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  1. Preywinder

    ArmedForces:UK Vehicles

    This looks amazing! I'll watch and wait for updates to your mod, as we've been really struggling so far. We were using CUP mods which included a CR2, but the vehicle handling and physics just weren't there. This week we switched from CUP to a 3CB/RHS mod list, but that means we sacrificed Challenger 2 😞 I found my way to your mod/forum after looking at Lonsdales Challenger 2 mod, he put in the comments that he will no longer be working on it due to your Challenger 2 being worked on... Is this true? Is there hope once more for us Brits?? If there is anything we can do to help, please do reach out! (I'm no developer, but I'm keen to get this beast rolling...) Honestly, if you put a non-functional Challenger 2 in your modpack today, I'd download it and plop one in the middle of our FOB as decoration 😄
  2. Hey all, I've worked out how to make respawn loadouts, but I'm looking for something that allows a bit more flexibility while still maintaining role-specific constraints, and I'm almost certain I've seen this done before... My intent: Provide a list of loadouts in the lobby (Squad Leader, Rifleman, Machine-Gunner, etc.) Provide an ACE Arsenal in the mission. ACE Arsenal only shows equipment relevant to that role. E.g. If someone picks Machine-Gunner from the lobby, they only see LMGs and GPMGs in the weapons list in the arsenal. Spent some time searching for the answers and so far I'm not finding anything other than variations on the respawn loadouts. Any pointers? Thanks.
  3. Preywinder

