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  1. AndrewsRG

    Statement Regarding CSLA Iron Curtain

    For someone new to arma 3 franchise the DLC is a good thing. For those of us who have been provided a decade of free content from some amazing community artists its hard to see the value. Some bad decisions have been made B.I, we are all feeling the burn. I wish the guys who made this DLC and anyone still working on the arma project all the best, it's content for a game we all still enjoy and love. The road is long With a many a winding turn That leads us to who knows where Who knows where
  2. AndrewsRG

    "3FPS Issue" - Call for Help

    This vid was recorded by a member on Sunday during our official ops last weekend. It only happens to certain clients/members, due to out large mod set and use of custom maps we have tried to crunch this internally, as of now we have no fix. I am not sure if this apples to vanilla arma3.
  3. ACRE 4 LIFE. Thanks
  4. AndrewsRG

    [SP/Coop 04] Contention Zone

    Nice mission will check it out thanks for the work.
  5. I guess if you end up in the sea the enemy won't be able to locate your as hide in your blue camouflage :)
  6. WHAT WE OFFER YOU 18+ COMMUNITY EU INTERNATIONAL BASED MILSIM FLEXIBLE ATTENDANCE POLICY CO-OP WITH PvP ROLEPLAY REAL WORLD WEAPONS AND TACTICS (MODS) UNIQUE NEW LOCATIONS (MAPS) NO RACISM / NO POLITICS / NO DRAMA TRAINING WED 7PM GMT / OPERATIONS SUN 6PM GMT PROVIDE RELIABLE CONSISTENT ACTION PACKED MILSIM DEDICATED STAFF AND DEVELOPERS ESTABLISHED RELIABLE TRUST UNIQUE MISSIONS EVERY WEEK CASUAL MISSION EVERY FRI MATURE RELAXED ORGANISED ENVIRONMENT CHANCE TO GROW AND LEARN CHANCE TO TEACH OR LEAD EARN RANKS, MERITS AND AWARDS GROW AND BECOME A COMMUNITY STAFF MEMBER REALITY GAMING HAND BOOK (STARTERS GUIDE AND INTRODUCTION TO MILSIM) Q&A: Q. Do I have to be an RG Milsim Soldier to Participate? A. Yes. We need to maintain a certain standard of skill / ability in our official Ops Q. Do you have to be over 18 to join. A. Yes. Exceptions are made if you have a family member or referrer within RG. We are a very mature community. Q. When do you conduct operations? A. Every Wednesday (7pm) and Sunday (6pm) Time are UTC Q. How serious are you out of the game on TS (Yes sir, no sir?) A. We are all friends and only use our ranks/milsim roles in game. Staff and mods are here to help. Leaders lead during ops. Q. I'm a busy man, what are the attendance requirements? A. 2 x per week. LOA (leave of absence) post your 2 week trial allows you to come and go. Your development at RG is in your hands. Get out what you put in. Q. Where are you guys from? A. International (English Speaking) - Euro Time Zone. Q. When does the next deployment start? A. Early August 2016 Q. What if I can only make 1 or 2 missions? A. No problem. You attend what you can, when you can/want. Q. How do I sign up? A. Submit an application here: http://forums.realitygamer.org/contactus/ I hope to see you on the Battlefield. Andrews RG is a grass roots clan organised and run by mature adult gamers who have a passion for arma3 and milsim. Our recruitment is selective but our members retention is high - our group one of the finest examples of a milsim family. BACK TO REALITY DEPLOYMENT TRAINING CLICK BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION
  7. AndrewsRG

    [WIP] Terrain Diyala province Iraq

    Looking forward to some nice battles on this amazing terrain. Thanks from everyone at RG!
  8. AndrewsRG

    Arma 3 - Signature Check Time out

    Try to remove all signatures and replace them with the versions you downloaded. Also make sure you don't have your content in the main addons folder, but in the respective addon folders. This can be caused by not launching the mods in the correct or not using the mod manager. If you are able to join the server try to have your friends disable battle eye and anything else that might disconnect you. Good Luck.
  9. AndrewsRG

    CH-46 Knight

    Very nice work sir looking good.
  10. Last call for sign ups - we deploy in one week. New Deployment Trailer @@realitygameruk CLICK BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION
  11. AndrewsRG

    Reality Gaming - Gaming Nights

    Last call for sign ups we deploy next week.
  12. AndrewsRG

    Targeting improvements

    Me likey Likey!
  13. AndrewsRG

    Reality Gaming - Gaming Nights

    Another big event happening at Reality Gaming. Check out the link below for details: http://forums.realitygamer.org/page/content/deployment.html