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  1. I didn't try the script, i just jump again in arma after a short breack, i will give you feed back after trying it.
  2. Ho a nice script again here... George Floros he's unstopable
  3. damsous

    Ravage Mod

    With GRAD you can save the whole map or every object in a marker area, its recommended to keep the character persistence from ravage and use GRAD to save vehicle static object ant cargo box only. If you want to use the ravage module to spawn vehicle, use an area where the object are saved (a predefined safe player base) cause there will be too much vehicle on the map after few restart, if you want to do something with more freedom use a custom script to spawn/delete vehicle. For the save editor placed object i think this feature is broken, for me it save but duplicate the object on each server restart, its better to use it only on spawned object.
  4. Yeah thats happen often on my side. i will look into the demo mission.
  5. Hello i just trying the 1.16 script version (did not the older version), the arty work but just one time. I try it with the debug, the debug show the marker with the ETA but the arty not fire, for exemple a mortar will shoot 2 times and never shoot again, same with the MLRS or other arty piece, they just stop firing, but the debug working.
  6. damsous

    AI Suggestion

    I m talking for the AI that can handle the artillery without scripting or work on editor, i know a lot of people use Vcom just for that, cause that change a lot the gameplay for many gamemod like Liberation or other coop sandbox or coop in group. It can be cool to get this without mod or user script : Ultimately an AI that not able to use the artillery asset its a big miss for a military simulator.
  7. damsous

    AI Suggestion

    You mean the player combat support module ?
  8. damsous

    AI Suggestion

    I don't know if i am in the right section but i have one suggestion about the AI ability, and it should be included in the game without using usermade script, mod or configure this in editor. So the AI in any mortar or artillery vehicle should be able to use it to support friendly unit, without any configuration like the GL4 mod from Arma2 or Vcom from Arma3, so if the AI artillery unit is placed in the editor or spawned in game they must be able to use it, and not just stand and wait to be destroyed. I think this feature its a huge miss in the game, cause artillery its a big weight on the battlefield an its a key factor that can change the outcome of a battle, add a more tactical approach, highlight the mecanised strategy (mobile unit and protected from the blast) For exemple a motorised or armored artillery will give more job to the pilot, they will force the opposing faction to do air recon and raid the artillery vehicle. That will force recon or paratrooper group to secure the airway by disabling enemy AA position. That will force the infantry to use armored transport vehicle (mecanised combat). There will be more air combat. AA vehicle will be more important. In my opinion this little change can really result to more dynamic and intense combat and completly change how an objective must be secured or captured, and how the mecanised bataillon are important in the modern warfare.
  9. I got a question about this line : (group this) setVariable ["VCM_TOUGHSQUAD",true]; //This command will stop the AI squad from calling for backup. The AI will stop calling artilery too ?
  10. damsous


    Hey i spend few hour with Vcom and Warlord, and i find how to make it work, its simple and i don't know why I didn't think about this solution, so the playable AI will conquer sector. First its important to edit the "VcomAI_DefaultSettings.sqf" and disable advanced movement : line 34 = VCM_ADVANCEDMOVEMENT = false; if not the AI defender will leave the sector. Vcom must be disabled on the playable AI by adding this line in the init field of each unit : (group this) setVariable ["Vcm_Disable",true]; On my mission i just leave one playable unit (for each side) with Vcom enabled, like this they are able to use mortar or MLRS...
  11. damsous

    Ravage Mod

    There is a server running to test the zombies population ? if not i can set up one dedicated server
  12. damsous

    GF Missions Script

    That can be used to spawn ravage zombies ? it can be cool if we can set up the purcentage chance to spawn on each building position.
  13. damsous

    Community Factions Project

    If you want to do a custom loadout for a unit just use a vanilla unit.
  14. damsous

    Ravage Mod

    I think for coop gameplay escape or defeat a big threat that require to loot military gear and vehicle its the best way. For PvP a kind of TvT sector control with ticket should be great too for smaller map like Malden or Stratis, for exemple the owned sector will generate good loot, good vehicle and few friendly AI, like this only the ravage character persitency is required + add a ticket on each Z killed so if a side got a low amount of ticket few player can go on a Z hunting session to farm ticket. Ravage just need one thing to be perfect, a very dangerous infected like the Demons from ryan mods, very fast with a lot of HP and a scary sound.
  15. damsous


    There is an exemple on how to do it ?