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  2. BMR Insurgency

    Hi, very good mission. I have a question. Its possible add rols of pilots and drivers to new players? because i'm try to drive an airplane but tells me "you need to be a pilot to drive this vehicle"
  3. I've found that anti-missile systems are kinda bugged too in DS and smoke particle on missile launch aren't showing
  4. To be fair I've shot close to players with a 23mm ZU canon in Zeus and watched them do the exact same thing
  5. Good catch. I think I know the reason. I will check
  6. Warlords

    Not possible without some scripting currently.
  7. Today
  8. Ravage Mod

    @AlexD1, here is a handy list of vanilla gear that Ravage uses for radiation protection. https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/183264-ravage-mod/?do=findComment&comment=3319950
  9. Allright, i have a numbers of MLRS, machineguns, mortairs and howitzers, so firstly i need to set it up horizontally. IRL there are some built-in equipment, such as a bulbs and domcrates, but how to apply it to the models, so they will stand horisontally on most surfaces? Modelling tools, or sripts with getpos/setpos? Legs are aligned to the ground with "on surface" already. Any suggestions? Would it works, if i will left only one landcontact point?
  10. Ach yes. Closed.
  11. I've found that in dedicated server, FREMM's decoys (idk if other ships decoys have this problem) don't make enemy torpedoes to explode in contact, so, the torpedoe continues its course and locks again the frigate
  12. Warlords

    Hi, how can I change the INDEP unit gear? I want to customize de IA loadout and uniforms.
  13. Hello opusfmspol thankyou for the reply. This is outstanding! Brilliant stuff as always! Thankyou very much for helping us Arma 2 veterans, I salute you sir! Going to review all segments now, hopefully get a much better understanding of CBA parameters, which always defeat me In the end, going to test out the new script, its looks god damn magnificent Captain! Epic as always! I'll post back ASAP. Thanks again, hope to speak soon.
  14. To what Extent can I call it my mod/addon?

    haha no thats fine, i got confused by 'attaching' addons, no permission needed to require an addon, you are right!
  15. Buildings will be improved by someone in RHS at some point.They are still prototype placeholders. If they make it into the next update.. nobody knows. Some more pics: When this valley is done.. I might do final adjustments and put out the update.. Maybe.
  16. To what Extent can I call it my mod/addon?

    @lordfrith, First, thank you for the comment. You and guys above have gave me very good answers. Maybe I created confusion. Previously, this was how I thought: 1. Make a mission, implement others add-ons(ex. CUP) and publish it on Steam. 2. Stipulate those add-ons on the required mods section so that my subscribers should also subscribe their works. So I will do make sure I try to contact the workshop publishers before I implement it into my mission :) Thanks for the info on this and the ZES script. This will be set as my next task after I complete my first mission.
  17. Medievac graphics

    George is right: its pretty easy. I made the custom shirts and helicopter texture below using a very crude technique. This is how I did it. You either find the original vehicle texture and convert it to jpg first (or use your own pattern texture as base texture). In the screenshot below I have a basic tiger stripe texture set to prowler on left, and a crude number reference texture set to prowler on right: I want to place the Madagascar Flag texture on the back of the guy's shirt (below the 15), and on the right front door panel of the prowler (a little to the left of the backwards 6). You can see how the numbers texture gives me an idea of where to put the small texture in the picture file. You can do the same thing with the helicopter texture. In the Editor setobjectTexture to the numbers.jpg to get a good idea of where you want to place the red cross. Then make a copy of your base texture and cut and paste a red cross image in the location you want it, and size it. Then view it in-game to see if the red cross is exactly where you want it. It will take 4 or 5 tries to position exactly where yo want it. Here's my crude numbers.jpg file (you can download this from this link and use it if you like): And here's the Leapard pattern jpg after I pasted a Madagascar flag near the backwards 6 (to place it on door of Prowler): Here's the Leopard pattern with flag applied to position left of 15 to place it on back of shirt: In Editor, I update the init lines for the Prowler and the Unit to setObjectTexture to the new .jpg files, and view it in game, and they look like this: The above is my first attempt at placing the flag where I want it. The above needs work to be perfect (I need to rotate the flag images, and move the one on the shirt to the right to center it better). But you get the idea. I just used Windows 10 Paint for this example, but GIMP is better because you can have the small image on a layer to move around and resize. So that is Johnnyboy's super crude re-texture method. Hope that helps you or someone else.
  18. count command - hidden syntax?

    What @Schatten said, uniform player returns a string, count returns the amount of letters of that string. Cheers
  19. To what Extent can I call it my mod/addon?

    this sounds like you want to make a mission that already has the guns and AI you want from other mods? If so DON'T include addons from other users and re publish them without permission! If permission cannot be found you'll have to either go vanilla or have a required addon ;) Maybe i've misread you? anyway... if you made a custom composition in game it should be saved in same folder as your savegames and editor missions. For me its in "documents/arma3/compositions". These are pretty easily shared. if you want to upload naval base to steam workshop you can write a config for them, see this thread. it would look something like this: and if you just want to use them in a mission and not have to share the composition seperately you could use ZES script to copy/paste any objects or composition from in game to .sqf format! hope that helps a bit
  20. This will return how many characters there are in a string which is an alternate syntax already documented.
  21. @pierremgi, string length?
  22. How can you cause gib particles when shooting a zombie ?
  23. Hi all, Just discovered that count command can return a result (sum of elements? no) for a simple "container" class. Example: count uniform player count backPack player count typeOf myCrate Sorry. Probably useless.
  24. Arma3 Videos

    Epic, funny and crazy moments captured while playing King of the Hill v12.
  25. Warlords

    Sure thing man, when I get home. Btw, thanks Jezuro for making Warlords such a good single player experience. I've been having some really close & brutal games against the AI.
  26. No, the mod is focused on SOF vehicles, hence the name: Task Force Leviathan Special Operations Vehicles......
  27. params ["_monitor", "_target"]; _pipcam = format ["pipsc_%1", toLower (name _target)]; hint _pipcam; /* create render surface */ _monitor setObjectTexture [0, format ["#(argb,512,512,1)r2t(%1,1)",_pipcam]]; /* create camera and stream to render surface */ _cam = "camera" camCreate [0,0,0]; _cam cameraEffect ["Terminate", "Back", _pipcam]; // to reset cam _cam cameraEffect ["Internal", "Back", _pipcam]; /* attach cam to head */ _cam attachTo [_target, [0,0,0.18], "head"]; _cam camSetFov 0.4; /* adjust cam orientation */ addMissionEventHandler ["Draw3D", { _dir = (_target selectionPosition "head") vectorFromTo (_target selectionPosition "head" vectorAdd (getCameraViewDirection _target)); _cam setVectorDirAndUp [ _dir, _dir vectorCrossProduct [-(_dir select 1), _dir select 0, 0] ]; }];
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