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    You can also add a small amount of rating overtime to all connected player. So a player with a negative rating can't go in a safe zone and he must hide somewhere to recover rating... Like this a player who have done a small mistake like unvolontary friendly fire will be not blacklisted for a long time, a big PK will be like banned from safe zone. With GRAD custom variable its also possible to save player unit rating, or you can also add rating in many way (for each Zombies killed, complete a mission...) to create a sort of minigame to recover rating. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addRating
  2. Yeah it should be the best approach if we can blacklist the crew class name.
  3. I write this post cause i noticed JEmalloc was still avaible for year 2021, so read few post about Malloc and found ton of **** about it, like "i got a 50 fps boost...", or some result with YAAB, i didn't wrote this to put a bad review on YABB, (useful for graphical settings), but I think relying on YABB (vanilla) is not really the best solution to test allocators, especially since most players spend their time on Arma with various modes, heavy scripts.... and they are generally not playing for 2 minutes session. First here my result with YAAB : huge page 64bit.exe System Malloc = 31.2 Tbb Malloc = 31.3 JEmalloc = 31 NO huge page 64bit.exe System = 30.9 tbb Malloc = 31.2 JEmalloc = 30.7 32bit.exe System = 31 tbb Malloc = 32.2 JEmalloc = 30.6 So we cannot say that the results are conclusive because is simply impossible to notice any difference. So i made a test for more than 2 week by playing the same scenario, +/- 2hour session, we used this scenario "LIBERATION", ported to Tanoa with custom faction and added few custom user scripts... (Ai, TAW View distance...) So the mission by itslef is heavy scripted and we added more, the mission run on a dedicated server and we were 3 players, note : the perf server side was great. I make 2 session with each Malloc, i only used 64bit.exe/hugepage enabled, i have no idea if there a support for hugepage with system Malloc or JEMalloc, so maybe my test are not really accurate. TBB MALLOC : Everything goes well over a short time, the performances deteriorate over time, after 2h of games if I attack a big city (bigger objectives) the client FPS are abhorrent, I am forced to decrease the view distance under 300m. I didn't notice any stuttering or texture/object popping. Sytem MALLOC : FPS client side keep solid even after a long session, i always got this performance drop when triggering the big city, but its still playable at 500m viewdistance. Few micro stuttering when moving fast and sometimes texture popping. JEmalloc : FPS client side keep solid even after a long session, i always got this performance drop when triggering the big city, but its still playable at 500m viewdistance. No micro stuttering, but massive object popping when changing viewdistance. For exemple with TAW view distance script i can set up custom view distance on foot/car/air, my set up are 1200m on foot, 2000m in car, 4500 in air (object are sync with VD), so if i enter in a chopper and the VD switch from 1200 to 4500 i can see all the tree popping on the far away nude land, that only takes 1 or 2 sec. I’m not a very demanding person, and seeing trees gradually appear in the far away land when my viewing distance changes is not really a problem. After all this impression is purely personal, when I play a Arma its for a 2 or 3 hours session and I attach more importance to the general stability on long run than a short loading time of objects in the distance that takes les than 2 sec. So for my part the results with JEmalloc are pretty good. TBB is not bad at all, but it look like more perfect for a short session or a controled scenarion builded in eden editor. Conclusion TBB its an ugly woman with a ton of make-up that not last long 😉
  4. damsous


    Ho nice thank you.
  5. Yeah i think classnames_west.sqf is friendly side and classnames_east.sqf enemy side ? I don't know how did you modified the mission, but in the original version there a file called "gameplay_constants.sqf", this file need to be adjusted with playable faction for sector activation, respawn and sector color. Here an exemple with independent (green) VS West (blue) : GRLIB_side_friendly = RESISTANCE; GRLIB_side_enemy = WEST; GRLIB_side_resistance = EAST; GRLIB_side_civilian = CIVILIAN; GRLIB_respawn_marker = "respawn_guerrila"; GRLIB_color_friendly = "colorIndependent"; GRLIB_color_enemy = "colorBLUFOR"; GRLIB_color_enemy_bright = "ColorBlue";
