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  1. "Tactical Shenanigans" If we were a milsim group, our backstory would be all the best morons in the military put into one place. Our ratio for war crimes to successful operations leaves generals shaking their head as they sign our court marshals. Fortunately, we dont really care about all that BS and we just play Arma 3 like normal people. We shoot shit while shooting the shit, and occaionally pull off actual tactics and kick ass. What should you expect? We are an Arma 3 co-op community that plays weekly sessions on Saturday at 1800 GMT. We have a strongly committed core group of players and we're always looking to expand. Our gaming sessions are split into two types of weekly sessions: Campaign and Intermission. During campaigns, we play a series of story-connected missions over the course of many game sessions (our standard is ten missions). Each mission’s outcome affects the campaign in some way, big or small. Roles among the players are locked-in for the campaign so each player can really hon in on their role for the entirety of a campaign. Outside of campaigns, we explore any updates that Arma has undergone and iron out any mod kinks that may have arisen, as well as allow less experienced mission makers to have a chance to test their abilities with the full group. We can also try fun mission ideas that wouldn’t suit the campaign format. Here at Worthy Platoon, we offer a wide range of options for our players. However, we focus primarily on the infantry aspect. Whatever suits the missions is what we have. We don’t have dedicated pilots, but there will be opportunities to fly as missions require it. We provide training so that each member is versed in what mods we use and how we operate, and by training we mean we'll complain that we have to show you shit while the terrorists are shooting at us, but will nonetheless give you the run down, even if we die in the process. So, not like real training. We're down with trial by fire. Seriously, though, we like to maintain a bit of professionalism and maybe a bit of roleplay here and there during our missions, but we are by no means a milsim group. Many come to Arma looking for a real tactical experience, and we try to deliver on that without bogging down the fun with the need for things that other people enjoy about milsim communities, such as climbing the ranks and being placed into niche areas in the unit. If you are interested in Worthy Platoon, we can say that you will find a group of lovable idiots. We are not politically correct, work safe, or child safe. Weekly sessions are only cancelled if there is absolutely no way for us to play that week, and we have a team of administrations that ensure everything is working as it should (which is usually still slightly broken). In short, we are committed to playing every week, and the only real requirement for joining Worthy Platoon is your commitment to attend, and that you are eighteen or older. Worthy Platoon is an English-speaking international community. Come play Arma 3 with us and see why there is no other unit like Worthy Platoon. Website: www.worthyplatoon.com [Recruitment Page] TS3: ts3.worthyplatoon.com Discord: https://discord.gg/VXXJEnd Interested in contacting me for more info? This site is not the best way. Enjin private messages and Discord are the easiest methods.
  2. gmjaken

    STI Addons

    For those of you with the ammo belt graphical glitch: I've been doing some investigation on my own end to see what is causing the issue. I noticed it happen in one mission while not happening in others. So, I crossed referenced the addons used in the mission.sqm and came up with four addons that were used in the mission where the glitch was present. "Cha_Rus_Update", (Chairbourne's Russian Naval Marines) "caf_ag_faction_me_civ", (CAF Aggressors) "A3_Structures_F_EPB_Items_Vessels", (Arma 3) "A3_Structures_F_Civ_Market" (Arma 3) I suspect it is unlikely that it is an Arma 3 built-in addon causing the issues. IF it is a mod capability issue, I was wondering if anyone experiencing the problem also used either Chairbourne's Russian Naval Marines or CAF Aggressors when they experienced the glitch. Still, they don't seem to be the culprit. As I got this glitch while in the Virtual Arsenal, while not wearing any items from either of those mods, I think its very unlikely that it is a compatibility issue. Still, the more information the better.
  3. gmjaken

    STI Addons

    I notice it happens whenever I remotely touch Virtual Arsenal. I used some arsenal loadouts for some AI units for a mission and all my playables (I use LEA for playables instead of init line) have the magazine glitch. Annoyingly, I tried to remove the Arsenal loadouts from the units and the bug persisted. I've had to change my ARs to Mk200s for now. I hope there's a fix soon.
  4. gmjaken

    Russian Naval Infantry

    Looking forward to it! Keep up the great work.
  5. gmjaken

    Russian Naval Infantry

    Any chance of seeing an insurgents faction with your assets? It'd be nice to have an insurgent pack that was in line with the size of your mods.
  6. gmjaken

    STI Addons

    Looking forward to your machinegun audio fix!
  7. gmjaken

    RH M4/M16 pack

    No worries RH, these are worth the wait.
  8. gmjaken

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Ouch. Odd that we had different results. Same bug, though. Nice to have confirmation.
  9. gmjaken

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    My unit has noticed a bug we think is linked between morphine overdose and enabling the module option of making players invulnerable while unconscious. When the player enters the overdose state, they won't ever die and can move around (sliding on the floor like a they're possessed by a horror movie). However, we have found a "fix": once they enter the overdose state they are considered awake again, so a quick shot to the face will put them back into unconscious (if you have the prevent instant death module option enabled - which I'm not sure if you can run the invulnerable unconscious w/o prevent instant death, but JIC). As for the tourniquet discussion, I'd like to add some function over realism input to the idea. It would be nice to be able to stop the bleeding quickly without having to fully heal someone with sometimes high amounts of bandages (record in my unit: 8 bandages, but we play w/o instant-death). Now, it wouldn't be "realistic" but it would be nice to have a Tourniquet Kit (implying one or more tourniquet, ambiguously) that, when applied, reduces blood loss to its lowest possible drain. This way, non-medics can stabilize their allies without spending all their bandages, to preserve them for when a medic arrives with the bandages he filled his inventory with. The great thing about AGM is its modular nature, so whatever the AGM teams implements (or doesn't) won't really define how everyone uses it. It's nice to see so many people passionate about a mod, but we should all remember that different play styles want different things, and sometimes one mod can't be the Skeleton Key to the perfect experience.
  10. gmjaken

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Firstly, I'd like to say I planned on doing my diligence and read this thread to see if the issue has come up, but I opted against it because 43 pages. If this has already come up, I apologize for the annoyance. Moving on, we've been running AGM in my co-op unit since the mod went public on Armaholic and we only have one real complaint. I assume its something that other's have noticed. Vehicle crews seem to take excessive damage. We've found that we can take out medium armor with a single AT rocket because we kill the crew inside. I'm not sure if this is by design, but it definitely makes anything less than an MBT less than threatening. Our pilots also suffer damage on non-paved runways during takeoff, or even paved runways at times (though the latter could be pilot error, I'm not a pilot). The slightest bump as they are accelerating makes them start bleeding and they find themselves having to RTB with all systems green just to bandage and get hurt taking off again. Everything else about this mod isn't just great, it's become the best way to play Arma 3 (at least, for us). We look forward to following your improvements, and we thank you for your contribution to the Arma 3 community at large!
  11. gmjaken


    On Armaholic it says this mod has server keys included, but when I unzip there's just a pbo. Am I missing something?
  12. gmjaken

    75th Ranger Regiment

    Any chance of getting this mod signed? Has anyone tested it on a dedicated server w/o the key and sign?
  13. gmjaken

    Middle East Irregulars

    DELETED: Should'a back-read first (duh).
  14. gmjaken

    Arma3 - AGGRESSORS

    Well, putting it that way, yeah I see your point. I guess since we use Massi's US SOCOM as well as African Conflict, we don't really think of the weapon pack as part of the deal. Anyway, I just thought I'd ask. Keep up the good work!