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  1. Bug 0.96.5 Hello Wyqer, I put the new version on my server 0.96.5 but the expensive uaz3151 has a configuration where when you enter as a driver you get on the ground, literally dragging, you need to enter to be able to drive, you have some solution to this? Thank you. Follow ss http://pt-br.tinypic.com/r/2vskutg/9
  2. Genneo

    BMR Insurgency

    my friend jigsor, thank you very much for your return, I was going to post here what I had managed to do but I was not sure if it was the right one, despite having saved after a restart on my 2012R2 server. I edited the parameters.hpp as you can see in this link. Thanks to you and your glow friend too. Follow the ss link, line 355 https://www.dropbox.com/s/6okgls1znc7h2s5/Captura de tela 2019-07-16 22.05.54.png?dl=0 Best regards
  3. Genneo

    BMR Insurgency

    Thanks Glow I also have a server liberation and that works well the rescue thought to be an easy option to solve in the init.sqf or something, I wonder why it is not standard to save all the set of the game? My programming level is low. Thank you for your answer, I'll try to do what they recommend. Could it be that @Jigsor can help?
  4. Genneo

    BMR Insurgency

    Hi Jigsor! I have a dedicated server with BMR insurgency Altis and all that play like a lot, but they always ask me why every time I reset the server to implement security path or some maintenance, everything that has been done goes back and forth as for the first time. Is there any way to save the map so that when it returns, it is as before? My server is dedicated and I use TADST with the active option of persistent and autoinit active and does not generate a new configuration every time I start.