a new unit addon. With some help I managed to get my self made helmet model ingame and I wanted to make a single unit wearing the helmet and using a custom texture on it's vest to go with it. I got as far as getting a unit ingame, wearing the helmet but not the right uniform. Yesterday I started tinkering with the config.cpp again to try and make it use the new gendarmerie uniform and my helmet. I forgot to make a backup of my original config.cpp (which is a total mess by itself... I'm more of a graphics guy and not much of a coder) and since my most recent changes the game crashes during initializing addons. I screwed up and I have no idea where to go from here. I hope you guys can help me out. What I want to achieve: -Create a soldier unit for NATO. -Make it wear the gendarmerie soldier fatigues -Make it use V_PlateCarrierGL_blk with a custom texture (\BBE_Operators\data\coveralls\coveralls_black_co.paa) This is my completely borked up config.cpp it contans code in which I tried to use a retexture of the pilot coveralls (before APEX came out I wanted to use that uniform, now I don't) Please help me out guys! ^^^^^^^^^ config.cpp
  10. Hi sbobovyc, Thanks for the very nice script! I was hoping you could edit it once more to add the option for disabling the nightvision mount and glasses. Most hat types don't go well with the NV mount so this addition would mak it much more usable.
  11. daanvs

    Dslyecxi's 'Paper doll' Gear Menu

    Very nice! I was wondering though.. Could this be edited so that the action was bound to an object (inside a base) so that players in multiplayer could walk up to it and change their gear/load out this way? If so.. how? Thanks!
  12. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has found a trick to make the gear selection in the briefing work like we used to by using the Description.ext file. The file doesn't work like it used to in ArmA2. This is what I used: //Description.ext showCompass = 1; showGPS = 1; showWatch = 1; respawn = "BASE"; respawnDelay = 15; class Weapons { // Add the weapons to the mission gear class arifle_MX_F { count = 10; }; class arifle_MX_GL_F { count = 10; }; class arifle_MX_SW_F { count = 10; }; class arifle_MXC_F { count = 10; }; class arifle_MXM_F { count = 10; }; class arifle_SDAR_F { count = 10; }; class arifle_TRG20_F { count = 10; }; class arifle_TRG21_F { count = 10; }; class arifle_TRG21_GL_F { count = 10; }; class hgun_P07_F { count = 10; }; class LMG_Mk200_F { count = 10; }; class srifle_EBR_F { count = 10; }; class arifle_Khaybar_C_F { count = 10; }; class arifle_Khaybar_F { count = 10; }; class arifle_Khaybar_GL_F { count = 10; }; }; class Magazines { // Add the magazines to the mission gear class 30Rnd_65x39_caseless_green { count = 60; }; class 30Rnd_65x39_caseless_green_mag_Tracer { count = 15; }; class 30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag { count = 60; }; class 30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag_Tracer { count = 60; }; class 100Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag { count = 60; }; class 100Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag_Tracer { count = 60; }; class 20Rnd_762x45_mag { count = 60; }; class 20Rnd_556x45_UW_mag { count = 60; }; class 30Rnd_556x45_Stanag { count = 60; }; class 30Rnd_65x39_case_mag { count = 60; }; class 30Rnd_65x39_case_mag_Tracer { count = 60; }; class 16Rnd_9x21_Mag { count = 60; }; class 30Rnd_9x21_Mag { count = 60; }; class 200Rnd_65x39_cased_Box { count = 60; }; class 200Rnd_65x39_cased_Box_Tracer { count = 60; }; };
  13. It's probably not of any interest to most of you guys as it doesn't represent an existing real life unit. It represents the uniform of my airsoft team. I'm working on this to get the hang of modding this game, starting with textures. I was helped bigtime with the config.cpp by Sander from the lowlandswarrior addons. By showing me how it's done I can now do it myself. Thanks again for that mate!
  14. daanvs

    co12 Hijack

    Played it last night as well, with 2 other players. We made it to the hind but it wouldn't refuel/end :P Better luck next time I guess. Very enjoyable mission though!
  15. Is it possible to not have the destination marker actually show still keep the wapoint for when the task is selected?