  6. No just got template with private faction.
  7. The better and easiest way is simple, custom this file \scripts\shared\classname.sqf or this one classnames_extension.sqf and the side can be adjusted in gameplay_constant.sqf. For exemple if you want to play as Russian against any Bufor Faction just add the russian asset under // *** FRIENDLIES *** , Blufor asset under // *** BADDIES *** just change this value in gameplay_constant.sqf GRLIB_side_friendly = EAST; GRLIB_side_enemy = WEST; here a custom RHS asset with a working attach-to coordinate for the ammobox in this exemple player side is blufor (USA) ennemy side Opfor (RUSSIA) : (note : i didnt edit elite and support source cause it just an exemple. // This file allows you to add content to the mission without conflict issues after each update of the original classnames.sqf // If you want more modifications to be supported by this file, let's discuss it on the forums. // *** SUPPORT STUFF *** // Setting a value here will overwrite the original value found from the mission. Do that if you're doing a total conversion. // Each of these should be unique, the same classnames for different purposes may cause various unpredictable issues with player actions. Or not. Just don't try. FOB_typename = "Land_Cargo_HQ_V1_F"; // Default "Land_Cargo_HQ_V1_F"; FOB_box_typename = "B_Slingload_01_Cargo_F"; // Default "B_Slingload_01_Cargo_F"; FOB_truck_typename = "B_Truck_01_box_F"; // Default "B_Truck_01_box_F"; Arsenal_typename = "B_supplyCrate_F"; // Default "B_supplyCrate_F"; Respawn_truck_typename = "rhsusf_m113_usarmy_medical"; // Default "B_Truck_01_medical_F"; huron_typename = "RHS_CH_47F"; // Default "B_Heli_Transport_03_unarmed_F"; ammobox_b_typename = "Box_NATO_AmmoVeh_F"; // Default "Box_NATO_AmmoVeh_F"; ammobox_o_typename = "Box_East_AmmoVeh_F"; // Default "Box_East_AmmoVeh_F"; opfor_ammobox_transport = "rhs_kamaz5350_open_msv"; // Default "O_Truck_03_transport_F"; // Make sure this thing can transport ammo boxes (see box_transport_config down below) otherwise things will break commander_classname = "rhsusf_army_ucp_officer"; // Default "B_officer_F" crewman_classname = "rhsusf_army_ucp_crewman"; // Default "B_crew_F"; pilot_classname = "rhsusf_army_ucp_helipilot"; // Default "B_Helipilot_F"; // *** FRIENDLIES *** // Each array below represents one page of the build menu // Format : [ "classname", manpower, ammo, fuel ] // Example : [ "B_APC_Tracked_01_AA_F", 0, 40, 15 ], // If overwrite is set to true, then the extension list will entirely replace the original list defined in classnames.sqf. Otherwise it will be appended to it. // Useful for total conversions to RHS and such, without having to alter the original file. infantry_units_overwrite = true; infantry_units_extension = [ ["rhsusf_army_ucp_autorifleman",3,0,0], ["rhsusf_army_ucp_rifleman_m590",2,0,0], ["rhsusf_army_ucp_medic",3,0,0], ["rhsusf_army_ucp_engineer",3,0,0], ["rhsusf_army_ucp_explosives",2,0,0], ["rhsusf_army_ucp_grenadier",2,0,0], ["rhsusf_army_ucp_helipilot",1,0,0], ["rhsusf_army_ucp_crewman",1,0,0], ["rhsusf_army_ucp_machinegunner",4,0,0], ["rhsusf_army_ucp_marksman",4,0,0], ["rhsusf_army_ucp_rifleman",1,0,0], ["rhsusf_army_ucp_riflemanat",2,0,0], ["rhsusf_army_ucp_sniper",4,0,0], ["rhsusf_army_ucp_sniper_m107",5,0,0], ["rhsusf_army_ucp_sniper_m24sws",3,0,0], ["rhsusf_army_ucp_aa",5,5,0], ["rhsusf_army_ucp_javelin",5,5,0], ["rhsusf_usmc_recon_marpat_wd_rifleman_lite",5,0,0], ["rhsusf_usmc_recon_marpat_wd_rifleman_at_lite",5,0,0], ["rhsusf_usmc_recon_marpat_wd_marksman_lite",5,0,0] ]; light_vehicles_overwrite = true; light_vehicles_extension = [ ["rhsusf_M1237_M2_usarmy_wd",0,10,4], ["rhsusf_M1237_MK19_usarmy_wd",0,15,4], ["rhsusf_M1117_W",0,20,4], ["rhsusf_m1025_w_m2",0,10,2], ["rhsusf_m1025_w_mk19",0,15,2], ["rhsusf_m998_w_2dr_halftop",0,0,2], ["rhsusf_M1078A1P2_wd_open_fmtv_usarmy",0,0,5], ["rhsusf_M1083A1P2_B_M2_wd_fmtv_usarmy",0,10,5], ["rhsusf_M977A4_BKIT_M2_usarmy_wd",0,10,5], ["rhsusf_M977A4_BKIT_usarmy_wd",0,0,5], ["B_UGV_01_rcws_F",0,20,2], ["B_Quadbike_01_F",0,0,1] ]; heavy_vehicles_overwrite = true; heavy_vehicles_extension = [ ["rhsusf_m113_usarmy",0,10,10], ["rhsusf_m113_usarmy_MK19",0,10,10], ["RHS_M2A2_wd",0,50,10], ["RHS_M2A3_BUSKIII_wd",0,55,15], ["RHS_M6_wd",0,55,15], ["rhsusf_m1a1aimwd_usarmy",0,100,20], ["rhsusf_m1a2sep1tuskiiwd_usarmy",0,120,25], ["rhsusf_m109_usarmy",0,250,25], ["B_MBT_01_mlrs_F",0,300,25] ]; air_vehicles_overwrite = true; air_vehicles_extension = [ ["RHS_UH60M",0,20,15], ["rhsusf_CH53E_USMC",0,0,20], ["RHS_UH1Y_FFAR",0,20,15], ["RHS_C130J",0,0,30], ["RHS_AH1Z_wd",0,175,30], ["RHS_AH64D_wd",0,400,50], ["rhsusf_f22",0,500,75], ["RHS_MELB_MH6M",0,0,10], ["RHS_MELB_AH6M_M",0,30,10], ["RHS_MELB_AH6M_H",0,60,10], ["RHS_A10",0,600,75], ["B_UAV_01_F",0,0,1], ["B_UAV_02_dynamicLoadout_F",0,150,5] ]; static_vehicles_overwrite = true; static_vehicles_extension = [ ["RHS_Stinger_AA_pod_WD",0,30,0], ["RHS_M2StaticMG_WD",0,10,0], ["RHS_M2StaticMG_MiniTripod_WD",0,10,0], ["RHS_TOW_TriPod_WD",0,30,0], ["RHS_MK19_TriPod_WD",0,15,0] ]; buildings_overwrite = false; buildings_extension = [ ]; support_vehicles_overwrite = true; // If you're going to overwrite this, make sure you have at least Arsenal_typename, Respawn_truck_typename, FOB_box_typename and FOB_truck_typename in there support_vehicles_extension = [ [Arsenal_typename,10,0,0], [Respawn_truck_typename,20,0,10], [FOB_box_typename,30,50,0], [FOB_truck_typename,30,50,5], ["Box_NATO_AmmoVeh_F",0,154,0], ["Box_East_AmmoVeh_F",0,115,0], ["rhsusf_M977A4_AMMO_usarmy_wd",15,0,5], ["rhsusf_M977A4_REPAIR_usarmy_wd",15,0,5], ["rhsusf_M978A4_BKIT_usarmy_wd",15,0,5], ["rhsusf_M977A4_REPAIR_BKIT_M2_usarmy_wd",15,10,5], ["B_Slingload_01_Medevac_F",5,0,0], ["B_Slingload_01_Repair_F",5,0,0], ["B_Slingload_01_Fuel_F",5,0,0], ["B_Slingload_01_Ammo_F",5,0,0] ]; // All the UAVs must be declared here, otherwise there shall be UAV controlling issues. Namely: you won't be able to control them. uavs = [ ]; // Pre-made squads for the commander build menu. These shouldn't exceed 10 members. // Light infantry squad blufor_squad_inf_light = ["rhsusf_army_ucp_squadleader","rhsusf_army_ucp_autorifleman","rhsusf_army_ucp_riflemanat","rhsusf_army_ucp_grenadier"]; // Heavy infantry squad blufor_squad_inf = ["rhsusf_army_ucp_squadleader","rhsusf_army_ucp_autorifleman","rhsusf_army_ucp_riflemanat","rhsusf_army_ucp_grenadier","rhsusf_army_ucp_riflemanat","rhsusf_army_ucp_machinegunner","rhsusf_army_ucp_marksman","rhsusf_army_ucp_medic"]; // AT specialists squad blufor_squad_at = ["rhsusf_army_ucp_teamleader","rhsusf_army_ucp_javelin","rhsusf_army_ucp_javelin","rhsusf_army_ucp_javelin","rhsusf_army_ucp_javelin"]; // AA specialists squad blufor_squad_aa = ["rhsusf_army_ucp_teamleader","rhsusf_army_ucp_aa","rhsusf_army_ucp_aa","rhsusf_army_ucp_aa","rhsusf_army_ucp_aa"]; // Force recon squad blufor_squad_recon = ["rhsusf_usmc_recon_marpat_wd_teamleader_lite","rhsusf_usmc_recon_marpat_wd_rifleman_at_lite","rhsusf_usmc_recon_marpat_wd_rifleman_at_lite","rhsusf_usmc_recon_marpat_wd_rifleman_lite","rhsusf_usmc_recon_marpat_wd_marksman_lite","rhsusf_usmc_recon_marpat_wd_autorifleman_lite"]; // Paratroopers squad blufor_squad_para = ["rhsusf_usmc_recon_marpat_wd_teamleader_lite","rhsusf_usmc_recon_marpat_wd_rifleman_at_lite","rhsusf_usmc_recon_marpat_wd_rifleman_at_lite","rhsusf_usmc_recon_marpat_wd_rifleman_lite","rhsusf_usmc_recon_marpat_wd_marksman_lite","rhsusf_usmc_recon_marpat_wd_autorifleman_lite"]; // *** BADDIES *** // All OPFOR infantry. Defining a value here will replace the default value from the original mission. opfor_sentry = "rhs_msv_emr_sergeant"; opfor_rifleman = "rhs_msv_emr_rifleman"; opfor_grenadier = "rhs_msv_emr_grenadier"; opfor_squad_leader = "rhs_msv_emr_junior_sergeant"; opfor_team_leader = "rhs_msv_emr_efreitor"; opfor_marksman = "rhs_msv_emr_marksman"; opfor_machinegunner = "rhs_msv_emr_machinegunner"; opfor_heavygunner = "rhs_msv_emr_arifleman"; opfor_medic = "rhs_msv_emr_medic"; opfor_rpg = "rhs_msv_emr_grenadier_rpg"; opfor_at = "rhs_msv_emr_LAT"; opfor_aa = "rhs_msv_emr_aa"; opfor_officer = "rhs_msv_emr_officer_armored"; opfor_sharpshooter = "rhs_vdv_recon_marksman_vss"; opfor_sniper = "rhs_vdv_flora_marksman"; opfor_engineer = "rhs_msv_emr_engineer"; opfor_paratrooper = "rhs_vmf_recon_rifleman_lat"; // OPFOR Vehicles to be used in secondary objectives opfor_mrap = "rhs_tigr_msv"; opfor_mrap_armed = "rhs_tigr_sts_msv"; opfor_transport_helo = "RHS_Mi8mt_Cargo_vdv"; opfor_transport_truck = "rhs_kamaz5350_msv"; opfor_fuel_truck = "RHS_Ural_Fuel_MSV_01"; opfor_ammo_truck = "rhs_gaz66_ammo_msv"; opfor_fuel_container = nil; opfor_ammo_container = nil; opfor_flag = "rhs_Flag_Russia_F"; // Militia infantry. Soldier classnames the game will pick from randomly militia_squad_overwrite = true; militia_squad_extension = [ "LOP_ChDKZ_Infantry_Bardak", "LOP_ChDKZ_Infantry_Corpsman", "LOP_ChDKZ_Infantry_Commander", "LOP_ChDKZ_Infantry_Engineer", "LOP_ChDKZ_Infantry_GL", "LOP_ChDKZ_Infantry_AT", "LOP_ChDKZ_Infantry_MG", "LOP_ChDKZ_Infantry_Marksman", "LOP_ChDKZ_Infantry_Rifleman", "LOP_ChDKZ_Infantry_Rifleman_2", "LOP_ChDKZ_Infantry_Rifleman_3", "LOP_ChDKZ_Infantry_SL", "LOP_ChDKZ_Infantry_TL" ]; // Militia