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  1. You can give: this disableAI "Move" on each member seperately or {_x disableAI "FSM"} foreach crew You can check this thread also . It is an under fire disembark but it could help your case too i guess Cheers
  2. Jim Noulis

    AI Jets crashing a lot

    Hi nerexis. Do you use Loiter waypoint with Loiter Altitude other than -1? If thats the case it might hold on to that and messes things up Just a thought! :P
  3. Thanks a lot for the info. I have made a lot of script files for other movements/animations/triggers etc but in this particular example i want the driver to be human and the AI to disembark at the time i reach the designated position and after i stop the truck completely. 5 days ago i could only place a soldier and give him waypoint(not even using trigger) so i am still learning a lot of stuff. Scripting is one of them so i think every chapter is going to be more efficient (maybe not too animated as the 1st but more complex). I ll see you again i am sure about it as i create tasks and missions i ll most certainly will use your help. Cheers Jim
  4. I figured it out my own with a little help from another user of another webpage so i write the answer (in my case) for future use: In my case: Hemmit with human driver , 2 groups on cargo with predifined move waypoints. set waypoint activation on the trigger you want for each group and set trigger owner to the truck. On trigger's init field you put: grp leaveVehicle veh; *Where grp = name of your group veh = name of your vehicle The logic behind it is that the group is not able to use that vehicle any more so they are "forced" to disembark as soon as the vehicle stops. see: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/leaveVehicle
  5. Hi to everyone, I am trying to create a campaign style mission. I have read every article there is at the point where whenever i type something with "arma 3 eden" in the search field i only see pink urls. Making a big scenario creates a lot of questions but until now with a good time consuming search i get the job done except from now. So my unsolved problem is that i want to create a task(i can do that) that wants the player to enter and drive a loaded Hemmit with 3 different groups in it and transport them to 3 different places. When i arrive at point A one group disembarks while the group (or unit) which is there waiting, gets in vehicle(there is also a problem there but i think if i manage this question it will solve this problem as well). Then proceed to point B etc. When i use transport unload on the player and get out on groups everyone gets out on point A. When i try unload noone gets out. I have a trigger(20x20x5 , owned by player) which is synced to transport unload(or unload) on driver and get out waypoint on group . (Vehicle unload was tried as well and trigger set to none and skip waypoint) Any idea how to make that work? Does it require sqf to force certain group get out of vehicle when trigger is activated? And if so wont it be weird to have troops jump out as soon as the trigger activates while the truck still moves? *PS: i also tried with seperate no grouped units and set every unit a separate waypoint get out with no luck Thank you in advance. If i upload my mission to steam i'll thank you there by username as well of course.