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  1. Whiplash174

    SPIE Addon

    Also still anticipating the SPIE mod!
  2. Whiplash174

    Advanced Sling Loading (MP & SP)

    I've used the search feature on this thread so I don't think its asked before but... Can I use this mod and give commands to AI to do sling loading using the Zeus module?
  3. Hey @rafael09ed Are you aware of any errors in terms of spawn points? We run Zeus missions and our mission has a default spawn point enabled. The unit dies during the crash, sees the respawn menu fade in and out (as if unconscious) and when clicking "respawn" during a conscious moment the unit spawns on the crash site with the intended effects of the fuzzy screen etc. From that point on the unit is only ever able to respawn on that crash site on death and all the other respawn points are ignored when selecting them in the menu.
  4. That worked @fn_Quiksilver thank you very much
  5. @caddrel It works when I run my multiplayer mission locally through the eden editor as "test multiplayer" and the script is in the initPlayerServer.sqf But as soon as I push it to the dedicated server, it doesn't matter wether its in initPlayerLocal.sqf or initPlayerServer.sqf It won't work either way. Any advise? Regards, Whip
  6. We put up http://www.armafriday.com
  7. I have the same problem. Its 2017 now butI see there's been no answer. Did you guys figure something out @zigzagtshirt and @jaynic Anyone else?
  8. @dlegion Hey Dlegion... Can you give me some advise? I want to have just DRAG & DROP & melee in my mission. What do I do?
  9. I think Madin's suggestion number 2 is excellent Also @Psychobastard After a revive the action menu (scrollwheel) remains disabled.
  10. Whiplash174

    Adjust AI reaction time / skill in Zeus missions

    Was there ever a conclusion to this? I'm looking at similar options for our missions.
  11. I found another bug. TFR correctly disables when down. But the radios are still not able to be used after the unit is recovered.
  12. @Psychobastard I temporarily fixed it by going into fn_allowRevive.sqf and changing _is_able_to_do = switch (AIS_MEDICAL_EDUCATION) do { case (0) : {true}; case (1) : {(items player) find "FirstAidKit" > -1 || {(items player) find "Medikit" > -1}}; case (2) : {_healer call AIS_System_fnc_isMedic}; default {true}; }; into _is_able_to_do = switch (AIS_MEDICAL_EDUCATION) do { case (0) : {true}; case (1) : {(items player) find "FirstAidKit" > -1 || {(items player) find "Medikit" > -1}}; case (2) : {player getUnitTrait "Medic";}; default {true}; }; A dirty hack and it circumvents your intent of delegating that logic to AIS_System_fnc_isMedic, but I'm not a good enough ARMA dev to figure out another solution.
  13. @Psychobastard I confirm the same bug as Tourist above. Setting config to Medic only doesn't allow units with the isMedic flag to revive.
  14. https://units.arma3.com/unit/arma-friday What Platoon > Squad > Fire-team based. Combined-arms if numbers permit. No set roles; could be different every week based on sign-up and preference. High focus on disciplined team-based fun. No solo "survival" rambos welcome. We avoid optics as much as possible to ensure more interesting firefights Well Zeus'd missions. Often interactive with the players. Opportunity to participate in narrative campaigns that stretch across several Fridays. We use RHS and TFR mods. Having a good time on Fridays are all we're about. When We play every Friday from 0730 PM EST until 1100 PM EST. Where We have a discord server for organizing every week's session. We have a Teamspeak server for TFR purposes only. We have a dedicated ARMA III server for Friday night's session only. Our missions are streamed on the TypicalPhineas twitch channel from the Zeus perspective. Who You are 18 years of age or older and an emotionally stable and mature individual. You enjoy the feeling of being part of something bigger than just yourself. You are able to compromise. You are able to enjoy disciplined fun. You've never been kicked from clans, guilds or other ARMA units. You are able to join ARMA Friday sessions at least once a month. You are interested to be a fire-team member, or lead one. You understand ARMA Friday is not about you as the main actor, but a symphony in which you play your part. If you feel we are the right fit for you, join us on discord here and introduce yourself in the public channel: https://discord.gg/KQa9ENf