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  1. Papa LingLing

    Discord community.

    Hey man, terribly sorry that I haven't responded sooner. There aren't anything in place to deny someone access to the server. Try this link instead: https://discord.gg/QqTuw59U8z
  2. Papa LingLing

    Discord community.

    Hello all! I've decided to make a dedicated discord server for anyone and everyone looking for a community of like minded individuals looking to team up and loot n' shoot your way across Norway. Here is the link for the server and I hope to see some friendly faces and new members soon! https://discord.gg/6EkHpSnqjy
  3. Papa LingLing

    Big report: Gotta go fast.

    So this is a bug that has carried over into the V5.0 and it's somehow worsened. Upon starting the game and loads into the shelter, the character is overcome with the urge to sprint. After a few seconds, it goes away. HOWEVER, during the start of an encounter, one would have to wait for at least ten seconds.
  4. Papa LingLing

    Flashbangs, Pipe Bombs and Handgrenades!

    You can make explosives from most of the things in your house. All you'd need is the materials and the know-how. Plus the contact-mine is just a few sticks of TNT wrapped together. 🙂
  5. Papa LingLing

    Flashbangs, Pipe Bombs and Handgrenades!

    No need, the proximity mine fills in that hole. Plus, keep in mind that Vigor takes place in post-apocalypse Norway. So Bouncing Betty's and Claymores would be almost impossible to come by. Besides, if anything, this game should be compared to Escape From Tarkov, as similarities can be drawn between the two. Hopefully, they do implement throwable explosives.
  6. Papa LingLing

    Founders Baseball Cap but in real life.

    I was think more of what is used in the game. An exact replica. Either way, if they make one, I'm buying.
  7. So I believe this game could use more explosions. The mine is a nice addition, but I'm looking for something more handheld. So I've been brainstorming some ideas. Flashbang. As the name implies, a grenade that emits a bright flash of light, temporarily blinding an enemy. Uncommon or rare crate drops. A few thousand materials if plans are acquired. Pipe Bomb. A crude explosive device made in an Outlanders backyard. Basically, a step down from a traditional Handgrenade, not strong enough to kill, but to injure and confuse. Common crate drop, few hundred if plans are acquired. Handgrenade. A grenade in the traditional sense; Pull the pin and boom. Small chance to kill, high chance of injuring. Military grade crate drop. Several thousand materials if plans are acquired. Please make this a thing.
  8. Papa LingLing

    Founders Baseball Cap but in real life.

    Simply put, if the Vigor team could scrape up a Founders Baseball Cap and pin it up on the official merch site, I'd happily throw my money their way. Not kidding, please make it a thing.
  9. Papa LingLing

    Optimise For Snipers.

    Hey, so as much as I like to prance around, sprinting for point A to point B in zero seconds flat, I do enjoy taking my time and crawl through an encounter. (Literally!) So it's for that reason I would like to suggest making a graphical improvement so that Outlanders are more clearly visible when looking through a scope. There was a time I chose the snipers role and took position on rocky ledge overlooking some houses. I peered down the scope in search of my next victim only to see a moving, freethinking smear. Knowing it was a player, I took the shot and killed them. TL;DR: Make Outlanders more crisp and clear when looking through scopes.