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  1. bravo93

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    They did add it to BIS vehicles but it didn't seem to work through inheritance with our vehicles. It's fairly simple to add though :) http://acre2.idi-systems.com/wiki/frameworks/vehicle-racks
  2. bravo93

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Are you guys planning on adding support for the new ACRE vehicle racks/intercoms? Believe they're currently only on the Dev branch. I'm guessing you can add ACRE compatibility without it being a dependency for the mod?
  3. Any plans to add the ability to load crates? Seems like a logical step forward..
  4. I know you mentioned in the first post about eventually releasing the MLODs - is this still planned?
  5. bravo93

    Game crashes after 1.68.140908.

    I get crashes on 64 bit. (although it doesn't completely lock up my PC to the point I have to press the power button). Switch back to 32 bit and get crashes where I have to do a hard restart. Incredibly annoying. 64 bit seems to have got rid of the 3FPS bug for me - just seems to introduce new issues. The game's a mess really.
  6. I use Arma3Sync to launch the game and you just change the .exe path to the 64 bit .exe. I haven't launched the game with steam for years.
  7. 3FPS is actually gone now?
  8. You should get more stable FPS, so less stuttering and stuff.
  9. bravo93

    3 FPS Bug and Random Crashes

    Well I play in a community of 80 people, and I don't think there's a single person there who has never got this bug. Even if you don't get it, how can you even play the game properly when the rest of your section/squad are constantly crashing out randomly? It's massively disruptive for any clan/community. If the 'future' is 3FPS bug for most people, with shiny new tanks and planes - I'm out.
  10. bravo93

    3 FPS Bug and Random Crashes

    1. It took way too long for BI to publicly acknowledge this bug. (This affects community moral - that feeling of being ignored). 2. I still don't think it's being taken as seriously as it should be. From day 1, BI priorities have been off (how many 2035 mods are there? ;) ) and seriously... who cares about Tank and Jets improvements - when the game has become broken at the core. I don't even know why that's even being discussed whilst this issue still exists. I actually think I got LOADS for my money with this game so I would happily pay £20 for the '3FPS removal DLC'.
  11. Addons - 16AA modpack, 3CB helicopters
  12. Javelin team engaging an enemy technical. Wolfhound TSV gunner providing cover for a resupply tasking. SF GPMGs engaging an enemy position. Addons used: 16AA modpack and CUP Terrains.
  13. Just to clarify - ACRE will now work when running 64 bit on RC branch etc?
  14. Mods used - 16AA modpack, CUP Terrains, Clafghan, G.O.S Al Rayak.