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  1. G.O.S N'Djenahoud, 400 km² of sand, rocks and nature. It's based on real word area in the "Ennedi Massif". This map does not contain any building, those can now easily be added to a mission as is needed. There are 8 airstrips (most of them do not appear on the map, to make navigation to those objectives more interesting). The download contains an image of the airstips locations for mission makers. Grab your cheich and your rpg-7, hop in your Toyota, wreak havok on the Lybians occupying the region, and quickly disappear in the desert. Download : http://www.mediafire.com/file/31b95bc5iib15dr/%40NDjenahoudV002.rar Video: Required addons : Arma 3 only. Known errors : The dust effects don't work, which is a shame for such a map. And I can't figure out why (Help welcome). Credits & Thanks: Shezan74 for worldTools. "Le GOS, faire autrement" Clan réaliste français http://www.clan-gos.fr
  2. makhno

    New Map : GOS Al Rayak

    @gszeus : I'll happily provide you with the sources if you want to fix some things on this map. Especialy if you intend to recreate the road network to Arma 3 format (currently uses Arma 2 road segments). Send me a private message. If you're interested. And finaly, no I don't intend to make any more work myself ( except maybe a full conversion to APEX when BIS release the tanoa objects). @dakaodo : indeed, especialy since this is a pre Arma 1.60 version which is pretty much useless now.
  3. Not untill BIS makes proper Tanoa objects available for map makers. SBT V2.0 is done using proxies, with plenty of inacuracies as a result.
  4. N'ziwasogo will be updated of course, It will be a little bit more complex. That's why I started with song Bin Tanh.
  5. This is a new version of the terrain with APEX vegetation and modified ground textures. You should not run the older version and this one at the same time as they share some configuration parameters. I had to use proxies during terrain creation and as a result some objects might be misplaced (on roads, coliding with buildings or too high/low) it's difficult to do better until BIS releases the ressources for terrain building. The map is 15 x 15 km of dense jungle with many major and smaller rivers. I made this map to do recon/sabotage/COIN missions, like SOG or LRRP did in vietnam. also like the SAS intervention in Borneo. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indonesia%E2%80%93Malaysia_confrontation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long-range_reconnaissance_patrol Throw away your GPS, and enjoy good old map and compass navigation. Presentation Video : Images : Download : http://www.mediafire.com/file/kezzeixnsb9n60t/%40SongBinTahnV2.0.rar Dependencies : APEX, As well as CUP terrains (Separate Download). Known errors : There's no rain sound. You may choose to not use pja312_sounds.pbo if it's raining. Credits & Thanks: Shezan74 for worldTools. "Le GOS, faire autrement" Clan réaliste français http://www.clan-gos.fr
  6. @Auss : No, most of the objects were placed with Shezan's WorldTools (forest generator) The only exception is the small settlements, which were done manualy.
  7. I forgot do add in the changelog that also added two airstrips. They're no more than a flat stip of short grass with no other kind of installation but it's enough to take off and land. This way one can add hangars, control tower and any kind of objects in the mission.
  8. Won't get overcrowded, don't worry.
  9. G.O.S Leskovets 004 available. Changelog : -Added a secondary roads network. Now you can try to bypass the villages. -Added many small settlements ( more will be added later). -Redone the Satelite image for better color unity (still some work to do) -redone/removed/cleared vegetation where applicable. Download : http://www.mediafire.com/file/o32491v9zitnp3o/%40LeskovetsV004.rar
  10. Thx for pointing this out. I'll look into it.
  11. The lack of variety is one of the main conditions for good performances. I don't know why, but I always experienced that the lower the number of different trees on a map, the better the FPS. At first I had included about 8 different trees from Chernarus Summer, the result was that I ran the map at around 40Fps, then I replaced them with the only 3 Arma 3 models, result : 70fps.... On the other hand it gains unity, which is sorely lacking in Chernarus summer vegetation (plus those Arma2 objects can look very strange at some distances with the new engine). I want to keep some specific characteristics to this terrain, so that it still feels like Southern Burgundy. Thats a seldom populated area, with vast expanses of meadows empty most of the time (to give grass enough time to grow), and all the hedgerows look like the next one. Crops are limited (more so than on my map). I may try to use actual objects for cultivated areas, like in Fata Terrain, but I don't know how the AI will behave in them yet, nor the impact on FPS. There are almost no rocks at the surface, so I won't add rocks on this specific map. Fencing is a difficult issue. The way they are done, is relatively labour cost effective, as I can use Worldtools to do it. The other kind of fences, stone walls, poles ( where the angle of placement matters)...have to be placed by hand as at the moment I don't know any tool that would allow to do that effectively. And it's important to leave holes otherwise the AI tends to stay well away from them. Development status : The secondary roads network is done, and I'm in the process of placing many small settlements in the countryside (farms, barns, houses, wood processing installations...) I'll then add two airfields I intentionaly avoid placing too specific buildings/areas (Comm tower, military installations...) as they can easily be added in the mission themselves. I will have to review all the villages house by house for object collisions, which may not happen soon as it's a very dull task. Future plans : Once the work that has to be done by hand is finished, I indent to re-use those objects (towns, small settlements, road Network) on other maps with different ground cover, vegetation and heightfield. I'm planning on making an extensively cultivated plain, with some kind of rivers (rivers integrate very poorly in hilly terrain) and maybe one with sizeable hills (more like chernarus).
  12. I was thinking of a winter version indeed. It would be easy to replace vegetation with "white" versions, but I always felt that it makes a "Walt Disney" winter, not a very realistic one. The other problem is that vegetation 3D models have almost no twigs, so it provides very little cover unless you just paint white summer vegetation.. There's also the possibility of creating a First snows winter with patches of thin layer of snow over the normal ground still showing in some spots and Chernarus autumn vegetation. Think this would be better.
  13. G.O.S Leskovets is a 400 km² map of rural farmland featuring 40 villages. It's mostly inspired from the landscape of Southern Burgundy's "bocage" with hedgerows enclosed fields, many wooded areas and some open fields, but with eastern european/baklanic names as I feel it's better scenario wise. This of course is an early version and there are many small defects, be wary of trees too close or on the roads. Planned developments : Secondary roads network (earthen trails). Isolated hamlets, farms and other structures outside the villages. Download : http://www.mediafire.com/file/o32491v9zitnp3o/%40LeskovetsV004.rar Video: Required addons : CUP Terrains « Le GOS, faire autrement » Clan réaliste français http://www.clan-gos.fr
  14. makhno

    NEW MAP : Gunkizli

    The workshop version is the latest.