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  3. Callsign

    Dog - K9 Unit

    Looking forward to playing with these good boys and girls 😍
  4. kurt-br'tsh-name

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Hey there, just noticed something about the M76 helmet with the Brits in CWR III I feel like the DPM M76 Helmet in game look a bit too bright as far as the color scheme goes as compared as to how DPM camo do irl. Here's a example:
  5. zukov

    Insignia on veichles

    insignia on Veichles like in wiki https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Unit_Insignia
  6. pierremgi

    Arma "Resets" When I Open It

    "read only" on Steam folders, so Arma, doesn't hurt. You problem comes from your profile folder, probably not accessible. - Perhaps, your profile files are saved on a home server (not in your PC). In this case, not sure you are admin and /or you have a "write" access on them. - anyway, you could create a new profile, locally, and point at it, in Arma launcher / parameters / advanced >> profile folder.
  7. I have experienced a lot of games or movies about war. Indeed, for a person who pays close attention like me, I am feeling that, in fact, the songs and songs here sound very full of courage, sometimes sad songs with each mood, analysis, and mood. segment . After those sounds made me have to sing along to those songs, with very meaningful lyrics.
  8. I'm currently playing minecraft and zooba, it's pretty cool and fun. And I'm looking for more game mod versions to experience different genres. But I don't know where to find them, anyone who knows can give me some names please. Thank You!
  9. Hello everyone, Back in 2020, ArmaModFrance presented a new custom unit: The German Shepherd. Years have passed and the dog was never finished. Missing animations, no proper scripts, missing sounds... A lot of things made the release difficult but we always wanted to share this creation with all of you. I actually didn't really want to continue modding anymore but some kind people from the community convinced me to work on one last mod. So, after 2 years, I can finally say that the work on the "doggo mod" has resumed and we plan to release a preview version of this mod very soon. Diwako (AI/Scripts), Louis (QA), Krogar (3D art) and myself (3D art/anims) are now actively working on the mod and I'm happy to tell you that it will be made available as a standalone mod. AMF will also release another version of the dog that is made specifically for their mod with unique features. What you can expect: - A custom unit with cool and realistic anims and sounds - Equipments made specifically for the dog (harness, patches) - An AI that features multiple behaviors and actions - ACE compatibility What is planned but not really sure yet: - A kennel - A camera When will this mod be released? Giving release dates is ALWAYS tricky because we are not sure that we can actually make it in time. While I still can't give you a specific release date, I can tell you that we will release it in Early Access first (we will call this version "Preview") so you can already test it while we still develop the mod. If you want to help us, don't hesitate to contact me on discord: Moonie#7777 I'll be back soon with more information. And while you wait, here are some screenshots taken the last few days:
  10. [SP] Viking Counter | Global Mobilization The year is 1985... War Rages in Western Germany Enlist as SGT Jakob, a Danish NCO, and lead a counter-attack against GDR elements in Weferlingen Context: Calamity. At 0200 hours this morning Warsaw Pact forces launched a broad assault against Western Germany and other NATO nations in Western Europe. No one knows for certain why they have done so, but rumors are pointing at a military coup by radicalized generals within the Soviet political leadership. East German forces have pushed across the border and secured a few kilometres of territory. They have since halted their advance, and command believes they are consolidating their gains and clearing fortifications and mines along the border so they can properly supply future offensives. In the combined Danish-West German sector in Weferlingen, GDR elements have crossed the border and captured Wahrstedt. A West German armored platoon attempted a rapid counter-attack, but was destroyed entirely. Now a Danish Infantry element, call-sign 'Viking', must attempt to re-capture the village and the surrounding area. Rally with your squad and lead a counter-attack to re-capture Wahrstedt. Features: 20-25 Minutes of Atmospheric Gameplay Cold War Era Equipment and Units in a Cold War gone Hot Scenario A Detailed Briefing Credits: Thank you to the developers of Global Mobilization for creating a fantastic CDLC. Workshop Link
  11. Harzach

    Insignia on veichles

    Unit insignias show up fine here. What are you trying to do?
  12. Yesterday
  13. Just wanted to provide a bit of a status update. I'm in the middle of yanking the web app out of the bundled web server and will host it centrally. It will make deploying updates easier and make it easier for testers. After the next release, you'll only need to update if the @athenamod or its contents change and I might even just post it to workshop to make it even easier for you. Speaking of which, the web app should notify you and include a link to the latest version of the @athenamod when an update is released which also reminds me: I've also included an interface with version history/release notes. I should probably add links to the Workshop and this forum thread. Other than that, the code base has gotten large and wild enough that a refactor was due so I'm going through it and cleaning it up. It's gotten to the point where things work, now I need to make them maintainable. Additionally, because the app is able to be opened without Arma running, it made sense to add the ability to load a world without being in a mission however you'll only be able to load worlds that already in your cache. I will not be providing world downloads myself but when the community server is released, much farther into the future, that will include the ability to share worlds. As far as things I've fixed: 1. I've resolved issues with the group markers not changing correctly when existing/entering vehicles. 2. I've corrected issues with the waypoint markers not being removed correctly. 3. I've improved the group leader change mechanics so that the new group leader has the marker shown. 4. I've changed the tags mode to player + group leaders and enabled it by default. 5. I've resolved issues with sprite scaling for respawned units 6. I've resolved issued with tags not appearing for respawned units. So work is still progressing. I keep going back and forth about the hassle of storing the libraries (locations, vehicles, weapons) client side. Its extra work but it'll make things easier. I'll rework that process ... again and I'll release the update after. Oh, also, there will be another small change: a patreon link will be included in the app. Totally optional.
  14. Vdauphin

