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  1. deathwatch4

    [Beta] Altis Armed Forces 2017

    I think the idea of Pro-government faction would be pretty neat. Probably just similar to the FIA rebels but with a bit more of an Russian/Eastern flare to them. As for the rifles, I think VHS's would make sense for more specialized troops like paratroopers or special forces.
  2. deathwatch4

    KSK 2035 - Tropic

    It's good to see this addon again!
  3. I'm leaning more towards A myself. Any thoughts on using GREF's Altis Lizard camo? It's different enough of a pattern to differ from Greek lizard.
  4. That's exactly the issue I'm having. Another example is I pitted an RHS M1A2 vs a CUP T-72. Abrams did little damage except for the treads, whilst the T-72 blew it to shreds instantly.
  5. Thanks for the help guys. I'll guess I'll just have to wait till someone makes and RHS-CUP compatibility patch at some point. Keep up the good work!
  6. I experience the same problem when I place CUP tanks and have them fight each other. No damage was inflicted on any tanks. At first I thought it was just RHS, but it seems that most of the armored vehicles in CUP suffer the same issue. I tried only using cup and no other addons as well. I'm not sure if it's an issue with me or not.
  7. deathwatch4

    [Beta] Altis Armed Forces 2017

    Will the Western Rebels use weapons like AK's and RPG's? Or will they be more true to the style of vanilla?
  8. Either way, there's some definite incompatibility issues between the two. Which is of course expected, after all it's two mods with different goals in mind of course.
  9. Will the Tanks bring most mods to a similar damage model? I assume many mods coming out will make use of it if I'm not mistaken.
  10. Yeah, that's a good point. It's just a shame because RHS+CUP is a great combo.
  11. Mostly a variety of AT munitions. Stuff like RPG's, AT4's, Javelins etc. I don't know if it's an RHS problem in which the can't penetrate CUP armor. I know it's not CUP's responsibility to worry about RHS stuff. Will a compatibility patch for RHS solve this issue?
  12. Does anyone currently have any issues with CUP vehicles being incredibly strong? I've shot T-72's in the rear and they take no damage. I've tried it with ACE on and off, and tried using RHS vehicles against them, same results.
  13. deathwatch4

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Does anyone know of any CUP-RHS compatibility patches that are updated regularly? And available on Steam Workshop?
  14. deathwatch4

    [Beta] Altis Armed Forces 2017

    I thought that camo looked familiar! Also, will the new AAF have any sort of special forces contingent?