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    ArmA 3 Performance Tweaks and Settings Guide

    I got a i7 3370, 16gb ram, HDD, Win 7. I use this computer to set up arma server there nothing else running on it. After many test, i can say the performance on any mission are better on dedicated server (especially with a high amount of AI +/-150). With my friends (10/20 player) we played the same custom mission that generate 120/180 AI (capture random sector), no mod and low amount of script, and we noticed something about a setting server side "maximum message send & server view distance" that affect negatively performance client side and server side if this value are increased, mostly when there more than 5 player on the server. So increasing this setting just slowdown everybody, but reduce lag or AI rollback. I recommend to keep the default setting, maximum message send : 128 And reduce server viewdistance to 1000. We have tried many setting, for exemple, maximum message send : 512 server viewdistance : 8000 So with this setting and 15 ppl connected every client was capped at 20-25 fps With default setting the average fps client side was 40-50 fps, so its a huge difference. There is also few mods that kill the performance, for exemple all the balistic ACE stuff, so after removing advanced ballistic and all the features dependent from that (cook off, fragmentation...) the game run better especially on a huge firefight with burning vehicle.
  2. damsous

    Arma III Sync and the Workshop

    I don`t think cause some unit use arma 3 sync to avoid mod update issue few minutes before an event, so the mod on your arma 3 sync are synced to the server of your team, and its not possible to sync a private server mod list version and steamworkshop version (for exemple if there an RHS update on the workshop and not on the server) If you are a group admin and use less than 30 mod just avoid arma 3 sync and use A3 launcher, A3 launcher work great if the group admin are not lazy and keep up to date the mod list from the worshop on the server.
  3. damsous