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Hello, We are here, again in November, for some news about the next H&M major release for 2023. Lift keybinds: Quality of life has been improved for pilot: they can attribute shortcuts for the lift system thanks to CBA Slot persistence: Now all slots available on mission start screen persist between player disconnection. This means each time a player disconnects, load out, position and medical status is saved and restored the next time this slot is occupied by the same or another player. This behavior is similar to the vehicle as they stay in place when players leave them. A mission setting allows to have for each player a different save for each slot. Logistic point: Now you can easily copy and paste inventory of any vehicles or ammo box. And even restore default inventory of vehicles or ammo box. Tags: They persist even on a vehicle! And even texture on vehicles from EDEN editor persist between restart. Under the hood: H&M can restart your server at one or two given hour in a day simply through mission parameters. Prisoner and player tickets can be tweaked directly inside mission parameters. As always, I provide backward database compatibility with 1.22 Join the Discussions here: https://github.com/Vdauphin/HeartsAndMinds/discussions I hope you will enjoy!
  15. xom-7d31b7896a7c0db0

    foliage and ATOC

    I recently bought ARMA3 and had lots of fun with it so far. I especially enojoy sneaking around bushes etc in multiplayer. But now I played around with the settings and found that if I put the ATOC settings to trees and bushes, it completely removes every single tree, bush, grass etc on the whole map and let's you see right through it. Is this a known bug? and yes what is being done about it? Because I think it completely ruins a huge aspect of the game since use of cover for hiding etc is an important aspect of military tactics.
  16. So far the insignia on vehicles don't work! Please BI make a sample in game for us!
  17. A missionEventHandler (MEH) will fire (along with its function) during all the time of the mission. That's a little bit evident, and probably makes no difference with simple EH. These MEH are local, so you need to run them on each needed PC. As you can see, there is no argument, on the contrary of EHs because they are generic for the scenario: you don't apply them to a unit of an object, they fire for events like "eachFrame" or "entityCreated" So, you don't need any loop for catching or updating "carriers". Once in game, if an event like "projectileCreated" occurs, you can work with this projectile as an object (short alive). Now, if you want to use an EH like "fired", you need to parameter it on a unit, and yes, if this unit is spawned, you need a loop.... or the use of the MEH "entityCreated" ! something like: 1st case: [] spawn { while {TRUE} do { { _x addEventHandler ["fired" ,{<..parametrized EH code..>}]; _x setVariable ["passedForMyEH",TRUE]; } forEach (allUnits select { whatYouWant && !(_x getVariable ["passedForMyEH",FALSE]) }); sleep 2; }; }; 2nd case: addMissionEventHandler ["entityCreated", { if (_this isKindOf "CAManBase") then { _this addEventHandler ["fired" ,{<..parametrized EH code..>}]; }; }]; NOTE: entityCreated MEH fires very often for multiple creations (agents: rabbits, snakes... footprints, projectile impacts if I'm right,...and of course men and vehicles). So, first thing to do is to drastically filter that mess by an immediate condition. About performance, I can't say which is the best code for catching created entities. MEHs are fine for JIP or respawn players. No need to run it once more. Some EHs are persistent like "getInMan" or "getOutMan" or even "handleDamage". That means they also work after respawn. Usually, BIKI mention that. If you write a while TRUE loop, like I did above, this loop is persistent also, of course.
  18. 2.10.150104 new PROFILING branch with PERFORMANCE binaries, v8, server and client, windows 32/64-bit, linux server 32/64-bit - Fixed: Effects (sound, activation script) of CYCLE waypoints were not triggered - FT-T167923 - Tweaked: Waypoint completion radius rule for non-player group AI - FT-T167056 - Fixed: Several game crashes (helicopter waypoint, Unicode script error, UIOnTexture, dynamic simulation) If you don't want to use the Steam branch, the files are also available for alternative download here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15p9j7C2nHUt6NoVfChX4YFuqzFXzblJh
  19. johnnyboy

