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    One of your mods is throwing a lot of errors. Try loading arma without mods and see if those crashes still happen. I don't know which mod exactly because the command line arguments get truncated because it's so long but I did find the name "IIIE_Gear" maybe you know which mod that is.
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    Yes the RPT would be nice. Also, do you have a USB headset?
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    Magazine Deletion When Reloading

    Right there is your issue.
  4. stanhope

    Magazine Deletion When Reloading

    Could you provide a complete list of all the mods you use as well as an RPT from a session where it happened?
  5. Arma server monitor discord bot I recently made a discord bot that is able to monitor arma server to check if they go down. Additionally it also allows user to check the amount of players on server etc. There are other noteworthy features that are mentioned bellow. In this post I'm providing the source code for this bot so you can host your own bot doing this. Features Support for an unlimited amount of arma and teamspeak servers Pings admins if one of those servers goes down The ability to turn those pings of for servers dynamically Logging for the number of players on those servers (can be turned on or off for every individual server) The ability to change how often the status of those servers should be checked The ability for users with certain roles to launch certain queries to those servers The ability for users with certain roles to execute admin level commands (change if a server will ping if it goes down, add/remove yourself from the list of users that will be pinged, ...) The ability to alter the config without having to restart the bot The ability to mute all down pings between 2 given hours (for scheduled restarts) The bot is restricted to 1 channel A timeout between pings for the same server being down Uses discord embeds Available commands Usage This is simply source code, this is not a bot you can add to your server. You need to create your own bot and host this code. To create a bot I suggest googling 'how to create a discord bot', at the time of writing there are several very good tutorials available. To host the code; download the source from the link provided bellow, open the readme and read through it carefully, edit the config.json in the \src\config directory (there is a configExplenation.txt available in the same directory with some extra explanation on what each value is/does) and finally start the bot up using the commands provided in the readme. Requirements This bot requires node.js and a discord bot License This work is licensed under Apache License 2.0, full license included on the gitlab. Download You can find and download releases here or view download the source code here. Bugs Please report bugs here or on the issue section of the above linked gitlab Planned features None at this time, feel free to make suggestions though (but I make no promises about putting them in, all I promise is that I'll try) Updates
  6. Released another version with a new commend (tempmute) and a small tweak. Full changelog and download link in the first post
  7. Could you maybe share how so that when someone in a year from now is having the same issue they know how to fix it and not just that it's fixable?
  8. You said you'd given up but expect us to keep giving ideas?
  9. Did you verify your game files? Did you monitor your CPU/GPU usage/temperature during these freezes? What other applications are you running while running arma?
  10. Released a new version with a fix and some new features. Full changelog and download link in the original post as per usual.
  11. Pretty self explanatory error, just sync the module to the units. I also don't see that original error in this new RPT.
  12. This is an issue. Why do you have -mod in there twice? Oh you have servermod twice as well. Also, tfar isn't a server mod, it's a normal mod.
  13. That's an RHS or an ace thing, can't remember which one.
  14. Remote exec the code that's ran on the completion of the action as well.
  15. stanhope

    Can't load single player savegames

    Delete all references to that mod in the mission.sqm. You might have to manually rename some stuff to not break the mission.
  16. Please put that RPT in a spoiler That's not good You should probably report this to whoever made that script Same with this But none of those should be severe enough to crash a server, my best guess is that there is a script that ends up getting stuck in an infinite loop or something but that's just a guess. Try asking the developer of antistasi directly, he might have a clue what the problem is.
  17. I'd be surprised if that's the actual issue, could you share the full RPT? Be sure to censor all IPs and player UIDs before doing so.
  18. Could you share an RPT from when it happened? You can find information on how to find them here and when you've found them use either pastebin.com (or similar) to share them or at the very least put them in a spoiler.
  19. Right from your RPT I got the following: 11:45:18 Error: can't resize AutoArray to negative size! That's an error I've never seen before and the last entry before both crashes, maybe @Dedmen has an idea what it means? If not I suggest taking your issue to the feedback tracker, bohemia has tools to look at bidmp and mdmp files.
  20. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27390 ^what I talked about in my previous comment
  21. stanhope

    Arma 3 Battleye Trojan Detection

    No, but it is possible that your antivirus is giving you a false positive, just make an exception for it. Which antivirus are you using out of interest?
  22. Hey I just copy pasted from the wiki, of course he can skip steps he's already done
  23. That's not actually the RPT but that's good enough for now, it tells me that even though your OS is a 64 bit system you're running the 32 bit version of arma. Have a look at your launch settings to force it to run the 64 bit version of arma. If that doesn't fix it run over this list:
  24. Does it give you an exit code when crashing? Could you share your rpt (I'd link how to find it but I'm on my phone so: google arma rpt and the first link should tell yiu what you need. Paste the contents into pastebin.com or something similar)? Are you running any other programs simultaneously? What's your cpu/gpu temperature like?
  25. stanhope

    AI air assets weird behavior

    I'd make it gear down and bellow ~160kph as you can still safely shoot missiles while on final for a landing.