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  1. owh... thank you for info lawndartleo... i dont know about that before... for the moment i always use truck to load that big container for task that want to establish communication... and always end up get ambush from tank n armored vehicle that always crawling near town... ha ha... my bad.
  2. hello Roy86! i always use this mission to play. it was great. but i have some problem when i want to bring container with heli Mohawk. i can attach it to mohawk. but when i want to move, suddenly my heli crash. and can i know how to decrease the amount of armored vehicle that re-spawn in some area and around of the objective area?
  3. syafie1104

    Dynamic Helo transport

    hi Porky243. i test this script in my mission as exactly like the instruction, but nothing happen after heli is spawn... the heli dont move at all... hope u can help me...
  4. if i want ai unit to use flare gun instead of gl rifle... can this script do that? i hav try custom script (wep = [this,"custom","wx_flaregun"] execVM "scripts\lightsoldflare.sqf";) but, ai unit dont do anything... can someone help me?