    [SP] Infantry

    I just replayed this solid old mission. Since player controls an AI squad in open Altis, its perfect for my SOG AI mod that makes AI easier for player to control, and much more responsive and immersive. The video isn't that exciting, but if you watch from this point for a few minutes you will see clean leapfrogging by SOG AI team. BTW, SOG AI is not just for Prairie Fire missions (but it does require the SOG Prairie Fire DLC be owned).
  20. AWR - Advanced Wound Reaction by [79AD] S. Spartan / [79AD] O. Forest I'm happy to announce a new mod that was created by me in collaboration with O. Forest. For our events we needed an improvement for the ACE3 unconsciousness so that people would still be able to interact with others but unable to actually fight. So I was asked if it's possible to create our own mod that extends the system of ACE3. In the current state the mod uses the perceived pain level from ACE3 to determine if a unit will be incapacitated. If that's the case the unit won't be able to use the weapons but the handgun based on a chance. You will then be able to crawl to a medic for medical attention. The pain can be reduced as usual by using the morphine. Be aware to not overdose! 😉 Features: configurable behavior for pain reaction reaction for AI and players configurable chance to pull out handgun while incapacitated ability for AI to drop and pick up their weapons after being hit Planned: make an option to get triggered by damage threshold, making it possible to completely replace the default ACE unconscious state. more reactions to different wounds option for AI surrendering after losing their gun Always happy for feedback in any means. Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2894821376 Github: https://github.com/Spartan190/Adv_Wound_Reaction Special thanks to [79AD] O. Forest for encouraging on making this mod and the [79AD] team for testing
  21. HBAOplus

    D.V.S Sound Pack

    Hi, I found out some messages in the rpt file regarding DVS when in single player mode, maybe you can check them out
  22. 30-11-2022 EXE rev. 150092 (game) EXE rev. 150093 (Launcher) Size: ~78 MB DATA Tweaked: Arma Invaders now supports a mod whitelist, and ACE is whitelisted (very minimal main menu tweaks) Tweaked: Arma Invaders now works without a loaded world (-skipIntro / -world=Empty) Tweaked: Laws of War DLC level artillery RoF reduced a bit (Arma Invaders) Tweaked: Hostile destruction repair bonuses are now higher for tougher hostiles (Arma Invaders) Fixed: Some SFX had bad volume applied (Arma Invaders) ENGINE Added: New MapType for "river" object rendering on 2D map Fixed: UI to Texture crash when changing to windowed mode Fixed: Effects (sound, activation script) of CYCLE waypoints were not triggered - FT-T167923 Added: Optional windyCoef parameter to the enableEnvironment command - forums Tweaked: Added alternative syntax to the allObjects script command - FT-T164242
  23. Could we have some kind of forbidding furnitures spawning in some specifically selected buildings - when they have already been manually enhanced, for example? It is a per building request. Not based on a class. Would be awesome. Can't play without this MOD/script. 😁
  24. Gunter Severloh

    Arma3 Videos

  25. mickeymen

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Why do you think I didn't try it? For me, this is the worst AI mod, because it is buggy and creates a lot of nonsenses in gameplay. Despite the errors I listed from LAMBS, this looks much better. I remember a lot of glitches from Vcom. For example, in Vcom AI blows itself up with self explosives. He sets up a Demolition Charge and blows up several ally members of the squad! There, the player automatically begins to perform the actions that the AI should perform, even if the player does not want it. For example, the player starts automatically throwing grenades, without pressing the G button! With errors like this, it's just not playable content for me. I put this mod several times and deleted it in irritation.
  26. Just a basic question to MissionEventHandler: Is it recommand do make also a while true - Loop around this EH to catch all needed projectile "Carriers" especially the after missionstart created ones? Or do I have to expect "endless" EH calls beaucse of the Loop. Because I struggle a lil with the decription / definition of mission eventhandler from Wiki: "Mission event handlers are specific EHs that are anchored to the running mission [...]" Does this mean "JIP", respawned etc. projectile Carriers are included? Thanks a lot 🙂
  27. I'd like to announce that I have started an project to bring the equipment of the Austrian Armed Forces (current real time state) into ArmA 3 Planned Stuff: Mitsubishi L200 Steyr-Daimler-Puch G-Wagon Steyr-Daimler-Puch Pinzgauer (4x4 and 6x6) Pandur (old and new APC aswell as the Medical Version) MBT Leopard 2A4 IFV Ulan M109A5Ö Husar Infantry Equipment (Stg 77, P 80, Steyr 08A2, MG 7, Panzerabwehrkanone, Vests, Helmets, Uniforms, Patches) Steyr 12M18 MAN 38.440 8x8
  28. NightIntruder

    Aircraft wheels and suspension

    Which is basically wheels "suspended" in the air? The damper length in PhysX configuration is counted in meters, while in the model.cfg offset0/1 values are a fraction of the length of a damper's axis (unless said axis has precisely the length of 1 m, which is clearly not the case here). In other words, maxCompression and maxDrop gives you 20cm range of motion of (invisible physx) dampers altogheter, while model.cfg animates the actual (visible models) dampers in the range of 20% of their axes's lenght. This might be the cause of this suspension of wheels in the air (among other things).
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