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  1. 4th Combat Engineer Battalion Who are we? We are a group of like-minded individuals who strive to focus on scenario quality, uniqueness and dynamics over smaller things like accuracy and realism though for the sake of the unit we portray we do try to keep Uniforms and Loadouts, Tactics based on what the real USMC has in inventory and is taught, though things like that are not our main focus, our main focus is fun and immersion. What can you expect if you enlist? When you apply on the website you will be processed quickly into the unit after you will get your ITC class date and if you picked a Combat Engineer MOS you will also attend Combat Engineer School an advanced course, all Marines receive a basic level of CE training, after all, we are a CE Unit however to not make things too cluster bomb-ey (to put it nicely) we have dedicated Combat Engineers for construction, demolition, minesweeping, and maintenance duties. The rest of our Marines are trained in basic Mine Avoidance and the use of various other helpful tools and procedures. Our missions are formed around "Cycles" 2 - 4 month-long operations with a planned end goal however it is up to the ground units to decide their path once deployed on the first day. This freedom allows for more dynamic scenarios and different more original outcomes with actual people making the decisions in the field instead of the more classic point to point mission accomplished approach and reuse and recycle. During your time in the unit, you can expect to be able to complete a wide variety of courses including but not limited to MG Couse, AT Course, CEA, Course, JFO Course as well as leadership courses and many more regardless of your billet filling for a position is allowed if you have completed the right qualifications. Is there an Aviation Element? There sure is, HMLA 773 is our in house rotary-wing and VMFA-121 is our Fixed Wing component. Useful Links Our unit website can be found here You can find some pre-deployment pictures here from our S3 Team
  2. Metropolitan Police Specialist Firearms Command is looking for new recruits to join our Milsim group. MPSSFC has decided that there really is little to no real Police Milsim units available to join we decided to base ourselves on the UK SFC with sub-divisions of CTSFO and SC&O19 we would like to think that we are not that serious of a Milsim unit we don't command an ultimate level of professionalism and seriousness we just ask that people act appropriately depending on the scenario but for the most part we just want people to enjoy themselves. We accept anyone from anywhere (You don't have to be from the UK to join that is not the case) as long as the applicant meets the application criteria and 16+ and able to speak English. If you wish to join our unit please fill out this simple application form: https://goo.gl/forms/Elj8HX51kFnHHIcw1 Alternatively, you can join our Teamspeak server and find out more and come have a chat with a member of staff! Teamspeak:
  3. Guys you all know what day it is its Friday so that can only mean one thing! "FIRST PERSON FRIDAY!" from 12AM to 12PM First person has been disabled and the servers difficulty has been switched to Veteran please enjoy and good luck to all with the Challenge! More information can be found on our Discord server stay tuned to this thread for future updates and challenges! Discord: https://discord.gg/mUcHzNn Recently a player made a video on our server we feel it would do him and the server justice
  4. Event: Tonight at 7:00 GMT (UK Time) The launch of ArmAKotH.com - King Of The Hill - 1944 - Tango Down EU will commence and we are welcoming anyone and everyone who wants to help revive Arma 3 King Of The Hill 1944 community and bring back those nostalgic times! Connection info for "Direct Connect" or you can filter "King Of The Hill" and "Tango Down" to find the server Server IP: Port: 2300 Also every Friday is First Person Friday, in which the server During the early hours of the morning is switched into the Veteran difficulty to switch things up a bit and create a challenge for players used to playing with Third Person.
  5. Lets put King Of The Hill 1944 Back on the Map! I have noticed that Europe doesn't have a King Of The Hill 1944 Server and as of NOW Tango Down is the only community hosting a 1944 in the EU!, for ANYONE who wishes to play KOTH 1944 Please feel free to join the server I welcome anyone on my servers, it is running the latest v10 server version so all your stats will be saved to the global database no need to back up your documents anymore! The Discord server is also linked here: https://discord.gg/Nk2Q8ed All you need are the following mods linked here: These are the mods which you'll need to subscribe to so that you can play King of the Hill 1944. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=660460283 https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=583496184 Here's the direct connect Information below: Server IP: Port: 2300 There are some 2x XP codes that can also be used on this server as well! I hope to see you on my server all the best to who ever reads this Ryan
  6. Requirements: 15 or older MUST own a legal copy of ArmA 3 we despise pirates Experience with using ArmA 3 mods and installing them via the workshop and manually You must have a minimum of 10 hours on ArmA 3 experience is key but we don't have time to train noobs how to play ArmA completely MUST have a working Teamspeak 3 Client and have Task Force Radio installed Who are we? Well the 45 commando regiment royal marines or in short the "Four Five" are a group of people who just enjoy milsim and we have decided to put a team together and we WANT you to be part of our team. We welcome anyone who plays arma 3 as a whole the community is small compared to the larger franchises out there. Our aim and goal is to put together a group of complete strangers and make them in to virtual battle hardened royal marines. We also welcome former service men and women who play arma ANY ONE IS WELCOME the more the merrier. Information about our mods: We do run a heavily modded version of the base game ArmA 3 so be prepared to download up to 30 mods weighing in at 12.5GBs though we do have a mod pack posted on the Steam workshop so it will save you time searching for mods for hours on end. This is the most important rule YOU MUST HAVE ALL THE MODS INSTALLED no exceptions the mods used all have a purpose they enhance the playing experience by granting us things that are not in the base game its self. How to apply? Its very straightforward just hop on over to our forum page https://45commando.enjin.com/recruitment and create an application and submit it to our recruiting staff.
  7. Squad name: 45th Commando Royal Marines Timezone/location : World Wide No Specific Time Zone Requirements Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): COOP/Milsim mission packs Contact email: 45thcommandos@gmail.com Website address: N/AShort description: We are the 45th commando regiment, we would like to appeal to the community for places to be taken up for more information visit our Teamspeak: tangodown.ddns.netLanguage: English [ONLY]