vehicles to choose from militia_vehicles_overwrite = true; militia_vehicles_extension = [ "LOP_ChDKZ_BM21", "LOP_ChDKZ_UAZ_AGS", "LOP_ChDKZ_UAZ_DshKM", "LOP_ChDKZ_UAZ_SPG", "LOP_ChDKZ_BMP2", "LOP_ChDKZ_BMP1", "LOP_ChDKZ_BTR60", "LOP_ChDKZ_BTR70", "LOP_ChDKZ_T72BB", "LOP_ChDKZ_ZSU234" ]; // All the vehicles that can spawn as sector defenders and patrols opfor_vehicles_overwrite = true; opfor_vehicles_extension = [ "RHS_BM21_MSV_01", "rhs_gaz66_zu23_msv", "rhs_btr80a_msv", "rhs_tigr_sts_msv", "rhs_Ob_681_2", "rhs_t72bd_tv", "rhs_zsu234_aa" ]; // Same with lighter choices to be used when the alert level is low opfor_vehicles_low_intensity_overwrite = true; opfor_vehicles_low_intensity_extension = [ "RHS_BM21_MSV_01", "rhs_gaz66_zu23_msv", "rhs_btr80a_msv", "rhs_tigr_sts_msv" ]; // All the vehicles that can spawn as battlegroup members opfor_battlegroup_vehicles_overwrite = true; opfor_battlegroup_vehicles_extension = [ "rhs_zsu234_aa", "RHS_Ural_Zu23_MSV_01", "rhs_btr80a_msv", "rhs_tigr_sts_msv", "rhs_bmd4_vdv", "rhs_bmd2", "rhs_bmd1", "rhs_t90a_tv", "rhs_t80a", "rhs_bmp3mera_msv", "rhs_kamaz5350_msv", "RHS_Mi24P_CAS_vdv", "RHS_Mi24V_UPK23_vdv", "RHS_Mi8AMT_vdv", "RHS_Mi8AMTSh_vvsc", "RHS_Mi8AMTSh_UPK23_vvsc", "rhs_pchela1t_vvsc", "RHS_Ka52_vvsc", "RHS_Ka52_UPK23_vvsc", "rhs_mi28n_s13_vvsc", "rhs_mi28n_vvsc" ]; // Same with lighter choices to be used when the alert level is low opfor_battlegroup_vehicles_low_intensity_overwrite = true; opfor_battlegroup_vehicles_low_intensity_extension = [ "RHS_Ural_Zu23_MSV_01", "rhs_btr80a_msv", "rhs_tigr_sts_msv", "rhs_bmd1", "rhs_kamaz5350_msv", "RHS_Mi8AMT_vdv", "RHS_Mi8AMTSh_vvsc", "RHS_Mi8AMTSh_UPK23_vvsc", "rhs_pchela1t_vvsc" ]; // All the vehicles that can spawn as battlegroup members (see above) and also hold 8 soldiers as passengers. // If something in here can't hold all 8 soldiers then buggy behaviours may occur opfor_troup_transports_overwrite = true; opfor_troup_transports_extension = [ "rhs_btr80a_msv", "rhs_bmd4_vdv", "rhs_bmd2", "rhs_bmd1", "rhs_bmp3mera_msv", "rhs_kamaz5350_msv", "RHS_Mi24P_CAS_vdv", "RHS_Mi24V_UPK23_vdv", "RHS_Mi8AMT_vdv", "RHS_Mi8AMTSh_vvsc", "RHS_Mi8AMTSh_UPK23_vvsc" ]; // Battlegroup members that will need to spawn in flight. Should be only helos but, who knows opfor_choppers_overwrite = true; opfor_choppers_extension = [ "RHS_Mi24P_CAS_vdv", "RHS_Mi24V_UPK23_vdv", "RHS_Mi8AMT_vdv", "RHS_Mi8AMTSh_vvsc", "RHS_Mi8AMTSh_UPK23_vvsc", "rhs_pchela1t_vvsc", "RHS_Ka52_vvsc", "RHS_Ka52_UPK23_vvsc", "rhs_mi28n_s13_vvsc", "rhs_mi28n_vvsc" ]; // Opfor military aircrafts opfor_air_overwrite = true; opfor_air_extension = [ "RHS_T50_vvs_052", "RHS_Su25SM_KH29_vvsc", "RHS_TU95MS_vvs_irkutsk" ]; // Other stuff // Civilians civilians_overwrite = true; civilians_extension = [ "LOP_CHR_Civ_Citizen_03", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Citizen_04", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Priest_01", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Profiteer_02", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Rocker_02", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Villager_01", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Villager_03", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Woodlander_03", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Worker_02", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Random" ]; // Civilian vehicles civilian_vehicles_overwrite = true; civilian_vehicles_extension = [ "LOP_CHR_Civ_Landrover", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Offroad", "LOP_CHR_Civ_UAZ", "LOP_CHR_Civ_Ural" ]; // Everything the AI troups should be able to resupply from ai_resupply_sources_extension = [ ]; // Everything that can resupply other vehicles vehicle_repair_sources_extension = [ ]; vehicle_rearm_sources_extension = [ ]; vehicle_refuel_sources_extension = [ ]; // Elite vehicles that should be unlocked through military base capture. elite_vehicles_extension = [ "Steve_MBT_Kuma", "Burnes_FV4034_01", "RHS_AH1Z_wd_GS", "H_RAH66", "RHS_AH64D_wd", "JS_JC_FA18E", "JS_JC_FA18F", "greuh_pandur_wdld", "RHS_M2A3_BUSKIII_wd", "usaf_f22", "USAF_F35A", "rhsusf_m1a2sep1tuskiid_usarmy", "FIR_F16C", "FIR_F15E" ]; // Blacklisted arsenal items such as deployable weapons that should be bought instead // Useless if you're using a predefined arsenal in arsenal.sqf blacklisted_from_arsenal_extension = [ "RHS_Podnos_Bipod_Bag", "RHS_Podnos_Gun_Bag", "RHS_Metis_Gun_Bag", "RHS_Metis_Tripod_Bag", "RHS_AGS30_Tripod_Bag", "RHS_AGS30_Gun_Bag", "RHS_DShkM_Gun_Bag", "RHS_DShkM_TripodHigh_Bag", "RHS_DShkM_TripodLow_Bag", "RHS_Kord_Tripod_Bag", "RHS_Kord_Gun_Bag", "RHS_M2_Gun_Bag", "RHS_M2_Tripod_Bag", "rhs_M252_Gun_Bag", "rhs_M252_Bipod_Bag", "RHS_M2_MiniTripod_Bag", "RHS_Mk19_Gun_Bag", "RHS_Mk19_Tripod_Bag", "RHS_NSV_Tripod_Bag", "RHS_NSV_Gun_Bag", "RHS_SPG9_Gun_Bag", "RHS_SPG9_Tripod_Bag", "rhs_Tow_Gun_Bag", "rhs_TOW_Tripod_Bag" ]; // Configuration for ammo boxes transport // First entry: classname // Second entry: how far behind the vehicle the boxes should be unloaded // Following entries: attachTo position for each box, the number of boxes that can be loaded is derived from the number of entries box_transport_config_extension = [ [ "rhs_kamaz5350_open_msv", -6.5, [0, 0.8, 0], [0, -0.8, 0.0], [0, -2.5, 0] ], [ "rhsusf_M1078A1P2_wd_open_fmtv_usarmy", -6.5, [0, -0.2, 0.6], [0, -1.8, 0.6] ], [ "rhsusf_M1078A1P2_B_M2_wd_fmtv_usarmy", -6.5, [0, -0.2, 0.6], [0, -1.8, 0.6] ], [ "rhsusf_M977A4_BKIT_usarmy_wd", -6.5, [0, 0.5, 1.5], [0, -0.9, 1.5], [0, -2.4, 1.5], [0, -3.8, 1.5], [0, 0, 3], [0, -1.5, 3], [0, -3, 3] ], [ "rhsusf_M977A4_BKIT_M2_usarmy_wd", -6.5, [0, 0.5, 0.8], [0, -0.9, 0.8], [0, -2.4, 0.8], [0, -3.8, 0.8], [0, 0, 2.3], [0, -1.5, 2.3], [0, -3, 2.3] ], [ "RHS_CH_47F", -7.5, [0, 2, -1.8], [0, 0.6, -1.8], [0, -1.2, -1.8], [0, -2.6, -1.8] ] ];
  8. damsous


    I got a question about the clean up system provided by the mod Ravage, it delete all the weapon holder or only the one that are spawned by the ravage search loot feature ?
