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  1. Harudath

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    As kosher as I'm sure it is to quote your own post (:P), we did a quick in-game mockup of using smoke grenade (visual effects, at least) to simulate a dust landing/takeoff. Setting it to ignore 90-90% of the downdraft should prevent it dispersing too quickly. Dust Landing Mockup
  2. Harudath

    ASR AI 3

    o/ Have been using ASR since Arma 2, thanks for all the work you put in I'm having trouble increasing the AI hearing distance (in an old version there was a multipler in the _SS file, and it made for some amazing fights. My best guess atm is fnc_reactDanger.sqf: if (!isMultiPlayer && {_dangerCausedBy != player} && {_unit distance player > 2000}) exitWith {}; Is that 2000 the hearing range? And if so, is it as simple as increasing this number? Thanks
  3. Harudath


    I don't suppose there are similar plans to bring life to the CH-47? The RHS model no longer feels like it's aging gracefully, and its AFM along with jw's (otherwise amazing) Chinook mod is a bit fubar
  4. Harudath

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Improved dust clouds from helo landings and explosions (ie artillery) - I imagine one could use multiple sand-coloured smoke grenade effects to simulate it. In the first clip from the video below the second wave of Chinooks lands totally blind https://youtu.be/lY6VkWY2alA
  5. So an ALiVE scenario that's worked fine for 12 months, which breaks directly after a CBA update, and is fixed by rolling back that CBA update, and the problem can be replicated on demand, is all the fault of something that wasn't changed? It normally runs fine at 2-9GB. Spiking to 25GB on a loading screen has never happened before and only happens with particular versions of CBA.
  6. Problem persists after updates, so am still on the last known stable version
  7. I rolled back the version of CBA that Play With Six provided to and it works fine, so looks like CBA was responsible
  8. Update. Loaded in, finally (with RAM use similar to above), after about 20 minutes. Game "plays" at 0-1 FPS
  9. Since the last patch, when connecting to a server arma now uses 16-25GB of RAM and never loads/crashes Video of problem in action: https://youtu.be/l-8eSkBp0zU
  10. Harudath

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    A shame about not having control over PWS versions. I tried to log into their forums/support site to request an update but clicking login gives an error. I don't suppose anyone here "knows a guy"? :P
  11. Harudath

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    Mod is awesome, thank you for your commitment to allowing us to blow ISIS up from the comfort of our homes :P Would it be possible to update the version hosted on Play With Six? It's still on 9.0 and requires CUP for vehicles, rather than the convenience of RHS. Thanks!
  12. Hi guys, I'm having a bit of trouble getting vehicle respawns to work (all other respawns work fine) Despite having the desired settings, and synchronising the units, I can't get vehicles to respawn once destroyed. I'm using ALiVE and ACE3 (among others) on Kunduz, Afghanistan. This same mission was working about a month ago in the 2D editor, though I took a break for about a month, and found that mission's vehicles no longer respawned. Attempts to fix it in either editor were not successful. I assume I'm doing something wrong, or I imagine everybody would be up in arms, but I'm afraid I can't spot it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Harudath
  13. Harudath

    Amazing FPS - Only When Alt-Tabbed

    Even if I could launch multiple copies of Arma (I take your word for it), I'm not sure the FPS counters would work on both simultaneously... Unless I try to use the native one?
  14. Harudath

    Amazing FPS - Only When Alt-Tabbed

    It doesn't show through the camera, but there is a definite and visible performance increase in the non-active Arma window
  15. Harudath

    Amazing FPS - Only When Alt-Tabbed

    Thought I'd bump with another video of the phenomenon. Same as before: private dedicated server running a CTI map. https://youtu.be/WWdzQ7COwh0