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    Founders Baseball Cap but in real life.

    I was think more of what is used in the game. An exact replica. Either way, if they make one, I'm buying.
  2. So I believe this game could use more explosions. The mine is a nice addition, but I'm looking for something more handheld. So I've been brainstorming some ideas. Flashbang. As the name implies, a grenade that emits a bright flash of light, temporarily blinding an enemy. Uncommon or rare crate drops. A few thousand materials if plans are acquired. Pipe Bomb. A crude explosive device made in an Outlanders backyard. Basically, a step down from a traditional Handgrenade, not strong enough to kill, but to injure and confuse. Common crate drop, few hundred if plans are acquired. Handgrenade. A grenade in the traditional sense; Pull the pin and boom. Small chance to kill, high chance of injuring. Military grade crate drop. Several thousand materials if plans are acquired. Please make this a thing.
  3. Papa LingLing

    Founders Baseball Cap but in real life.

    Simply put, if the Vigor team could scrape up a Founders Baseball Cap and pin it up on the official merch site, I'd happily throw my money their way. Not kidding, please make it a thing.
  4. Papa LingLing

    Optimise For Snipers.

    Hey, so as much as I like to prance around, sprinting for point A to point B in zero seconds flat, I do enjoy taking my time and crawl through an encounter. (Literally!) So it's for that reason I would like to suggest making a graphical improvement so that Outlanders are more clearly visible when looking through a scope. There was a time I chose the snipers role and took position on rocky ledge overlooking some houses. I peered down the scope in search of my next victim only to see a moving, freethinking smear. Knowing it was a player, I took the shot and killed them. TL;DR: Make Outlanders more crisp and clear when looking through scopes.