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  1. Roger keep up the good work @phronk
  2. Ok great! So to confirm will this fix come in the next update?
  3. Hey @phronk hope life relaxes a little bit for you! We loaded up this last night on our dedicated server and had a great time for the first few hours. Runs smooth as butter with everything cranked to ultra. We did end up running into a bug in that when we would enter a red AO (there was two of us), civilian AI would spawn in and it would then turn to a blue AO within 5 secs. No resistance, no Taliban, nothing. We searched for Intel then moved on to another red zone and the same thing happened, no enemy AI to be found. We tried several zones around the FOB and all of them were turning blue as soon as we would enter the zone. Any idea how to fix? We're running all of the recommended mods (no ace). We hope to find a fix and have taki insurgency running on the server for some time to come! Cheers
  4. ElliotMist

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    I just booted up my single player Liberation local server and everything is saved (vehicles included) except for my friendly AI units. The units were all gathered around the FOB but for some reason when I booted the server up they were gone? Any idea on how to retain the AI units when I abort and then reboot the liberation server?