    Simulation manager

    Hey just bump the thread, i know there is dynamic simulation now but after testing i got better performance client side with simulation manager so i would like to use it but i got an issue on dedicated server. So i use the code provided by @Larrow in a sqf file, so the unit are hidden for every client until someone hit the activation distance, but the issue its when a client disconnect from the server. For exemple if i activate all the AI unit under the simulation management in a village, be killed then respawn all the unit are hidden so it working fine, but when i disconnect from the server all the unit activated by me are excluded from sim manager, so if there few player roaming around the map and activate many AI unit each time a client disconnect from the server, the monitored unit activated by each client are excluded from sim manager, so on a long session it can result to a serious performance issue. Here the code provided by @Larrow (i use a game logic named fps_manager) and call it globally. sim_manager.sqf if ( !(isNil "fps_manager") ) then { fps_manager setVariable ["radius",1500]; fps_manager setVariable ["excludeAir",true]; [fps_manager] execFSM "\a3\modules_f\ObjectModifiers\functions\fn_moduleSimulationManager.fsm"; }; I call it in init.sqf "sim_manager.sqf" remoteExec ["execVM",0,true];
  4. I didnt have any issue if i don`t use dynamic sim or sim manager, im uploading a video right now to show whats happen on the same server with a scenario that use the same script (like vehicle spawner, R3F log...). The first part its with dynamic sim and no AI simulated, the 2nd part that spawn AI in an area, there is no dynamic sim enabled. Thats just really weird cause the server bandwith increase to +500 kbps just by looking in a binocular and got massive stuttering, that not happen without dynamic sim or sim manager, with my friend we just looking in a scope like the first part of the video the server bandwith up to 1000 kbps and a lot of stuttering without any AI simulated, the server running on an other machine at home there is no other program running just 1 Arma 3 server instance. For info this issue not happen in editor or solo with dynamic sin, only on dedicated server, the only mod used is CBA... i will try without CBA.
  5. Yesterday i playing with friend and got a weird issue, for info we are playing on a dedicated machine at home and we got this issue poped up yesterday (we played for month without problem). So when anybody zoom or use scope we got stuttering client side but the weird thing that really increase the bandwith, i mean we are patroling FPS server side 50 bandwith +/- 30 kbps, if 1 player zoom or use scope the bandwith increase to 500 kbps for 1 sec if 2 player zoom or scope in the same direction we reach +1000 kbps bandwith for 1 sec. So this issue only happen if we played a mission if the AI are under the management of the Dynamic simulation or Simulation manager. For info the dynamic simulation setting is straight its 1500m whatever the client view distance... same for for simulation manager 1500m. An other info the bandwith issue and stuttering client side happen all the time (AI simulated or not) at every view distance client side (100m or 2000m) We were not playing with this set up for a long time (sim manager) and i think a previous A3 server update broke this feature on dedicated server.
  6. Direct download : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XqYe2BydiXoGRWNWDPY2cjtTz7-67KPj Steamworkshop : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1711959480 !!! Mission for dedicated server!!! Video exemple : Description of the game mode : Sandbox game mode with the CSATs, the base of the mission is quite simple, enemy occupied areas (NATO) are generated randomly, once the secure area a new one will be generated randomly. Incidentally there is a small playable NATO team (5 slot) to oppose an additional resistance, thus creating more difficult and unforeseen situations. Configuration of the mission : CSAT : -Main base or all CSAT vehicles are available. -Recruitment of up to 10 AI per player. -Vehicle maintenance area. -Aircraft Configuration Zone (Pylon custom). -3 box F.O.B (fortification construction, static weapon, light vehicles, AI recruitment, arsenal, respawn point), note that the F.O.B are brand so that opposing players can know where they are located, in order to create conflicts around the F.O.B CSAT. -HALO Jump. NATO : -Rudimentary post, only light vehicles and light helo are available (transport, combat), heavy vehicles will need to be requisitioned from NATO IA. -Recruitment of up to 10 AI per player. -1 F.O.B crate (fortification construction, static weapon, light vehicles, AI recruitment, arsenal, respawn point), take note that the NATO F.O.B will be invisible in order to give an advantage to NATO players who are 4 times fewer in number. Globale content : -Approximately 80 operating areas. -Dynamic IA activity that adapts to the actions of players such as setting up mortar camps, S.A.M, land and air patrol. The zones where the AI are setting up installations are not indicated on the map, so as NATO gradually tries to block you with barrage shots or to defeat any air action. -Engineers can build sandbagwall (need a tool kit in inventory). -Zeus interface for server admin. -The group leaders of each faction have the automatic support (C.A.S, transport, ammunition drop). -Cleaning system (performance manager) every hour empty vehicles, body, stuff on the ground are removed to keep good server/client performance over the long term, players will be notified 2 minutes before the cleaning sequence. Script : !!! Be careful not to use the modes already included in the mission !!! -!!! NRE Earplug !!! -!!! Outlaw mag repack !!! -!!! Advanced sling loading !!! -!!! TAW view distance !!! -!!! AIS medical system !!! -!!! ZBE Cache !!! -Bon recruit unit -AI spawn script pack -R3F logistic -Virtual vehicle spawner
  7. damsous

    Community Factions Project

    Did you plan to replace Iran main battle rifle by the G3 added in the last cup update ?
  8. damsous


    I think thats because its a cheap made in china tool box, so you breack tool each time you try to repair :) But seriously i agree with few more tool or vehicle part to be able to repair different vehicle part its a must have, i think its too easy to repair a vehicle with ravage, also it can be nice to add an armored track as requirement to be able to repair any tracked vehicle.
  9. damsous


    The tire-iron is supposed to be in the toolbox already.
  10. damsous

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    I didnt have issue with player controlled AI and Lamb, don't orientate Nkenny in a false direction please, you just have no idea on how work the vanilla AI. The AI always stay in combat mode if there a known enemy or 1 minutes after ending combat if there not other spotted enemy in the area, its a vanilla behavior so nothing related to Lamb. If the AI say negative in a firefight its just because they can't suppress, mostly because they didn't have a clean shot. So they spam negative because Lamb force the AI to use the vanilla suppressive fire when an enemy is spotted and has a right range of fire, so there is always few men in the squad that will say negative because they didn't had a clean shot all the time. "Negative" has nothing to do with the fact that they don’t want to follow you or execute orders.
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    AI Spawn Script Pack

    no i dont want to spawn them here, but i find an other way to deal with it
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    Daily News

    Just notice i didn't add any link about the mod dependency, i will add this tomorow sorry
  13. damsous

