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  1. Running ChernarusRedux, and even with help from some pros, I can't seem to get Radiation working on my map. The symbol is there (in the mission.sqm), but no radiation effect. Here is what I have in my config, if anyone has any ideas. class ChernarusRedux: Altis { class FireFlies: FireFlies { enable = 0; }; class Anomalies: Anomalies { enable = 0; }; class Breathing: Breathing { enable = 0; }; class Snow: Snow { enable = 0; surfaces[] = {"#nam_snow"}; }; class Radiation: Radiation { enable = 1; contaminatedZones[] = { {{4579, 10220, 0}, 400, 500} }; }; class Temperature: Temperature { daytimeTemperature[] = {-2.00,-1.77,-1.12,-0.10,1.24,2.78,4.40,6.00,7.46,8.65,9.50,9.90,9.90,9.50,8.65,7.46,6.00,4.40,2.78,1.24,-0.10,-1.12,-1.77,-2.00,-2.00}; }; }; };
  2. Not sure why, but all my players have 9999/9999 poptabs. I can’t seem to figure out where this is being created in the code and how to change it. in my CreateBambi file, I have the variable set so that money should be removed (which I think is by default), so I’m not sure what’s going on. Anyone else ever deal with this?
  3. This is incredible. It's unbelievable how limitless Arma is when you have the skills to manipulate it properly.
  4. Two years late to the party but I just wanted to say that I *thoroughly* enjoyed this thread. Achilles, your comprehension articulation is a breath of fresh air; watching someone like you (who is light years ahead of me scriptually) breakdown the issues and try to piece is it together. The whole thread for me was like watching a meeting of the minds happen; names like Killzone, Dedmen, Larrow, and more are legendary in my book. You guys have managed to make Arma what it is with your own hands. The creativity that comes out through the code is so fascinating to watch; even more exciting when we’re able to experience it through the immersion that is the actual gameplay. Bravo and thank you all for your efforts and knowledge over the years.
  5. I am trying to simply create a script that allows the player to use/read SideChat ONLY when they have a radio in their inventory. I have tried this a few different ways and have had no luck yet; side chat is ALWAYS available and I cannot figure out why. Any help from the veterans is appreciated. (script placed in initPlayerLocal.sqf on a dedi server) [] spawn { while {true} do { waitUntil {"ItemRadio" in assigneditems player}; 1 enableChannel true; waitUntil !{"ItemRadio" in assigneditems player}; 1 enableChannel false; } }; SOLVED: (Although this works, I know there is a more efficient way to do it with either "Take" or "Put" EventHandlers, or perhaps a function in some way. Working on that now and I will update this post once complete and tested.) (script placed in initPlayerLocal.sqf on a dedi server) [] spawn { while {true} do { sleep 1; if ("ItemRadio" in assignedItems player) then { 1 enableChannel true; } else { 1 enableChannel false; }; }; };
  6. SOLVED! Every 60 seconds, there is a chance for player to drop their radio (and lose it): Place this script inside the initPlayerLocal.sqf file: (tested on dedicated server) [] spawn { while {"ItemRadio" in assignedItems player} do { dropRadioChance = random 1; if (dropRadioChance > 0.01) then { player unlinkItem "ItemRadio"; }; }; sleep 60; }; // ORIGINAL POST // In my quest for scripting greatness, I am trying to setup a very simple script that creates a random occurrence-- the player drops their radio (for testing purposes, it's a 25% chance every 60 seconds). This is the most sensical way I could put it together, but it won't activate for some reason (No hint, no radio removal). Can anyone see why this won't go? (This script is in initPlayerLocal.sqf on a dedi server) [] spawn { while {"ItemRadio" in assignedItems player} do { dropRadioChance = random 1; if (dropRadioChance > 0.75) then { _unit removeItem "ItemRadio"; hint "You just realized you dropped your radio somewhere..." } waitUntil { sleep 60; }; } };
  7. Nailed it! Thanks for the help, @gc8
  8. Wow. Yet another thing I was NOT aware of. First go, errors lighting up. Gamechanger! Thanks, @gc8!
  9. Absolutely; I live and die by the server's rpt file. No errors. But still no luck. Going to keep trying. I will crack this and then update the OP.
  10. [] spawn { while {"ItemRadio" in assigneditems player} do { 1 enableChannel true; } <-------------- I know I am the new guy here, but I didn't think that was the case here. };
  11. Noted. I am going to remove the whole FALSE section and rearrange it a bit. [] spawn { while {"ItemRadio" in assigneditems player} do { 1 enableChannel true; } };
  12. Update: Some slight progress: Using the command "unassignItem" I have been able to remove the item from the toolbelt, but it goes straight into the player's inventory. Now I just need to figure out how to remove the item completely. [] spawn { while {"ItemRadio" in assignedItems player} do { dropRadioChance = random 1; if (dropRadioChance > 0.75) then { _unit unassignItem "ItemRadio"; hint "You just realized you dropped your radio somewhere..." } waitUntil { sleep 60; }; } };
  13. Dedicated Private Server. I have a list of scripts run from initServer.sqf: //Server Side [] execVM "\server\scripts\RayakBuildings.sqf"; [] execVM "\server\scripts\GuerBarracks.sqf"; [] execVM "\server\scripts\persistent.sqf"; The files are on run directly from the server as you can see, but I am noticing that they are "timing out". One file, for example, is used only for Hiding Objects, and after an hour or so of playtime, the script just STOPS running and I am not sure why. Has anyone else encountered this?
  14. Rosso777

