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  2.  EO


    Pro-tip, if your stuck in a tight spot on Livonia, the static V3S wrecks are interactive...
  3. Mr H.

    Multi Texture | PIP Help

    This has already been asked somewhere here and the answer was in short: possibility 1: they have added this functionality in the dev branch and it will be available in the contact update (unlikely) 2) it's just a premade video played on that screen not an actual pip feed (more than likely) At any rate it's not possible at the moment.
  4. maccrawinthejaw

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    That and ideally NATO MTP, Woodland and Tropic camo versions of the LDF helmets, but yeah, black versions of their gear would actually be really cool.
  5. Hi guys, I'm wondering where i could get a working copy of a (premade prefered) mission file as im wanting to start a server but cant find a mission file to work to. Thanks in advance
  6. Glow

    Arma3 Videos

    Contact DLC fan made trailer
  7. Tonci87

    Contact Starters

    Well that depends on the level of technological advancement they have, doesn´t it? If they are far more advanced than we are, then it is easier for them to discover us, than it is for us to discover them. If they are more advanced, they would have better equipment to scan for life, maybe they would even be capable of interstellar travel, something we won´t be able to do for a very very very long time.
  8. Thank you. This has been driving me nuts. getMarkerPos _current_waypoint_str works!
  9. pazuzu

    [MP] co40 Domination!

    You can always use Independent side. They don't delete.
  10. M. Glade

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Ok, I hate to say this but I used the ticket on your website a really long time ago (many years) and requested the USAF ABUs, and it was implemented gave me a fuzzy feeling
  11. haleks


    @Vald77r: Duly noted.
  12. General Kong

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    Some black variants of the new LDF Vests and Helmets would be cool. Also, I feel like it would be nice for the new Gorkas to have knee pads, they kinda feel bare IMO
  13. theopolus

    Arma3 Videos

    Battleboys ArmA 3 – Spin Control In mission #2 from JESTER's Chongo campaign, fireteam GREGOR is tasked with stemming the flow of "fake news" - ie. anything that isn't flattering to the masters they serve. Enjoy our Content? Don't forget to Subscribe!
  14. haleks


    Hi guys, here's a small update on the project : I'm finally 100% operational, thanks to the help provided by the inner Ravage community with my hardware problems. I took some time this week-end to polish the current build, and I'm pretty happy with the results (all the critical issues present in the Patreon Demo are fixed). I haven't added any new features yet, right now the only thing you can tweak is the UFOs damage resistance, but I think there is a solid enough base for a first release. I play-tested them on several terrains; performances are good and I had a lot of fun trying to take them down with my Blackfoot. ^^ The only annoying thing that remains to be fixed : the infantry doesn't use RPG launchers on UFOs... I'll try to resolve that before the release; AA infantry is the most efficient way to fight those aliens as they take more time to spot soldiers on foot (tanks are usually wrecked pretty quick). Keep your guns loaded guys, they are very close!
  15. ramirezdu06

    Multi Texture | PIP Help

    thx Mr H. for your anwser and my object have only one selection but if both is not possible why bohemia can do it ? because when you see this video : At 1:09 Second you see a pip with drone camera and other draw on screen
  16. Today
  17. Mr H.

    refiiling ammo box

    Okay my bad I read too quickly however you can still use : _box addEventHandler ["ContainerOpened" to check the contents of the box whenever it's opened.
  18. the_one_and_only_Venator

    Problem with configuring tracked vehicle

    You can use the report function for your post to request it to be deleted. Just type your request in.
  19. Texeiro

    refiiling ammo box

    thanks Mr. H! I ll check your script, but I want a limited cargo in box, not unlimited. I ll explain my whole intention: I want to set an IED factory with this logic: Bombmaker sits in area factory. Bombmaker is alive Bombmaker has material (i.e. C4 in the ammobox) Bombmaker build an IED each 30 minutes and puts it in ammo box. If a player takes 1/2/3 IED´s, and above conditions are still on-------> bombmaker will buil 1/2/3 IED´s in the next 3 minutes.
  20. Mr H.

    Multi Texture | PIP Help

    This requires some further explanation, if your object as several hidden selections you can have a pip and a texture at the same time, otherwise it's either one but not both. also (but unrelated) maybe use EachFrame instead of draw3d
  21. warlord554

    1stBN/160th SOAR Mod ArmA III WIP

    *** Engine intake dust filters now optional *** Foldable rotors with supports, folding stabilator for all helos Seahawks have full folding tail *** 2 wreck models, one with working m134 door gun
  22. Markers are stored as strings, not objects AFAIK
  23. shoud be getMarkerPos (works with strings)
  24. Mr H.

    refiiling ammo box

    I wrote one that refills the crate, here: https://github.com/MisterHLunaticwraith/MRHMilsimTools/blob/master/Addons/MRHFunctions/functions/MRHUtilities/fn_RefillBox.sqf you just have to add the explosives before calling the function. **Advertising minute: of course feel free to use the function and modify it as you please, but should you wish to use the whole mod it adds an attribute to containers that allows mission makers to make them infinite ** Advertising minute ends here 😉
  25. I need to get the position of a marker. All markers follow a naming convention marker_1, marker_2 etc. I want to pass in a random number and return the marker position. I can build the string name but I think I need to convert that into an object. I've tried the following code: if (isServer) then { destinationNumber = round(random 50) + 1; _current_waypoint_str = "patrol_marker_"+str(destinationNumber); _current_waypoint_obj = missionNamespace getVariable [_current_waypoint_str, objNull]; _marker_pos = getPos _current_waypoint_obj; // <<<<------ This fails. // Do Stuff... }; I'm new to this. Can someone help me out? Thanks.
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