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  1. Trixie's Release Thread

    @ghostnineone - Unable to replicate, unless more people are going to report the same i'd say it's on your end. @Goblin - I tend to be very stubborn once i properly step away from something, unless RHS:US/ACRE2 and something to completely replace ACE comes along simultaneously i doubt anything can spark enough interest to return. But you never know, i guess... As for games, well... Right now me and the GF play a lot of WoT, League, Smite, ETS2:MP and other misc things! :D @Kasrkin85th - Finished cleaning up my PC of misc mods/tools and uninstalled ArmA etc, so any support at this stage will be very very minimal. As mentioned before, i can be reached by PMs, but please do not ask for updates, fixes or anything of the sort as i'll be unable to provide them. If you need my permission to include anything in your modpack/mods etc you have it, provided you credit/seek permission from all other authors involved.
  2. Trixie's Release Thread

    As promised, the final update for the Sniper/Marksman pack and also my final release for the foreseeable future. Quick and dirty changelog as i can't really remember specifically what i worked on before. The Ghillies can be found in their own separate PBO just in case they cause trouble or if you wanna use the weapons without the ghillies or vice versa. It's the first time i've ever tried porting a uniform and i think i got it mostly right, it was sort of a speedrun, completed in around an hour, so it may very likely have issues i did not encounter! If there are any gamebreaking issues i can potentially fix them, but other than that everything will be left the way it is. If you want to tweak certain things (ammo for example) you are free to make replacement configs or whatever. As a quick sidenote, if anyone want to send me pictures of this stuff in action with your community/group or whatever, feel free to do so! Have fun! Trixie's Sniper/Marksman Pack V3.0 released! - Pics/info/classnames etc updated in OP. - Added M14 DMR "Short" - Added LW308MWS - Added Mk12 - Added M68CCO - Added 5.56 Silencer - Added SOFLAM - Added Rangefinder - Added 3 full body ghillies - Added camo net versions of the thermal scopes - Fixed misc issues i can not remember
  3. Trixie's Release Thread

    Have updated the OP with links to what i had in my P drive except for the Sniper/Marksman pack. Will maybe have time to finish that on Thursday, no promises. Other than that, thanks for the kind words, it's appreciated!
  4. Trixie's Release Thread

    Sorry to crush any hopes and/or expectations, but i'm no longer going to continue working on/playing anything ArmA related for the foreseeable future. Between other games i find more enjoyable and prioritizing the "real" life just ever so slightly more, there simply isn't enough time, motivation or interest in general for me to continue doing it. Going to upload all the source stuff some day soon in case anyone else wants to continue working on it or whatever. Also going to try to make an effort to finish the update for the Sniper/Marksman pack this week, but if i can't be arsed, i will just put up the source for that too in its current status.
  5. Trixie's Release Thread

    Had a quick toy around with the rework of the British pack today, wanted to see if i could make the RIS/UGL parts darker as requested a while back. They're probably too dark right now though. Other than that I've used the trigger/fireselector/magazine from Kiory's L85A2 along with the Ironsights just like last time. Also been thinking about the future for this pack. With Kiory remaking his L85A2 to also include RIS/UGL versions i might scrap these all together once that comes out and just add his L85A2's as a dependency or even incorporate it into this pack as he seems fine with people reusing his work as much as possible! :)
  6. Trixie's Release Thread

    @N_Icomach - More info than that would be useful in case you're looking for help. Could you please PM me your server/client .rpt file(s) and also include details such as when you are crashing, if it started after a recent (mod) update etc etc. @stoffl - Will have a look. Other than that I'm afraid progress last few days have been rather slow, it's been insanely hot around here lately... just bring back the winter already! Either way i'll be picking up some work soon enough! :)
  7. Trixie's Release Thread

    Trixie's Launcher Pack V1.4 released. - Updated info/downloads in OP. - Increased damage of Javelin missile. - Implemented MDH_TopDownAttack by Moerderhoschi with the help of Bravo93. @Gaske - Ghillie versions coming for next update! @johnnygitarr - Unable to reproduce, disable all your other mods and confirm if issue still persists. As for the Tac-50, if you get the necessary permissions and source files from the ACE team i could probably add it in, i'm currently not interested enough to pursue it. @JinougaF - No, i will not add the RH Mk262. However i can add a custom Mk262 mag of my own to give the Mk12 a higher damage output than normal 5.56. I believe Spartan0536 made some 5.56 values public not too long ago, including Mk262, could use those i guess. @M1n1d0u - Eh, idk, maybe for the future. Would take too much tinkering than i can be bothered with to make it a proper static weapon, not a bad idea though. @ICE_AGE0815 - Would just be an equal mess.
  8. Been playing around with this today while testing out new rifles and stuff, simply amazing stuff! Really enjoying it and can finally play recon/sniper in a way that makes sense without getting spotted from 100 meters away from some terminator CSAT while you lay perfectly covered in the middle of a forest under a bush or whatever! Thanks once again!
  9. Trixie's Release Thread

