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  1. I figured that was the case given the lack of info out there. Thanks, @chernaruski!
  2. Interesting. Is this possible with persistent vehicles also?
  3. Goal: To ONLY activate the SIDE channel when a player is inside a comms truck (specifically THIS vehicle: "B_GEN_Offroad_01_comms_F"). If they're not inside the vehicle, only the DIRECT channel is active. Attempt: In the mission file's init.sqf, I have the following: [] spawn { if (typeOf vehicle player == "B_GEN_Offroad_01_comms_F") then { while {true} do { 1 enableChannel true; }; sleep 2; }; }; But no matter how I reconfigure this, I cannot seem to get it to work, even though it seems so simple. Any insight is greatly appreciated!
  4. Rosso777

    Max Tides / G.O.S Al Rayak

    That did the trick, my man, Thanks!!
  5. Rosso777

    Max Tides / G.O.S Al Rayak

    Are you running Sullen Skies from the server addons folder or only client side?
  6. Rosso777

    Max Tides / G.O.S Al Rayak

    I will give this a go this week and report back. Thanks, man!
  7. UPDATE 2: The code above works perfectly. The only reason it does not work for my situation is that it causes each player to spawn at one of their "personal" locations every time they join the server (instead of only when they die/respawn). Is there a way to make this script work only after a player actually dies/respawns?
  8. Hello all, I am trying to flood my current map (Al Rayak) on a dedicated server and I cannot seem to crack the code. I have tried using Arma Tides Manager but I get no effect. Not sure if I have the map classname incorrect or what, so I am at a loss. In the aforementioned addon, it seems like all that's inside the pbo is a config file that reads: class CfgPatches { class Arma_Tide_Manager { units[] = {"pja310"}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = {"pja310"}; }; }; class CfgWorlds { class CAWorld; class pja310: CAWorld { class Sea { MaxTide = 50; }; }; }; *Note: pja310 is the name of the mission file pbo. Has anyone successfully flooded a map and can see what is off here?
  9. Correction: The initServer is currently 1.5 MB. So how do I go about making a 2nd file like this (using that type of object list's format) that can be run from the server?
  10. In my initServer.sqf file (mission folder), I have a collection of simple objects: private _vehicles = [ ["Land_Hotel", [1281.08, 1067.3, 22.8993], [-0.99999, -0.00458476, 0], [0, 0, 1], false], ["Land_Hotel", [1281.29, 1025.94, 22.9204], [-0.999989, -0.00458476, 0.00109177], [0.00109178, 0, 0.999999], false], ["Land_Hotel", [1280.66, 1150.06, 22.9], [-0.999989, -0.00458476, -0.00109182], [-0.00109183, 0, 0.999999], false] (this is just a tiny sample) I am wondering if there is a way to run a second file similar to this format but from the actual server? For instance, I run most of my .sqfs from the server with: [] execVM "\server\scripts\boathouse.sqf"; (listed in the initServer.sqf) I would like to move this massive file (5 MB) to the server so it's not continuously downloaded with the mission file. Is this possible? [SOLVED]: I created a folder in my server's root directory called server, then created a subdirectory named scripts. Inside that folder is a file named island.sqf: This was created using the Exile 3Den plugin, specifically the create initServer feature. The false that I highlighted at the end of each line means that the simulation has been disabled and the objects will take significantly less resources (since this file contains 17,000+ trees/bushes on a small island). I still maintain steady FPS numbers on the server even though I've added in this many objects. Additionally, the last couple lines: sleep 10; [] execVM "\server\scripts\RemoteIslandTroops.sqf"; were added because I included some buildings in the original file and wanted to ensure the buildings loaded BEFORE the AI that would be inside/on top of them would. Hope this all helps someone.
  11. When you are in an inventory (storage, self, vehicle, etc.) and removing items, the items suddenly move up/down the inventory list. I find this to be infuriating. Has anyone ever had any experience with adjusting this so items stay in their current order regardless of quantity?
  12. This works like a charm!! Thank you, brother!
  13. Using the file: ExileClient_gui_selectSpawnLocation_show, I cannot seem to figure out how to ONLY display the RANDOM option of spawn locations, rather than displaying every spawn point and allowing the player to choose. I would like RANDOM to be the only option available... OR if there is an easy way to simply bypass this file and go from Death to Respawn. Any thoughts? FILE:
  14. Yes, I know ACE3 exists, but for my small private (dedi) server, we use AGM Medical. The settings are basically fixed in a way that the player goes unconscious instead of dying; 4-minute timer and then must respawn if not treated. For some reason which I cannot quite crack, the system works flawlessly for every player on the server..... except me as the admin. Rarely I go unconscious, but MOST of the time, straight to death timer and forced respawn. Does this resemble anything that anyone has dealt with before?
  15. I appreciate the response, @Powerstriker46. I checked the DB as you suggested, yet the default value is '0'. Back to the drawing board for me.