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Found 12 results

  1. I'm just about finish making a custom helmet, but I now ran across the issue of having the helmet in between legs. I've set both 'Head' verticies in blender, which is confirmed by ObjectBuilder, and set autocenter to 0 underneath the Geometry LOD. I've gone over the model.cfg and found nothing wrong with it from what I can see. What am I missing here, because a part of me is thinking that the p3d file name should be different, but idk. model.cfg Screenshots of both Blender and ObjectBuilder
  2. Hey, currently I am working on a small "just for fun" addon to get better knowledge about Arma´s static objects and how to create them. At the moment I am creating a mini golf course with a windmill and i want to animate (spinn) the rotor of it. My Problem is, that i want to constantly rotate the windmill like the default windturbines in Arma 3, but slower. I was looking into the default turbines configs but had problems to understand how the animations work and start at the spawn. I also tryed to trigger my animation via a UserActions in the config.cpp, wich worked but it still was/is not the final solution for me. I also found out about the "sourceAddress="loop";" option after researching but it´s still not working 😞 I hope that explained my problem pretty well. Has anyone a solution, on how to fix that? My objects Class (inherited into CfgVehicles (config.cpp)) class Pro21_Bahn_5 : Static { author = "Prodeath21"; displayName = "$STR_Pro21_Bahn_5"; scope=2; model = "\Pro21_Minigolf\Bahn_5\Bahn_5.p3d"; icon = "\Pro21_Minigolf\default\icons\minigolf.paa"; editorCategory="Pro21_Addon"; editorSubcategory="Pro21_Objects"; //picture = "\Pro21_Minigolf\default\icons\default.paa"; //vehicleClass = ""; class AnimationSources { class windrad { source = "user"; //default "user" animPeriod = 12; //Dauer einer periode (Sekunden) }; }; }; My model.cfg class CfgSkeletons { class Default { isDiscrete = 1; skeletonInherit = ""; skeletonBones[] = {}; }; class Pro21_Bahn_5_sceleton: Default { skeletonInherit = "Default"; skeletonBones[]= { "wind","" }; }; }; class Rotation; class CfgModels { class Default { skeletonName=""; sections[]={}; sectionsInherit=""; }; class Bahn_5: Default { skeletonName="Pro21_Bahn_5_sceleton"; sections[]={""}; sectionsInherit=""; class Animations { class windrad { type = "rotation"; source = "user"; selection = "wind"; axis = "wind_axis"; sourceAddress="loop"; memory = 1; minValue = 0; maxValue = 1; animPeriod = 0; angle0 = "0"; angle1 = "rad -360"; }; }; }; }; Thank you for your help! 🙂
  3. hi moders i have a request could you please send me the model.cfg pattern for two models in one cfg file? On the internet I found only a formula for one model in one pbo, and I would like to have two models in pbo. Please help . I want to make a submarine and in one pbo I have to have two models, a ship and a torpedo, can anyone show me the example model. CFG with two models?
  4. Max to Arma or MtA in short, is script for 3ds Max (>2013) which can be used for creating more complex & precise animations in Arma 3. Script is utilizing direct type animation transformations which are supported by RV engine since at least Armed Assault. Each frame in 3ds max is transformed to axis-aligned transformation which can be used in model.cfg. There are still some limitations with that tech here and there and some there might be still bugs in current version of script but they shouldn't be that major. Blender version of that plugin is planned although there is no ETA for it since I'm quite slow with adapting to 2.8 version. I would like to thank in this place Redphoenix for initial setup of script with basic UI - without it I would probably spend couple extra days figuring out Max UI creation. Another person that I would like to thank is Kiory which allowed me to use his rig for that example animation. Hope you enjoy that script and let your imagination go crazy 😉 Script, examples & complete documentation can be found here. https://github.com/reyhard/mta_animExporter
  5. Hello, i need in my case the model.cfg from the Zamak/Kamaz (arma 3 model.cfg) for my addon there i use the Arma 2 Kamaz.p3d file (public data). How can i open the model.cfg of arma 3 intern stuff, i heard the model.cfg is baked into the (binarized) p3d file ? Is there perhabs any option to contact directly the bi studios for help ?