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    Hey all, With regards to IEDs being planted, does anyone know how to add a function into the scripts that allows for an increase in CivRep upon a successful defusal? For example, +2% CivRep upon a successfully defused IED?
  4. Our ongoing World War 2 theme campaign takes us to Rosche, Germany. Loosely based on Operation Plunder (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Plunder), British and American troops move in from the North-West. Combined arms assaults on German occupied towns and sectors take place frequently, but the enemy don't give up easily and are making us fight hard for every inch of ground. We are always looking for new recruits to join us... We need YOU! To ensure a strong foothold, our Engineer corps have constructed a FOB approximately 15 kilometers from the city of Rosche. The defences around this FOB have been tested several times already, and every time we have successfully repelled the enemy. Meet FOB Alpha!
  5. We recently played through a Dunkirk mission in Arma 3 - the first of three planned World War 2 missions in the run up to our next campaign. The below footage is courtesy of Pvt. InHooman. Note that this is a full uncut version of the entire mission from his perspective. See if you can identify at which points throughout the video there were no Senior Officers present... (Spoiler - Skip to 07:30 to get past the initial... stuff) Our upcoming missions and operations can be found on our website! The Black Order - Operations This weekend we will be running the next two missions marking the Allied invasion of Europe. - Airborne assault with the 101st Airborne Division in Neuville with the aim of disrupting key enemy positions and supply lines. - Beach landings with 2nd Ranger Battalion on Omaha Beach. Join our Discord for more details... See you there!
  6. Good news! The Black Order now has a website! This website includes introductory information such as initial setup (mods, teamspeak, etc.), training instructions, and career choices! There is also more to be added including current and upcoming Operations. https://theblackorder.wixsite.com/tbo-arma3 Any feedback is always welcome! 😉 P.S. Watch for those civilians! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yHuTiAAp-g
  7. Squad name: The Black Order Timezone/location: GMT/BST (UK) but we also have members from other countries including USA, South Africa, Finland, France, etc. Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): CO-OP Contact: Discord group https://discord.gg/aswt2wq6gn Website address: Unit: https://units.arma3.com/unit/theblackorder / Website: https://theblackorder.wixsite.com/alliance Short description: Multigaming community looking to increase our Arma 3 group. No previous Arma 3 experience required. We mostly run liberation campaigns that can take several weeks or months to complete, but we also sometimes run training missions or play other games together. Language: English
  8. [TBO] The Black Order ...Without Chaos there can be no Order... ...Without Order there can be no Chaos... Contents: Who are we? How do I join? I have little/no experience playing Arma 3, can I still join? I can only play for an hour here or there, can I be of any use? I know my way around Arma 3 now, what next? I just want to be a grunt. No special training, no responsibilities... Career Progression within The Black Order. Media. Who are we? The Black Order is a multi-gaming community who are now looking to expand and invest in their Arma 3 group. The team are currently relatively small, but we are ready to grow and become a larger fighting force. Discord is our central hub, but when we are on operations we rely on TeamSpeak with TFAR to communicate in-game. Join our Discord Server [The Black Order ARMA 3 - Discord] to find out more! How do I join? To join us all you need to do is hop onto our Discord server and introduce yourself. It really is that simple. We are a friendly bunch, and you should find your feet in no time with us no matter who you are. We have players from all over the world in our group. The only notable requirements to join us are as follows: We are an English speaking group. You're going to need a microphone. I have little/no experience playing Arma 3, can I still join? Absolutely! We will help you get started with everything from managing your inventory to adjusting your sights on the ranges. We have a short training mission (1-3 hours depending on previous experience) that will allow us to teach you the basics such as using radios, first aid, weapon handling, and an assault course. More information at the bottom of this thread. From there you are completely free to get involved with our live operations. I can only play for an hour here or there, can I be of any use? Real life comes first. We all have different commitments (work, family, responsibilities, etc.) and odds are you enjoy playing other games than Arma 3 from time to time. In some cases you might even take a break or go on holiday. There is no minimum requirement for the amount of hours you need to spend playing Arma 3, and we will never reprimand you for being offline, so no pressure! Just jump on when you can (and when you want to) and we'll be right there when you need us. I know my way around Arma 3 now, what next? Once you know the basics, it's really just a matter of getting out as much as you put in. For example, if you want to specialise in a particular role such as CAS, armoured, artillery, etc. you will need to complete a more in-depth training course where you will learn more of the procedure. This is essentially a much more detailed version of the initial basic training. Once you have completed this training course your next step is to jump into #careers-office on our Discord server and ask around! Our NCOs and Officers will happily explain what each Corps gets up to and who to contact. I just want to be a grunt. No special training, no responsibilities... That's fine too. We all need to kick a door down from time to time, and if that's what you enjoy doing most then we'll be right behind you with extra ammunition (and spare boots). The Infantry are the backbone of every military force and everybody, no matter their rank or role, needs to be able to pick up a rifle and dig in when the situation requires it. Career Progression within The Black Order: This is a general overview of the steps you can take within our group. As mentioned earlier, you can put in as much as you want to get out, everybody has a place in our team and we'll never turn anyone away. Join the Discord server and introduce yourself. A member of the @recruitment team should give you a warm welcome and show you around. Phase 1 Alpha. Introductory training course to ensure you are familiar with the basics, and will take approximately 1-3 hours depending on previous experience. Completion of Phase 1 Alpha instantly allows you to join our live operations. Phase 1 Bravo. A longer and more detailed training course, usually held between large operations. Completion of Phase 1 Bravo opens up specialisations and career progression. Phase 2. Your Phase 2 training will be dictated by the role you choose. For example, Jets, CAS, Helicopters, Armoured, Medical, Artillery, Engineer, or Infantry. Note that you can change role at any time, you just need to be re-trained. Promotion to Corporal. As a fully trained soldier you could be offered promotion. This comes with responsibilities both on and off the battlefield. From there you are only limited by your attitude and your experience! Media: The Black Order - YouTube Callsign_Crossroads - YouTube The Black Order - Steam The Black Order ARMA 3 - Discord The Black Order - Discord Serious video with lots of time and effort put in: Less serious video because reasons:
  9. Perfect. This works. Many thanks! My understanding of the language is not good enough to put the pieces together by myself, but I can work out what each part of the condition and on act. mean by reading them.
  10. Hi Chaps. Been looking around and found various suggestions but unable to find a solution to this little problem. In my ignorance I was hoping simply putting "Cooldown = 600" in the trigger would sort it, but alas, it's never quite that simple 😛 Essentially the trigger calls a script which then spawns 3 rifleman and a mortar round in the middle of them (it's basically a battlefield casualty drill). The trigger works, the script works, but what I need is for the trigger to only be able to fire once every 10 minutes. Trigger is simply this... Condition: this On Act: execVM "bravo4casualties.sqf"; On Deact: Script as follows... if (isServer) then { _BravoCasualty41 = [getmarkerpos "BC41", WEST, ["CUP_B_BAF_Soldier_Rifleman_MTP"],[],[],[],[],[],200] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _BravoCasualty42 = [getmarkerpos "BC42", WEST, ["CUP_B_BAF_Soldier_Rifleman_MTP"],[],[],[],[],[],30] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _BravoCasualty43 = [getmarkerpos "BC43", WEST, ["CUP_B_BAF_Soldier_Rifleman_MTP"],[],[],[],[],[],110] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; } As I say I did try a few suggestions where other people were trying similar things but no joy 😞
  11. Hi Chaps I had a quick scan around but didn't spot any answers (just drop a link here if there is already an answer I missed of course); Got the server running, 21 mods in total, but after a day there have been some updates to mods. For example CUP_Weapons has gone from 1.16.0 to 1.16.1 Clients all have 1.16.1 but server is still on 1.16.0 even after shutting down the server and using the "Steam Update" option in GTX Gaming control panel. I assume that only updates the base game and not workshop mods. Any idea what would be the easiest way to update the mods server-side? It's only a minor inconvenience at the moment, a couple of rifle scopes that won't work now due to mis-matched mod versions, but over time of course it will become more of a problem until I can update the mods.