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    No im just trying right now without Lamb and the AI didn't run at the bottom left corner. Its because i use AI spawn script pack and this script spawn 3 HQ AI (for each side) at the bottom left of the map (0.0.0), so on a non island map and if an AO is at 3 km or less from the bottom left corner more than half of the defending unit just run to the bottom left corner of the map, because this 3 HQ AI are enemy and really close from each other. Sorry for my bad english.
  14. damsous

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    Its possible to choose a position for the HQ unit (that spawn at 0.0.0), or disable simulation and model cause i got issue if i want to use an AI mode like LAMBS or GLX on a non Island map, if an AO is close to the botom left of the map all the AI leave the defending position and go to the bottom left of the map and breack the scenario. I looked up a little bit in the script but didn't find anything on how are spawned the 3 HQ AI.
  15. damsous

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Hey great AI mod, i would like to know if its possible to completly (globaly) disable the AI ability to communicate with other group. I ask that cause im running a mission with an AI script who spawn 3 side men at the bottom left corner the map and half of the ennemy that should keep the AO just leave to go at the bottom-left of the map. i didn`t have this issue on Altis cause this 3 side AI are far in the water, but im currently playing on a non-island map (anizay) and can't really deal with it + Lambs, or at least if its possible to reduce the com range between group. Note : I cant enter any init in SL init field cause the AI are spawned by a mode.
  16. Just read the menu, its written "need restart", so you need to restart the game to take effect after you customize the new keybind.
  17. damsous


    Oh, you give me an idea, maybe i can just create a side scenario where the flag do thing at the ennemy base. So a system where random shit happen to the enemy base when a player grab a flag to his base i can do thing like : -bandit raid -rain of infected -radioactive area -trigger an alias anomaly like the strigoi, flamer, swramer... -make all the AI who guard the base crazy by decreasing rate, so they start to shoot on everyone. -spawn mine around the base. -spawn 3 vehicle veryclose from each other, 2 are a trap (explode if a player enter in the bad one) so a lot of random thing I can also make an anomaly trap flag by using the Alias twin script, the anomaly trigger when the flag reach one of the base.
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    Uploaded the mission file on google drive, tested for 70h on Dedicated server everything works fine.
  19. damsous

