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  1. As you can see above we are looking for more people , we are looking for some fresh faces , is that you could that be you , well only one way to find out. We are a military based sim with Zeus Controlled missions. but still like to keep it lighthearted when the time is right , That being said , what we are looking for is people who have free time Friday nights from 8 pm - 11pm EST and are 18+ and can take orders and stay with your group and keep your hands inside the tram at all times then that may be you, we have a Zeus but im sure if you come in with experience and ideas he will listen and even work with you , we are about making the mission fun for all even the creators of the mission , they are the forgotten in the whole thing. if you have git-hub experience its a plus we need some help in mission editing for the time being , we are a man down on that department . we are a PVE group 100% we do operations broken in to missions built by our Zeus and mission editor each week , if this sound like something you may be interested in, let us know join us in our public discord and sign up at or web site https://discord.gg/qTMNRTB and http://www.armafriday.com/.