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    Hosting a game problem

    Thanks for answer! However, Hamachi won't work even in Windows test mode. I'm trying with Tunngle.
  2. Hi! I'm new to hosting multiplayer missions and really need some help! I've spent last two days trying to host ArmA 2 game in multi, and none of the solutions I've found worked for me. Maybe someone had same problem and know how to fix it? 1. I tried port forwarding on my router as recommended. Windows Firewall disabled (Windows 7 x64) Router Planet WNRT-627, settings: service port- 2302, internal port- 2302, ip- (my IP from IPconfig), protocol- UDP, status- enabled. I checked open ports with http://www.canyouseeme.org/and it shows different IP than IPconfig, and port is closed. Friends can't see my hosted game. Couldn't find a solution, so tried another way. 2. Next try was installing Hamachi. Driver didn't install correctly, cause windows disabled unsigned driver. Known issue as I heard, so I left it. 3. I installed Evolve. App runs correctly, but...when I create a party and friends join, we can't ping each other and conecting fails. I assume the problem is in my router settings, but where? UPnP is enabled, NAT enabled.