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  1. damsous

    Community Factions Project

    Did you plan to replace Iran main battle rifle by the G3 added in the last cup update ?
  2. damsous


    I think thats because its a cheap made in china tool box, so you breack tool each time you try to repair :) But seriously i agree with few more tool or vehicle part to be able to repair different vehicle part its a must have, i think its too easy to repair a vehicle with ravage, also it can be nice to add an armored track as requirement to be able to repair any tracked vehicle.
  3. damsous


    The tire-iron is supposed to be in the toolbox already.
  4. damsous

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    I didnt have issue with player controlled AI and Lamb, don't orientate Nkenny in a false direction please, you just have no idea on how work the vanilla AI. The AI always stay in combat mode if there a known enemy or 1 minutes after ending combat if there not other spotted enemy in the area, its a vanilla behavior so nothing related to Lamb. If the AI say negative in a firefight its just because they can't suppress, mostly because they didn't have a clean shot. So they spam negative because Lamb force the AI to use the vanilla suppressive fire when an enemy is spotted and has a right range of fire, so there is always few men in the squad that will say negative because they didn't had a clean shot all the time. "Negative" has nothing to do with the fact that they don’t want to follow you or execute orders.
  5. damsous

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    no i dont want to spawn them here, but i find an other way to deal with it
  6. damsous

    Daily News

    Just notice i didn't add any link about the mod dependency, i will add this tomorow sorry
  7. damsous

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    No im just trying right now without Lamb and the AI didn't run at the bottom left corner. Its because i use AI spawn script pack and this script spawn 3 HQ AI (for each side) at the bottom left of the map (0.0.0), so on a non island map and if an AO is at 3 km or less from the bottom left corner more than half of the defending unit just run to the bottom left corner of the map, because this 3 HQ AI are enemy and really close from each other. Sorry for my bad english.
  8. damsous

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    Its possible to choose a position for the HQ unit (that spawn at 0.0.0), or disable simulation and model cause i got issue if i want to use an AI mode like LAMBS or GLX on a non Island map, if an AO is close to the botom left of the map all the AI leave the defending position and go to the bottom left of the map and breack the scenario. I looked up a little bit in the script but didn't find anything on how are spawned the 3 HQ AI.
  9. damsous

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Hey great AI mod, i would like to know if its possible to completly (globaly) disable the AI ability to communicate with other group. I ask that cause im running a mission with an AI script who spawn 3 side men at the bottom left corner the map and half of the ennemy that should keep the AO just leave to go at the bottom-left of the map. i didn`t have this issue on Altis cause this 3 side AI are far in the water, but im currently playing on a non-island map (anizay) and can't really deal with it + Lambs, or at least if its possible to reduce the com range between group. Note : I cant enter any init in SL init field cause the AI are spawned by a mode.
  10. Just read the menu, its written "need restart", so you need to restart the game to take effect after you customize the new keybind.
  11. damsous


    Oh, you give me an idea, maybe i can just create a side scenario where the flag do thing at the ennemy base. So a system where random shit happen to the enemy base when a player grab a flag to his base i can do thing like : -bandit raid -rain of infected -radioactive area -trigger an alias anomaly like the strigoi, flamer, swramer... -make all the AI who guard the base crazy by decreasing rate, so they start to shoot on everyone. -spawn mine around the base. -spawn 3 vehicle veryclose from each other, 2 are a trap (explode if a player enter in the bad one) so a lot of random thing I can also make an anomaly trap flag by using the Alias twin script, the anomaly trigger when the flag reach one of the base.
  12. damsous


    Uploaded the mission file on google drive, tested for 70h on Dedicated server everything works fine.
  13. damsous

    Ravage Persistent Server

    Mission uploaded : So after 68h of intense testing, the mission is very optimised, 221 AI spawned, all the mission features are spawned, there is thousand of object on the map and also thousand of zombie killed. You can check result (screenshot proof) at the top of the first post, and also find a link to download the mission. The performance client are also great!! no matter how much time i spend on the server.
  14. damsous

    Offficial sector control game mode

    The server with this kind of mission was always empty, i try many time to log on that server and AFK for 2 hour, nobody join. So i think ppl just give up... Gamemode like this are dead now.