    Roaming AI A3XAI

    In the A3XAI (just an example) config, here is how the AI gear is listed: uniformTypes0[] = { “Exile_Uniform_BambiOverall”, “U_C_HunterBody_grn” }; uniformTypes1[]= { “U_C_WorkerOveralls”, “U_C_Commoner2_2” }; And each type is listed 0-3 to allow for 4 different sets of uniforms/weapons/vests, etc. my question is: instead of listing all the items inside the brackets for each level/type, is there a way to redirect to an external file containing the information? For example: uniformTypes0[] = { #include “Level0Uniforms.sqf” }; uniformTypes1[] = { #include “Level1Uniforms.sqf” };
  15. Rosso777

    Roaming AI A3XAI

    I just have SO MANY uniforms for each type and I’d like to keep the main config file clean.
  16. Nor should you, man, you have done amazing work and should be proud of it. Keep pushing the envelope. It's people like you and these other dudes that have kept this game alive for so long. I just like to make things extremely difficult for myself. 😁
  17. Same. I've tried several times to dig into this, but I get overwhelmed because instead of using it to MAKE a mission, I am trying to engineer it to work with my already-made mission. It has intimidated the hell out of me every time. I am going to take your advice, though, and keep trying. @wogz187 Brother, I cannot tell you enough how AMAZING the stuff you are doing is. SO IMPRESSIVE. Keep up the great work, man!
  18. I am trying to create a script that will automatically replace certain backpacks (_eng, _exp, _medic, etc.) with the same empty versions. I was going to try something like this: if (unitBackpack Player isKindof "B_Carryall_mcamo_AAA") then { _unit removeItem "B_Carryall_mcamo_AAA"; _unit addItem "B_Carryall_oli"; }; But I would need to do the same thing for every single backpack that has these suffixes. I am wondering if there is an eaiser way to accomplish this? I considered the idea of: if (unitBackpack Player isKindof "B_Carryall_mcamo_AAA" || "B_Carryall_mcamo_AAT" || "B_Carryall_ocamo_Eng") then {... But when it comes to the removeItem, I am not sure how to accomplish that without doing each individually. Am I in over my head with this one, or on the right track?
  19. Looking back I can understand why my post may be frustrating for you guys; after spending hours and hours scouring this and other forums (and yes, the biki) I understand some pieces but not all. Every time I do something new I learn more and more and I enjoy the process. I will keep tinkering with it until I can figure out how to put it all together. Sorry guys.
  20. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any luck with this. I tried it in both init and initPlayerLocal. Would either of those locations not be the proper place?
  21. you’re absolutely right. My apologies. There’s a lot to keep up with.
  22. very helpful, I hadn’t thought about that. Thank you! once I implement and test all this, I will report back. Thanks all!
  23. Thanks for your help, Pierre! I’m curious: is “>-1” correct or should it be “>=1”? Not sure if that was a typo since I haven’t seen that before.
  24. So does this mean there is no way to disable the animation that makes you juke when you run/turn?
  25. Small private dedi server. Three players. One player very new and becoming frustrated with the difficult AI that lend a challenge to the other two but are a bit -too- difficult for the newbie. is there a way, using Steam ID/UID/playername, to provide a handicap to the new player? Perhaps decreased damage or something like that?