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  1. stanhope

    Problems in Setting up Life Server

    Here you go: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Crash_Files
  2. stanhope

    Problems in Setting up Life Server

    Hi and welcome to this forum. Could you share the server's RPT?
  3. stanhope

    Infinite Lobby Map loading screen

    Hi and welcome to these forums. Could you share your RPT file? Use something like pastebin or put it in a spoiler.
  4. Just ensure that the units in those turrets are of the same faction as the terminal and you shouldn't have to hack them.
  5. stanhope

    Can I use mod on monetized server ?

    Here you go: https://www.bohemia.net/monetization/faq#!#c7 You're looking for the 5th question from the bottom.
  6. stanhope

    Changing the Zeus key

    Hi and welcome to this forum, It's possible to change it, I can't recall from the top of my head where you need to change it but it is changeable.
  7. You're trying to join a server that doesn't have gm enabled while you do. In the launcher disable GM or join a server with GM.
  8. stanhope

    Cant launch game - bad image

    Hi and welcome to this forum. Could you share a bit more information? Like what error, if any, does it give? Have you verified your game files? Is your computer above minimum specs? Is this a new issue or did you just download arma for the first time?
  9. stanhope

    Mission File.

    Which mission are you looking for?
  10. Oh yea, I have the same text in there, hence the confusion on my part. Signature is located at the same wheel but click on account settings, then you'll find signature as the 3rd option on the left.
  11. First click on the little wheel at the top just above the search field (screenshot) and click on profile. Once on your profile page click on edit profile (screenshot). A popup will show, scroll all the way down, you'll find the signature field there.
  12. stanhope

    sementation fault on hosted server

    Hi and welcome to this forum. What have you already tried to fix this? Have you already verified the server files or reinstalled it altogether?
  13. stanhope


    You're aware you can edit your replies right? You don't have to make 5 in a row if nobody has responded yet. Could you try to reproduce this error while running your game without any mods?
  14. stanhope


    You can use something like pastebin.com and then give us the link
  15. No significant updates are planned to the arma 3 engine as far as I'm aware as arma 3 is reaching/has reached its end of life. It'll be maintained until the next game in the series is out (as far as I'm aware).