  6. Hi! I'm having a issue with the animation of the fire mode selector of a gun that i'm doing. The issue is that the angle of rotation that I set in model.cfg do not work as indeed in game but in external view is perfect. Right position: Wrong: Here is the code of model.cfg: Anyone know what is causing this? Thanks
  7. Hello, I am making a weapon sight for arma 3 with a custom model. I want to add some texture variations and i understood i can achieve this with hiddenselections. The problem is that I cant seem to get another texture assigned to it ingame. I looked over a number of other threads dealing with hiddenselections, but so far i could not find out where i am going wrong with this. My model has a selection named "camo" in Object builder: This is the Model.cfg, I just added this in the mod directory, do i need to assign the model.cfg to the model somewhere? class CfgModels { class Default { sectionsInherit = ""; sections[] = {}; skeletonName = ""; }; class Andor_hartman_mh1 : Default { sections[] = { "camo" }; }; }; This is the config.cpp: #include "basicDefines_A3.hpp" #include "CfgPatches.hpp" class asdg_OpticRail; class asdg_OpticRail1913: asdg_OpticRail { class compatibleItems { Andor_hartman_mh1 = 1; Andor_hartman_mh1_tan = 1; Andor_hartman_mh1_olive = 1; }; }; class cfgWeapons { class ItemCore; class InventoryItem_Base_F; class InventoryOpticsItem_Base_F; class Andor_hartman_mh1: ItemCore { displayName="Hartman MH1 (Black)"; author= "Andor"; picture="\Andor_Hartman_mh1\Data\Hartman_mh1_icon_ca.paa"; model = "\Andor_Hartman_mh1\Andor_hartman_mh1"; scope = 2; descriptionShort = "Hartman MH1"; weaponInfoType = "RscWeaponZeroing"; hiddenSelections[] = {"camo"}; hiddenSelectionTextures[] = {"\Andor_Hartman_mh1\Data\Hartman_mh1_CO.paa"}; class ItemInfo: InventoryOpticsItem_Base_F { mass = 6; //opticType = 1; optics = true; modelOptics="\A3\Weapons_F\empty"; class OpticsModes { class Hartman_mh1_optic { opticsID = 1; useModelOptics = 0; opticsZoomMin = 0.25; opticsZoomMax = 1.25; opticsZoomInit = 0.75; memoryPointCamera = "eye"; opticsFlare = 0; opticsDisablePeripherialVision = 0; distanceZoomMin = 200; distanceZoomMax = 200; cameraDir = ""; visionMode[] = {}; opticsPPEffects[] = {"OpticsBlur1"}; }; }; }; inertia = 0; }; class Andor_hartman_mh1_tan: Andor_hartman_mh1 { author= "Andor"; displayName="Hartman MH1 (Tan)"; hiddenSelections[] = {"camo"}; hiddenSelectionTextures[] = {"\Andor_Hartman_mh1\Data\Hartman_mh1_Tan_CO.paa"}; }; class Andor_hartman_mh1_olive: Andor_hartman_mh1 { author= "Andor"; displayName="Hartman MH1 (Olive)"; hiddenSelections[] = {"camo"}; hiddenSelectionTextures[] = {"\Andor_Hartman_mh1\Data\Hartman_mh1_Olive_CO.paa"}; }; }; The default texture i assigned in Object builder loads on all 3 variants. I have the feeling i am forgetting something simple?? Any help is much appreciated.
  8. Hello my name is Duck and i have a problem. I have made a cool drone that inherits from the Darter drone which works fine but i need to animate the rotors and i have tried everything... i need help getting these rotors animated on engine start!
  9. Hi! I am currently working on a 8-wheeled truck and I'm experiencing some weird bugs when I get it in game. The first version had the 4 front wheels all the way at the top of the damper, whereas the rear 4 wheels were relaxed. You can see the different heights in this picture: When I was messing around trying to fix this issue, I tried changing the parent-classes in my model.cfg, so my class inherits from "Truck" instead of "Car", as I could suspect "Car" does not support 8 wheels. As I did so, the model animations stopped working completely, it now does nothing. I therefore need some assistance understanding which classes my class can inherit from in model.cfg. How come I can not inherit from "Truck"? I've attached my config.cpp and model.cfg, in case you need to see them. Config.cpp Model.cfg Update: I figured out how to get wheel dampers working, I forgot to define the rear 4 wheels in my class at the end of model.cfg. At this point I'm trying to get the dampers working the right way. When t should go up it goes down, and vice versa.
  10. Hi guys, so my 2 problems: 1. The model.cfg of my house is not loading correctly. The animations and the breaking glass does not work on startup, it only works when I shoot at the building once. This also means, that the animations dont work in buldozer The model.cfg: 2. Problem: My LOD 1.0 is my LOD 5.0, well it´s strange. Some Pictures: my first LOD(1): http://puu.sh/l3DbD/ce5d47ab89.png & my last LOD (4): http://puu.sh/l3DeO/3c0734cc62.png Ingame it works perfectly if I do it this way, but thats not the final solution (InGame: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/580196620067696582/0320E8E63860C7A9BCA352D42F11D4A7C985E788/ Now my questions is: What did I wrong, that my visual LODs are so f**** up :D Thanks for your help guys ;) ir0n if you need my config:
  11. Yesterday I finally sat down and tried to import a weapon into A3 (I'm still fairly new at VBS). Today I've got the majority of it working fine, however I'm stuck on one part — getting the magazine removal/inserting working correctly. On A3's pistols the animation is smooth and precise; which I am unable to replicate (and the variables in use confuse me). More generally: I'm importing this model (image, webGL view) into arma. This (gfycat) is where I am at currently. Note that the magazine extracts partially, but no new magazine appears to be inserted. This is the relevant code from the model.cfg: class magazine_reload_move_1 { type = "translation"; source = "reloadMagazine"; selection = "magazine"; axis = "magazine_axis"; minValue = 0.01; maxValue = 0.1;//0.1 works offset0 = 0.0; offset1 = 0.55;//0.5 works }; class magazine_reload_move_2: magazine_reload_move_1 { minValue = 0.57; maxValue = 0.62; offset0 = 0.0; offset1 = -0.5; }; (which was appropriated from the arma 3 weapon sample). So the first section (move_1) is causing difficulties. The minValue, maxValue and offset1 lines are hard to understand. Currently I've been playing with their values one by one to try and get to where I am now. Ideally the animation would extract the magazine further before it despawns, but if I increase the offset1 value, (which does that), when the magazine is inserted at the end of the anim, it "jumps" downwards out of the gun / through your hand. I've yet to get the magazine to appear when inserting either; which I assume has to do with the move_2 section. So.. how do you get the correct values for this? How do minValue, maxValue and offset work together to change the location of the magazine during the anim? Am I meant to keep "guessing" until it looks right? Or is there some tool to do this? (Or would it relate to the magazine's height or something?) Any insight would be appreciated. If I can config this properly I might release it as a sample asset for the community (one of the frustrations I've had with vbs so far is the lack of documentation, samples and quality tutorials). It's also a shame that there's no "safe" mode in arma by default as I would've liked to have had the safety work, but oh well.
