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  1. MoonieFR

    Dog - K9 Unit

    Hello, I'm a bit busy since last month but everyone is still working (slowly) on the mod. AMF made some tacticool accesories for the dog. They've already released the goggles, harness and collar in their latest update. Here is a quick look at AMF's accesories:
  2. MoonieFR

    Dog - K9 Unit

    OPFOR/INDEP vest because why not
  3. MoonieFR

    Dog - K9 Unit

    I added a bark animation as a gesture. The unit can move freely while barking. Not perfect yet, I'm still working on the transition but it's pretty cool 🙂 In the video below, the unit switches from a slow walk to a trot to a run while barking. https://i.gyazo.com/c00fb3dfebfcb567bc94f4fdb5b6861a.mp4
  4. MoonieFR

    Dog - K9 Unit

    I worked on the textures for the harness yesterday. Someone (Aliasalpha) suggested to add a "rescue service vest" so I made an IDAP texture for the harness. I'll probably add more variants in the future.
  5. Hello everyone, Back in 2020, ArmaModFrance presented a new custom unit: The German Shepherd. Years have passed and the dog was never finished. Missing animations, no proper scripts, missing sounds... A lot of things made the release difficult but we always wanted to share this creation with all of you. I actually didn't really want to continue modding anymore but some kind people from the community convinced me to work on one last mod. So, after 2 years, I can finally say that the work on the "doggo mod" has resumed and we plan to release a preview version of this mod very soon. Diwako (AI/Scripts), Louis (QA), Krogar (3D art) and myself (3D art/anims) are now actively working on the mod and I'm happy to tell you that it will be made available as a standalone mod. AMF will also release another version of the dog that is made specifically for their mod with unique features. What you can expect: - A custom unit with cool and realistic anims and sounds - Equipments made specifically for the dog (harness, patches) - An AI that features multiple behaviors and actions - ACE compatibility What is planned but not really sure yet: - A kennel - A camera When will this mod be released? Giving release dates is ALWAYS tricky because we are not sure that we can actually make it in time. While I still can't give you a specific release date, I can tell you that we will release it in Early Access first (we will call this version "Preview") so you can already test it while we still develop the mod. If you want to help us, don't hesitate to contact me on discord: Moonie#7777 I'll be back soon with more information. And while you wait, here are some screenshots taken the last few days:
  6. MoonieFR


    After the horses, it's time for the rest of the animals to be made available in a standalone mod. 🐊 Libertad - SA – Animals is now available on the Steam Workshop. By combining it with our composition "Libertad - Predators", you can add predators and preys to your single, co-op or multiplayer missions. Link to download the mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2818936121 - Projets Edaly
  7. MoonieFR


    Hello! You asked for it, here it is: Libertad's Horse is now available as a standalone mod on the Steam Workshop. We are working on separating other elements of the mod so that the whole community can enjoy our creations. We are happy to be able to give access to this element of Libertad to more people by making it independent. Feel free to join our Discord server if you want to chat with us or the rest of the community. If you are a modder, you can also share your creations on our discord. http://discord.gg/TkSnWdFJgC Link to download the mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2817149713 See you soon! - Projets Edaly
  8. MoonieFR


    New Update Available Size: 4GB (200MB - Steam DL) Changelog: Added: Paths LOD - Tenement Added: Paths LOD - Town_hall Added: Paths LOD - Parking (Garage) Added: Paths LOD - Post office Added: Paths LOD - Car shelter Added: Paths LOD - Suburb House (Big) Added: Paths LOD - Marila House Added: Paths LOD - Hospital Added: Paths LOD - Stable Added: resLODs - Marila House Fixed: Broken paths LODs for some structures Link to the mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2734575927
  9. MoonieFR


    Hello! 🙂 We will soon deploy a new update adding more LOD paths in some buildings. We continue to improve the existing structures. We are also working on improving the weapons (animations and sounds). We haven't improved the units yet, we are focusing on the structures for now. Regarding the separation of the "AIO" mod into smaller packs, this requires us to change the structure of the mod slightly. Of course, this is still planned, but it will take some time, we'll let you know when it's ready. Some people have also asked us if the mod will be ported to Reforger. We have no plans at this time to port Libertad to Reforger.
  10. MoonieFR


    New Update Available Size: 1.4GB Changelog: Added: Small crocodiles to the predators list Added: Polish localization Added: Paths LOD - House_Campaign Added: Paths LOD – Police Station Added: Paths LOD – Shops Added: Map names and description to stringtable Improved: Predators behavior Fixed: Edaly_Marker_Base.name error Fixed: Missing ceiling in Tenements Fixed: Missing cars in Zeus Fixed: Missing font when playing the game in Cyrillic Fixed: height of the gas station of Marilla’s suburbs Fixed: Wild Horse’s shadow Fixed: Clipping dorms at St George’s Airstrip Fixed: Floating objects in the swamps Fixed: Beetle’s editor preview Fixed: Bollards in Marilla Fixed: Floating tents in the military outpost south of Marilla Fixed: Poorly placed walls in Gran Callao Fixed: Flying bush Fixed: Boar’s aggro sound Fixed: Boar’s armor Fixed: Cigars name Fixed: Tarmac’s length Removed: Custom font from the mod Removed: Palm on the tarmac - St George’s airstrip Removed: Capitol from the mod Link to the mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2734575927
  11. MoonieFR


    Hello Nuevans! We wanted to make a small announcement to let you know what is planned for the coming weeks. First of all, thank you for your kind messages, feedback and suggestions. Your messages and feedback motivate us to do more, we are glad to see that you like the mod so much. We have had many bug reports and are actively working on them. We are planning to make an update for next week. This will fix some of the many reported bugs to ensure a better game experience. There will be no new content added with this update but we have started working on improving weapons, units and the map. We will also soon update the Tiger mod to make it compatible with our predator system. We prefer not to give you a date to avoid postponing it. Some of you have made awesome (and funny) screenshots and we wanted to share them with everyone. Pheasant-One shared a typical day in Isla Nueva while CoffeePot was busy paradropping tactical crocodiles on the island. Shadoe obviously had a good time flying over Campeones and it looks like EO is busy preparing his next wildlife documentary about tigers. We love your content, feel free to share your photos and videos on Discord or Twitter, we would be very happy to see and share them. You can also discuss with us in #general and make your suggestions in #suggestions. Since we still have a lot to do, we remind you that we are actively looking for people to join our team. You can contact me on discord if you’re interested to help the project. If you want to follow the updates of our mods, go to the role channel to get the "news" role, this is only the beginning. See you soon! - Projets Edaly
  12. MoonieFR


    The first public release of Libertad - AIO is now available https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2734575927
  13. MoonieFR


    Hello! There will be horses, crocodiles, crabs, cows and boars. We may add more exotic animals in the future.