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  1. MoonieFR

    [Alpha] Tiger

    Major Update v0.50 available Content: Added: New tiger model Added: 30 new animations Added: Camera movements Added: Transition animations Added: Ability to attack as a unit (you can attack as a tiger by left-clicking near another unit.) Added: New zombie model Modification: Fire Geometry improvement Modification : Audio improvement Changed: Improved first person view Removed: Footprints Content coming/planned but not ready: - Damage visualization on the model (blood) - Damage visualization on the model (animations) - Melee AI - Zombie animations Known issues: - Unit gets stuck in water - Unit gets stuck after an attack - Unit gets stuck during some animations - Bullet hit sound when attacking - Unit turns into a giraffe after death (long neck) Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2575841565 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-qpsvtVDt8
  2. MoonieFR

    [Alpha] Tiger

    Hello everyone! I have a few things to share with you about the Tiger mod development. First of all, we are happy to have been showcased in the last Bohemia Recap and we are super excited to continue working on the mod to improve it and bring an additional interesting gameplay element to Arma. Here's what we have planned for the next few updates: - We will add a player controllable attack system in the next major update so you can use it in your singleplayer or multiplayer missions. - We are also working with Webknight (creator of the IMS mod) to add an AI. We are confident that it will change the way you handle situations if you know that a tiger may be lurking around. - In addition to that, we are planning to change all the character animations to make it more consistent and realistic. We are currently working on the integration of new animations. We are also working on another mod that will add a LOT of content to Arma (including a predator/prey system), we will make an announcement in the coming weeks to detail the key features of this mod. Don't hesitate to join our Discord server if you you have any ideas that you would like to share with us.
  3. MoonieFR


    I can make a zombified version (3D/textures) if people are really interested.
  4. Note that this mod is still a work-in-progress. State : Alpha Have you always secretly wanted to have a tiger in Arma? Well, now you can have your own (super dangerous) pet tiger. This is an early version of the mod which only includes the model, textures and animations for the moment (so no tiger chasing you through the thick jungle of Cam Lao Nam or Tanoa - unless you want to script it yourself). This mod adds a basic tiger to the game. The unit is not an animal but a civilian. You can spawn it from the editor by typing tiger. We plan to add a module later. Classnames : Edaly_Tiger Edaly_Tiger_White List of animations: TigerStandIdle TigerIdle02 TigerWalkFront TigerTactFront TigerRunFront TigerAttack TigerAttackClaws TigerSleep TigerTurnLeft TigerTurnRight TigerDie The current entity does not have its own tracking/attack system. This feature will be added in a future update. If you want to script the animal yourself, you can do so as long as you don't re-upload this mod or modify it. Sounds: The tiger has 3 sounds but only one sound is implemented right now. This is something we will update in the next update (very soon). This content is distributed under the APL-ND license. Re-uploading this content is forbidden without written permission from the author. If you wish to modify or re-upload this mod, contact us directly on Steam or Discord. You can read the license here: https://www.bohemia.net/community/licenses/arma-public-license-nd About us: Projets Edaly is a french non-profit organization that brings together video game enthusiasts and developers. We create mods and multiplayer environments for communities of various games offering modding capabilities. Website: https://edaly.fr Discord: https://discord.com/invite/SUCBQk3 Artstation : https://www.artstation.com/edaly/albums/all Changelog : v0.37 - Added: The tiger can now move its head freely - Added: Easter Eggs - Fixed: Hitpoints were badly positioned. - Fixed: Memories were badly positioned. v0.36 - Added: glowing eyes at night - Fixed: legs were doing weird stuff - Tweaked : Idle anim + secret stuff v0.35 Added: Unit is now available in zeus Added: 2 more resLODs for better performance Added: Shadow LOD Tweaked: Idle01 anim should look a bit more natural Fixed: The sound played while in idle Fixed: Missing model in first person view