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  1. I got a question about the headless client and CQB, if i choose in the module to distribute the AI on the server and connect a HC on the server the CQB unit will be handled by the HC ?
  2. Its an old vanilla mission i just load and save with the new version, its possible the module need to be deleted and added fresh one ?
  3. And also all the blufor group insert by helo are not virtualised, so after 30 min the map is filled by unvirtulised group here a screenshot. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1733302708 The virtuliased distance is set to 1500, im out of the map and you can see the 35 blufor group everywhere. There something wrong with the heli logistic its completly broken, i tryed an older version of Alive didn't have this issue.
  4. Hello, it is possible to disable completly the heli reinforcement ? i set it to no in the mil logistic for each faction, but it not work the map is just spammed by heli everywhere, and its break completly the session cause i reach the AI group limit and the enemy faction didn't spawn + that cause serious performance issue. Its a vanilla set up on Altis NATO (Invade) vs AAF (occupation). Here a screenshot with marta module you can see that stupid heli spam that make the mod unplayable : (there is more than 15 heli group at the selakano airfield) https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197996358033/screenshot/787478494828680663
  5. damsous

    GF Cleanup Script

    Ok i added the classname on the excluded list it work thx 😀
  6. damsous

    GF Cleanup Script

    yeah i will try
  7. damsous

    GF Cleanup Script

    Hello great script, got a question about the vehicle exclusion : I use this variable to protect spawned vehicle, _veh setVariable ["GF_Excude_from_cleanup",true]; So that work fine in editor (solo), but didn't work on dedicated server. There is something special to do for excluding the vehicle on dedicated server ?
  8. damsous

    ArmaModFrance is back !

    https://steamcommunity.com/games/arma3/announcements/detail/1647664350669225158 Now the you have a very good reason to make the AMX-10p 😂
  9. damsous


    Thats a cool news, it will work with the alarm clock from the breaking point weapon mod ? Edit : Just thinking about something and share an idea, it can be cool to add a random player noise that aggro the infected if he's sick like sneeze or fart... 🤧 2nd Edit (i just talking shit 😛) : Add a chance to be sick from a stomach flu if a player eat raw meat or rusty can (that make him fart) and can infect other near player. 3rd edit (even more talking shit) : Add a chance to player fart after eating a can of bean.
  10. damsous

    [Co-25] Warzob (Altis Anihilation)

    Location are game logic. gamelogic1,gamelogic1_1,gamelogic1_2.... to gamelogic1_78. Edit : I use AI spawn script pack for the sector (randomSectors1.sqf).
  11. damsous

    [Co-25] Warzob (Altis Anihilation)

    UPDATE : Fixed task generator at the laptop in main base.
  12. damsous

    [Co-25] Warzob (Altis Anihilation)

    On the map only a marker will display an area occupied by the NATO (each side know where is the action), all friendly unit and spotted enemy are displayed for each side, so there is only basic information on the map. So a quick video will be better. Its possible play other faction without too much work if you keep the Opfor as main faction and Blufor as opposing force (just need to replace playable unit, and class name in script). Its also possible to port on an other map but that will require a lot of job and rework completly the dynamic AI support camp.
  13. damsous

    [Co-25] Warzob (Altis Anihilation)

    UPDATE : Vcom AI removed and few tweaks
  14. Hello its great script but i got an issue and i can't really use it (the script work fine) So i don't know if the issue has been already reported or fixed, but its like this script broke the vanilla rearm, repair... truck. So its impossible to rearm a ground vehicle with any vanilla support asset.