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  1. Salem Ali

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    Nice Update But Please Bro. How I Can Add Free Syrian Army Or When You Will Add Them ? How I Can Make Them And Add Them To The Game Just Told Me if You Didn't Want To Add Them To This Mod Thanks Brother.
  2. Salem Ali

    Arma 3 Tutorial Request Thread

    anybody can help me to how create an army units(soldiers),uniforms,flags to start create mod and their military vehicles (tanks,what like bmp's) i want an video tutorials to know how create a complete army and how insert it into the game make bluefor or opfor or independent thanks
  3. Salem Ali

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    brother ... where is the FREE SYRIAN ARMY - ISLAMIC FRONT (AHRAR AL-SHAM) And Nusra Front Called Now Hay'et Tahrir Al-Sham AND They QUIT FROM AL-QAEDA It's Not All About Qaeda And IS they are New Armies In This Conflict TUKISH ARMY ON THE REBELS SIDE RUSSIANS , IRANIAN AND CHINESE ARMY ON BASHAR SIDE Where is Hezbollah And Liwaa Al-Quds Where is The Shia'a People's Mobilization They ARE Many Belligerents in This Crisis I Know You Know IT You Will Add it or not ? or you Can Learn ME To ADD GOOD EFFORT Brother perefect Mod Sorry On My Bad English