    @johnnygitarr - Nope, i use slightly tweaked ammo based on the default BIS 762/408/50 calibers, not aiming for maximum realism atm so ammo wont be true to real life, could change in the future. As for the Tac-50, there is no such rifle in ArmA 2/DLC's as far as i'm aware, so no. @Subscyed - Cheers for the feedback, gonna have a play around with the values tomorrow and see if i can improve it based on that info. @soldierman - Fixed for next release! @lincolnlou - There are most likely ways to fix a proper top down attack, i'm not the guy to do it however as i lack the knowledge and interest when it comes to scripting. I wanna say there was a mod for the default titan that achieved this, i don't remember what it was called now, but potentially could get it compatible with that? If that doesn't work the only alternative would if someone helped me out to directly implement it into the Javelin, don't know who that would be though. @JinougaF - See further down this post! @stoffl - Can't edit ArmA 3 models, so no. The scopes I've provided are based on the LRPS however, using the same reticles etc. @xrook - No promises. GL's are still a WIP and i'm too uninterested in them to really fix it right now. @Bravo93 - Same as i said above, would like to make it happen, don't know how! Pretty much the same thing when it comes to making the tubes disposable etc. As for lock-on range, i don't really know/remember to be honest, if i figure it out i could nerf it to about 2-2.5km i guess as it's likely way above that atm. Been doing some more work tonight, adding Mk12 and a LW308MWS, same model (provided by StalkerGB) that's included in my British Weapons Pack as the L129A1, but in black. Also porting the Vector 21 Rangefinder and SOFLAM to offer some more variety to the default ArmA 3 ones, which i really am not a fan of at all personally. They will have their optics/capabilities based on the ArmA 3 counterparts however, just like the scopes. Made a few sort of fictional versions of them too with things such as tripods and a SOFLAM with an AN/PVS-4 on top and ghillie as shown in the pic. Doing some more experiments with various stuff and will get to tweaking the .50 cal ammo as mentioned earlier. Either way, a Sniper/Marksman 2.1 release could be out by early next week.
  10. Trixie's Release Thread

    More stuff incoming! Rather than a "1.2" release, i am going to treat this like a "2.0" due to the amount of content that's been added since the original V1.0 release. Done testing with both ammoboxes and gear scripts etc and haven't found any errors or missing things, let me know if I've missed something. Feedback/suggestions and what not is welcome as always. The complete pack right now includes 9 different rifle types and a total of 30 model options in addition to 11 different scopes and 3 silencers. Trixie's Sniper/Marksman Pack V2.0 released! - New info/pics/downloads in OP. - Added AAC Cyclone 7.62 suppressor in Black/Camo/Ghillie. - Added M24 in 5 different versions, including Ghillie. - Added CZ750 in 3 different versions, including Ghillie. - Added AWM .338 in 3 different versions, including Ghillie. - Added M14 in Wood/Black/Green. - Added AW AS50. - Added AN/PVS-4 - Added AN/PVS-10 - Added AN/PVS-10 Green - Added AN/PAS-13V1 "LWTS" - Added AN/PAS-13V2 "MWTS" - Added Leupold Mark 4 LR/T w/ DeltaPoint - Added Leupold Mark 4 LR/T w/ DeltaPoint & Ghillie - Added .338 magazine for AWM. - Updated M14 DMR animations to properly hold pistol grip. - Updated weight to more realistic values (Thanks to Koj for suggestion/help). - Updated various config entries/things all over that i can't remember at this point. Think i'm gonna take a break at this point for a few days as I've spent basically the entire week exclusively doing this. Future plans for this pack? Don't really know... The "OPFOR" sniper/dmr rifles perhaps, not really a fan of them so depends on how motivated i am. Possibly try and create a .50 cal suppressor or something. Anyway, have fun and let me know if I've missed something/someone!
  11. Trixie's Release Thread

    @[=SFLR=]DK- As Gaske said, to actually "deploy" bipods in the sense that they will have an effect to reduce sway etc you'd need TMR/VTS/AGM or something similar. To visually toggle the bipod up/down you need to press your firemode selector key, as said, by default "F". Completed the AN/PVS-4, CZ750 in 3 versions (Black/Painted/Ghillie), 3 M14's (Wood/Black/Green), 3 silencers (Black/Camo/Ghillie) tonight. Thinking of doing a couple more scopes such as one with a backup red dot on top and the L115A3 which i'll probably designate as AWM/AWSM or something similar as the L115A3 will likely be part of the British Pack in the future. Now when i think about it i may as well add in the M24 and AS50 too. Only picture i have atm would be this of the M14 with AN/PVS-4 and the silencer. Now it is bedtime though! :)
  12. Trixie's Release Thread

    @Stoffl - Yeah, will be doing one! ;) @[KGB]Cartman - That sounds strange, gonna have a look! Just out of curiosity, does anyone know some backstory on the AN/PVS-10? Maybe i'm just bad at searching but i can't even find a manufacturer and it also looks like this might be a more modern version of the original?
  13. Trixie's Release Thread

    Oooh i see, well that is easily doable!
  14. Trixie's Release Thread

    You mean something like this? :) Think it's the closest you can get without making custom anims.
  15. Trixie's Release Thread

    @Summerfruit - Have fun, surely no one will see you with this! Now on a more serious note :p @Xrook - I'd still recommend getting used to not playing with crosshairs. Regardless i guess i'll look into fixing it the next time i do some work on the XM8 pack! @Goblin - Haha yeah, timed it pretty well! Let me know if there is anything you need and i'll do my best to add it in! @Gaske - Something like this you want in terms of silencers?