  9. damsous

    Server FPS limit testing

    Yeah on my side that really reduce the desync or AI Rollback when stuff are spawning, i set the cap to 100 its enough and nobody on the server notice when AI are spawning.
  10. damsous


    I can confirm @MuRaZorWitchKING post, Grads work great got myself few mission using Grad that we play sometimes, the server profile are few years old and it keep solid all the data (Vehicle, BaseBuilding, Crate Inventory), sometimes if the player make few comblicated structure with a lot of wall, plank.... and if there a lot of stuff that need to be saved few object are not saved/loaded properly there will be few static object with a small shifting. Compared to an external data base, Grad is really easy to set up, so the people just need to put a mission on their server then play. Personnaly for Ravage i use Grad for static object made by the player, crate and vehicle and the included Ravage persistence for player state without issue, i also modified the script to activate dynamic simulation on any loaded object, it make the server and player FPS much more stable on the long run. The only issue (that can be solved) with Grad are the destroyed or damaged map building, so if you want something clean you must exclude all the damaged, destroyed and ruins building model classname if not at mission start Grad will load the damaged/destroyed building into his original building... So with ravage if you not plan to make a huge war on a village or a scripted bomb that destroy everything its not a big deal.
  11. damsous


    There is a way to add a piece of code that running on the AI Teamate and also manage all the vehicle asset with dynamic simulation ?
  12. damsous

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    Hey nice update, just a suggestion it can be cool if the script can grab randomly used faction classname (men[]) to fill vehicle for ambient combat cause actually the vehicle are filled with crewman for armored veh and helicrew for heli.
  13. damsous

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    About suppressors and stealth discussion : (sorry for my bad english) After many experiment in Arma, supressors are more or less effective if there other unit without suppressor, the AI will have more focus on unit who firing without suppressor... So if you are playing a 100% stealth mission (every teamate equiped with suppressors) the suppressors is useless if you play with AI mods that call reinforcement on enemy spotted. Cause whatever you do if you kill an AI you will be spotted. The only way to make a nice stealth environement its too work in editor without any AI mods, like attach spotted timout trigger on a leader patrol unit or guard (60 sec timout/300m radius for exemple) then sync other AI waypoint or exec a script that will spawn an AI reinforcement group.... then delete the detection trigger when the squad leader die. Don't forget too decrease AI skill for all the patroling unit at 0.1. Like this you can create your own condition, in this exemple the condition are : -I can't be spotted if i kill any guard at more than 300m distance. -I can't be spotted if i kill any guardleader under 300M distance in less than 60 sec. -I will be spotted if im not able to kill the leader patrol team in less than 60 sec under 300m. You can also add a timout to delete the detection trigger (to simulate the teamate who are able to take the squadleader radio and call reinforcement)
  14. If you want play and recruit RHS unit, you must extract the pbo, open the mission in editor and place playable RHS unit. If you want add RHS vehicle you must find a file named configuration in the "VVS" folder, then add the RHS vehicle class name.
  15. damsous

    Ravage Persistent Server

    Sorry for the late reply im not really into Arma for the moment, your mod list look like correct, this one is missing maybe : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=471723044 also @Asian_Factions_for_CUP is not required. Take not this mission was optimized to be smooth on a dedicated server not sure that will work properly on local, i should upload this on the workshop with the mod list.