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  1. Easiest workaround I can think of is using setMarkerAlpha, you can get that marker using allMapMarkers, getMarkerPos and distance2D. Maybe a nearestMarker command also exist? Idk.
  2. stanhope

    Battleye Kick Help!

    Because your battleye filters are picking up something in that line. Go to the battleye folder of your server and look for a scripts.txt file, either the 8th or 9th line should contain something that's in that line.
  3. stanhope

    Completely new need help.

    The tutorials and campaign are a great way to get you familiarized with the controls, arma has a lot of those. After that, hop onto a coop server you can find in the server browser. And then pick a milsim unit and apply to become a member (there might be milsim units where you don't have to apply but they're few and far between).
  4. stanhope

    Arma3 crashes on launch

    For starters, that's the dedicated server you're trying to launch, you won't be able to play through that. So just launch it the normal way through steam. Also, verify the integrity of your game files (steam, right click on arma, properties (at the bottom), local files (3rd from the left), verify integrity of game files (2nd from the bottom)) then try again.
  5. Have you verified that the other positions are valid? The comment on the first line indicates that even though you defined them they'll be checked for validity anyway.
  6. stanhope

    crash to desktop issue

    Could you share which mod was causing the issue so other people also know this?
  7. stanhope

    How can I load a saved game.

    2 things to keep in mind here: This is not normal behaviour you're describing. I've never had it nor do I know anyone who's ever had it Arma 3 has way, way more to offer than just the campaign. The campaign is nice but the real hours are going to be spend in user created content in either single or multiplayer. That being said, I don't know what could be causing the issue you're describing. My suggestion is to make a manual saves as well so you can continue from those and maybe verify your gamefiles through steam.
  8. stanhope

    How can I load a saved game.

    What difficulty level are you playing at? Rookie, regular or veteran?
  9. stanhope

    How can I load a saved game.

    Did you click revert or replay the first time?
  10. stanhope

    How do you get the scroll menu?

    Scroll with the scroll wheel on your mouse.
  11. What kind of multiplayer are you looking to get into? Coop, PvP, survival, roleplay, king of the hill, capture the island, escape from the island, ...?
  12. stanhope

    crash to desktop issue

    Does the problem occur when you're playing without mods?
  13. stanhope

    crash to desktop issue

    You've got to make that link public if you want people to be able to view those logs. But as to the issue: have you verified your game files and are you running any mods?
  14. Have you verified the integrity of your game files through steam?
  15. Did you change anything about the UI size? I'm guessing that's the most likely culprit but also verify the integrity of your game files just to be sure.
  16. Create an addaction that sets a global variable on the player that wants to be teleported using setVariable (for example: player addAction ["Ready to TP", {player setVariable ["_readyToTp", true, true]}];) And have an action on you that teleports all players who have said variable (for example: player addAction ["TP all ready players", { {if (_x getVariable ["_readyToTp", false]) then {_x setPos (getPos player)};} forEach allPlayers;}];) (code is untested but you should get the idea). I'd add some conditions to it so the actions don't show up for players if they're already ready or if they're too far from base.
  17. Have a look in your RPT, does it say "Error: Unlimited ammo script: _magazineType was nil"?
  18. If it's the ones added by the difficulty settings: no, there is no way.
  19. Did you add a custom blufor tracking script or does the mission you're editing add one? If you're not sure, turn your game to veteran difficulty, play it and see if you've still got them.
  20. The quick and dirty fix is: //Unlimited Ammo Script by XxanimusxX _unit = _this select 0; _ammoCount = _this select 1; _primeWpn = ""; _prevWpn = ""; _magazineType = ""; _foundMags = 0; //hint format["%1 is added",_unit]; //used to check if units are spawned into the mission //diag_log format["%1 is added",_unit]; //used to check if units are spawned into the mission while {alive _unit} do { waitUntil {sleep 0.5; currentWeapon _unit != ""}; _primeWpn = currentWeapon _unit; if (_primeWpn != _prevWpn) then { _prevWpn = _primeWpn; _magazineType = getArray(configFile >> "cfgWeapons" >> _primeWpn >> "magazines") select 0; }; if (isNil "_magazineType") exitWith {diag_log "Error: Unlimited ammo script: _magazineType was nil";}; _foundMags = 0; { if (_x == _magazineType) then { _foundMags = _foundMags + 1; }; } forEach (magazines _unit); if (_foundMags < _ammoCount) then { for "_i" from 1 to (_ammoCount - _foundMags) do { _unit addMagazine _magazineType; }; }; sleep 1; }; But you should probably try to figure out why that getarray is returning nothing
  21. Which player marker? The one from the difficulty settings or a custom bluforce tracker?
  22. stanhope


    All you have to do to the code I linked above is replace the 2000 with 4000
  23. https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/162-arma-3-addons-configs-scripting/ ^that's where the people who know a lot about addons hang out
  24. These are the files you need: https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/search?q=tracer&amp;unscoped_q=tracer