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    ArmA Unit Suspension

    Hi. I used to have the same issue for about 3-5 weeks with the same reason for suspension. After that, it simply resolved itself. Then I sent my appeal, waited 2 weeks, no response. Sent another one, still no response. (This has been going on for about 3 months). After manually contacting an attached email by Bohemia Interactive, I assume the person that suspended my unit (greg.becksted@bistudio.com). The postmaster couldn't address. If you go into your console in Inspect Element, it should print out the error. You could attach that to this topic if possible. The issue is probably caused by an internal server error (Error code 500 if you find it). My unit (Task Force Wheelchair) remains suspended, with the issue resolved and several appeals without any response whatsoever. FOR Forum Staff // Bohemia Developers