    Ravage Persistent Server

    Mission uploaded : So after 68h of intense testing, the mission is very optimised, 221 AI spawned, all the mission features are spawned, there is thousand of object on the map and also thousand of zombie killed. You can check result (screenshot proof) at the top of the first post, and also find a link to download the mission. The performance client are also great!! no matter how much time i spend on the server.
  20. Hello, I create this topic to inform you that a new persistent mission for dedicated server using the ravage mode is now available!!! The scenario is a team versus team on the map Ruha. I will describe step by step the goal of the mission. Mission File : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EkEUWnESTgwZdBKbatfm1xI8vYtjCxhk After 68h of testing on dedicated server here the performance result : So its highly optimised, all the main features are spawned, simulation of AI, static object, weaponholder.... are perfectly managed. Solid 50 server fps/Low bandwith usage with 220 AI Primary objective and relating information Quick description : -Each team got a protected main base (off map) and a contested outpost (center of the map). The main goal is to evolve its 2 bases by bringing the cargo box that can be found on random crash sites. The player must find a truck to be able to load the crate then bring them in a predefined area (at base). Every 6 crate there is an upgrade (fortification, AI guard...). Note, this cargo box can be also used to stock loot. So the main objective is to survive, secure and upgrade the base, then raid the enemy base to steal the cargo box and equipement. Every player will be informed if any hostiles forces (player or AI) are approaching the base. Additional information about the main base : The main base (out of map) is protected except that it is not 100% protected, the enemy side got 5 minute to go trough a 800m radius then come back out of this radius, if not they are killed instantly. So if the main base is upgraded its impossible to raid it. The main base is also the respawn area, there is a map where the player can choose an insertion point, the insertion point are refresh at every server restart. Additional information about the contested outpost : The outpost didn't benefit from any special protection, so the player must hurry up to upgrade and defend this place. Take note that the outpost are closer from everything (loot, crashsite, point of interest...). The 2 ennemy outpost are close to each other to facilitate encounters between players and thus create hot zones. Secondary Stuff Secondary Camp : There is more than 10 static secondary camp on the map, they are hidden and the player must find them, this camp are identifiable cause they got the same set up, an abandoned house, 2 trailer and a white CUP flag. This little place are usefull to hide and secure loot, if any player is able to occupy a secondary camp for more than 1 hour (that also work with a friendly AI), a small team of friendly AI survivor will come to guard the area, there is no side restriction so if a blufor come then occupy the area for 1 h a small team of blufor survivor will guard, if an opfor player kill the guard then occupy the area for 1 h an opfor team will guard the area and vice-versa. Take note this zone can be triggered only 1 time for each side and the player didn't recive any information if the area is under attack. Base Building : There is a simple base building system, there is only few crate that can be found (mainly in warhouse), where the player can select from a panel of asset to build is own safe place, there is no restriction a player can build any asset anywhere or provide more fortification for the main base or secondary camp. AI recruitement : Every friendly AI are recruitable, make sure they got a first aid kit in their inventory to be able to revive you. Other playable unit : Playable Zombie : There is 2 playable Z slot if the player want have fun by doing Zombies stuff, they can jump and got a higher HP than the normal infected. Asian Bandit : There is 4 playable slot, Asian Bandit are the main AI roaming faction, they didn't get any base, protected area or secondary camp, so the player bandit respawn randomly on the map but they got a huge advantage, they can recruit any Asian roaming AI and can approach the crashsite without being attacked by the guard. Renegade : There is 4 playable slot, Renegade are hostile to everyone, this playable slot was added for the lonewolf player or for a more hardcore gameplay. Take note this Playable slot got a forced identity, so the playable Asian Bandit have an Asian face and speack Chinese, the Renegade have a ravage renegade face and speack french. Danger and weird encounter The player will be confronted to an hostile environement, horde of infected, bandit, dynamic radioactive area, radioactive rain, highly dangerous and unidentified threat (no spoil). Information on the loot system There 3 loot system in this scenario : -Ravage loot (ability to search in box, trashpile...) -Loot on the floor, they are part of easy loot but limited loot, this loot are generated only on server restart, so it will more difficult to get easy stuff over the time. -Custom loot where the player can search in closed woodshack structure, train (wagon), boat wreck, plane wreck, big cargo... Credit and community script used in the mission GF AutoLoot Crashsite : GEORGE FLOROS Environement effect and weird stuff : Alias Persistence : GRAD Team Mag Repack : Outlaw AIS : Psychobastard R3F_LOG : R3F Team LARS_Searchloot : LARS Lootspawner : Bangabob Advanced Towing : Duda AI Recruitement : Grumpy Old Man Boss Script : LSValmont Special thanks : Mods used for make this mission Haleck for the Ravage mode CUP team Temppa for Ruha CBA Team Bnae for project infinite CZ 584 by ЛИБЕРАХУ ПОРВАЛО Robert Hammer for the pistols pack Ryan for Zombies and demon. And a very special thank to the arma community who are very helpful.
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    Offficial sector control game mode

    The server with this kind of mission was always empty, i try many time to log on that server and AFK for 2 hour, nobody join. So i think ppl just give up... Gamemode like this are dead now.
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    Thats weird this command work for detect any parent class like blufor soldier, but didn't work with the ravage infected : {_x iskindof "B_Soldier_base_F"} count thislist >= 1 thats work {_x iskindof "zombie"} count thislist >= 1 not working
  23. Valve didn't really check the file, they only check the complainant data, they are based on dates, so the complainant just provided evidence that he was working on this map prior the publishing on the worhshop, and thats it. I remember was upset against somebody cause valve didn't really care about the data in the published mod, (the creator just don't want his mod on the workshop), i removed the asset 5 minutes after the DMCA, and the mod was taken down after a week. Thats bad cause for exemple if somebody publish an A2 ported map, but i started working on the same map 2 years before him but I never done the work, i can claim a DMCA and it will be successful... this system is a little bit ridiculous.