  12. The other day I threw together a very simple gun just to try and learn how to get it into Arma 3. The model appears correctly and it functions but the muzzle flash is simply frozen (http://i.imgur.com/ZNjJVSY.jpg) and the bolt doesn't move. I followed Zachs tutorial on making weapons, and I based my model.cfg on the one he included. In Object Builder, I added a proxy with \A3\Data_f\proxies\muzzle_flash\muzzle_flash_rifle_Mk20 and a selection of the proxy called zasleh (http://i.imgur.com/0hzTG8n.png). For the muzzleflash (Zachs guide didn't include one) I copied the relevant lines from the Arma Tools example weapon. In the config.cpp, there is selectionFireAnim = "zasleh"; I'm sure I did something wrong, but I just can't see what. I've included the entire model.cfg hoping someone can spot the issue. class CfgSkeletons { class Default { isDiscrete=0; skeletonInherit=""; skeletonBones[]={}; }; class tb_arifle_m16a4_base: Default { skeletonBones[]= { "magazine", "", "bolt", "", "zasleh", "" }; }; }; class CfgModels { class Default { sectionsInherit=""; sections[]={}; skeletonName=""; }; class tb_arifle_m16a4_base: Default { sections[]= { "magazine", "zasleh", "bolt" }; skeletonName="tb_arifle_m16a4_base"; class Animations { }; }; class Test_weapon_01_F: tb_arifle_m16a4_base { class Animations { class zaslehROT { type="rotation"; source="clockMinute"; sourceAddress="loop"; selection="zasleh"; begin="usti hlavne"; end="konec hlavne"; memory=1; minValue=0.0166665; maxValue=0.016666666666666666666666666666667; angle0="rad 0"; angle1="rad 360"; }; //ALSO TRY THIS class muzzleFlashROT //{ // type="rotationX"; // source="ammoRandom"; //use ammo count as phase for animation // sourceAddress="loop"; //loop when phase out of bounds // selection="muzzleFlash"; //selection we want to rotate // axis=""; //no own axis - center of rotation is computed from selection // centerFirstVertex=true; //use first vertex of selection as center of rotation // minValue=0; // maxValue=4; //rotation angle will be 360/4 = 90 degrees // angle0="rad 0"; // angle1="rad 360"; //}; class magazine_reload_move_1 { type="translation"; source="reloadMagazine"; selection="magazine"; axis="magazine_axis"; minValue=0.145; maxValue=0.2; offset0=0; offset1=0.40000001; }; class magazine_hide { type="hide"; source="reloadMagazine"; selection="magazine"; minValue= 0; maxValue=1; minPhase= 0; maxPhase=1; hideValue=1; sourceAddress="mirror"; }; class bolt_empty { type="translation"; source="isempty"; selection="bolt"; memory=1; sourceAddress="clamp"; minValue=0; maxValue=1; begin="bolt_start"; end="bolt_end"; offset0=0; offset1=1; }; class bolt_empty_1 { type="translation"; source="reloadMagazine"; selection="bolt"; memory=1; sourceAddress="clamp"; minValue=0; maxValue=1; begin="bolt_start"; end="bolt_end"; offset0=0; offset1=1; }; { type="translation"; source="reload"; selection="bolt"; axis="bolt_axis"; memory=1; minValue=0.000000; maxValue=0.300000; offset0=0; offset1=0.5; }; class bolt_fire_end:bolt_fire_begin { minValue=0.500000; maxValue=1.000000; offset0=0; offset1=-0.5; }; class bolt_reload_begin { type="translation"; source="reloadMagazine"; selection="bolt"; axis="bolt_axis"; memory=1; minValue=0.1; maxValue=0.15; offset0=0; offset1=0.5; }; class bolt_reload_end:bolt_reload_begin { minValue=0.980000; maxValue=1.000000; offset0=0; offset1=-0.5; }; }; }; };