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  2. domokun

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    I'm here to report that last week's update (v2.1) is a great improvement as it seems to have resolved the "hung" state of your CO, i.e. for the first time I was able to complete the Combined Arms showcase (all surviving AI boarded the helo for extraction). @nkenny please keep up the great work! BTW is it realistic to try playing the Campaign with this mod activated?
  3. LX Murphy76

    It's time for a new map...

    Hi outlanders! I'm very happy with all of this maps.. but I think it's time for new landscapes to explore. What do you think?
  4. Today
  5. @nkenny Stance is certainly very important. However combat modes are not really about stances either. Player commander stance management is doable. Automated based on situation or environment probably not really. Arma is way too complex and the influence on AI too limited, as well as ability to get input on the environment. To get units to retreat from combat try: units player apply { _x disableAI "AUTOCOMBAT"; }; units player apply { _x disableAI "TARGET"; _x disableAI "AUTOTARGET"; _x disableAI "COVER"; _x disableAI "CHECKVISIBLE"; _x doMove (position player); _x setUnitPos "UP"; _x setBehaviourStrong "CARELESS"; _x forceSpeed 100; }; What commands explicitly do you need the menu for? What means 1? To get a medic in your team to heal you? Can you do that via "INJURED" in the context sensitive command menu. Also you can use it with a medic selected to treat others. Or use the medic support call (5-1-1). So please elaborate Inventory access and rearm are very important indeed. These are on my list and should be doable via context sensitive command menu. You can already order units to building positions. What is a hassle is to order multiple units/the whole team as you need to do it for each position individually. Pretty sure there are already scripted solutions from A2 days for that though. So only needs to be tied into the context sensitive command menu (or some custom one). That said AI is pretty stupid with buildings (movement, animations, turning, awareness, no flexibility). So to make AI really meaningful with buildings you really need to script a lot in addition. Personally I never understood why so many are fixated on buildings - Arma is an open world simulation. Buildings/objects is one of its biggest weak points in many ways - not just for AI. You can also order suppression via the context sensitive command menu (by holding ALT). Or are you saying its not working well enough? To be able to adjust the duration/an endless mode one can toggle off would be convenient. However not simple to implement such logic nicely interface wise and have it really meaningful gameplay wise. Personally I am not convinced either suppression is really working well in Arma (that said don't have too much hands-on experience with it nor did I notice it to matter really). Arma seems also not really well suited for it given its aiming mechanics for both player and AI. However I am always open to be convinced otherwise with good arguments or examples.
  6. Is it possible that the latest version includes some code or config to remove dead bodies after a short while? (If that is actually a feature I would love to be able to switch it off 😉)
  7. scimitar


    Is AMF going to be replacing R3F for French uniforms and equipment or will the mod just now be compatible with AMF as a supplement? Either way I guess I need to go the SWS and download AMF.
  8. That's a pretty old mission 🙂 I'll look into the mission to see if it can be updated, but I'm not certain if so. Cheers, TeTeT
  9. Is it possible to merge two layers in TB? I've got about 4 different layers for my forests and shrubs 😄
  10. The textures are very basic and the damaged look should resemble a used look ... so it's very much unintentional.
  11. NightIntruder

    Enhanced Advanced Helicopter Flight Model Mod

    The value you may be interested in, is most likely the one below (if I understand the problem correctly): <DragDueToAoA scale="1.0"> It can be found in AFM config file (xml) under "Fuselage" section. You may either tinker with a table of values related to the class or basically scale the whole table up/down using that scale="1.0" multiplier and see if it works. You may also need to adjust <PitchingMomentDueToAoA>, <MomentsOfInertia> and <ControlSystem>. However, it all depends on <Mass>, <CenterOfGravity> and overall agility of said helo, at least. Not so easy and simple task, I guess. PS. BTW, helicopter rotor does work like a plane's wing above some speed (from aerodynamical point of view), otherwise it wouldn't be possible to do loops and barrels in helos and some of them are certainly capable of doing such maneouvers, right? 🙂 That's why helos are called rotary-wing aircraft 😉
  12. krzychuzokecia

    Vilas addons in A3 w.i.p.

    Gordon is right on this. Heck, it's easy to test if you have weapon and optic from separate addonmakers, but both of them used CBA Joint Rails. You can equip optic from Mr A on gun by Mr B, and then easily drop it on the ground. Again - it's the same mechanic as in OFP, where game would create specific weaponHolder on the fly when gun was dropped (or you could even script it), but it was also possible to have weaponHolders as editor-placeable objects (but hardly anyone ever did it - I've seen it in two addons, one of which was mine :P ). If you're still having problems with that, maybe you could post fragment of the config?
  13. I have a question. Will F35A, B, C will be in development in future ??
  14. Awesome. Cant wait for this
  15. I have released 2.0.0alpha4 This includes two changes: The players situation is now taken into account for the woodland checks, so now the AI or player being in the open will impact the skills improving those edge cases. Added an overall modifier for vision in the detect module so the final probability of being spotted can be tweaked upwards and downwards independent of the individual tests. Finished adding all the parameters so now everything in the detect module can be tweak, AI, player, environment and ai to player.
  16. GordonWeedman

    Vilas addons in A3 w.i.p.

    To the best of my knowledge, you do not absolutely need a CfgVehicles reference for weapons. The community I play in has a bunch of custom guns and none of them have a CfgVehicles reference, and all can be dropped and picked back up without an issue. As far as I can tell, it's only needed for when you want them placeable in the editor as props.
  17. I'll look forward to what Kickass can come up with! I could probably do the 3D model myself, but I am no good at textures so it wouldn't look that good.
  18. @PSYKO_nz hope that helps; found it while browsing the other mods of this author & I guess it's not against the rules of ACE creators to fork an older version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1963810039 "Make Combat Medics great again!" XDXDXD
  19. Is the screen static when shooting targets or is it the normal 3D movement with turning etc?
  20. I've been working on a little lightweight recruitment and dismissing script for editor placed AI units. So far it works well in single player games, as you can recruit and dismiss AI units repeatedly and at will. In my noobiness, I decided to achieve this via 4 small .sqf files inside a folder called wRecruit: recruiting.sqf - file content below: /* Usage: put this in INIT of the unit to be recruited; nul=[this] execVM "wRecruit\recruiting.sqf"; */ _guyNotRecruited = true; _fng = _this select 0; _fng setcaptive true; _recruitGuy = _fng addAction ["Recruit","wRecruit\newguyinit.sqf"]; while {_guyNotRecruited} do { if (not(captive _fng)) then {_guyNotRecruited = false}; if (not alive _fng) exitwith {_fng removeAction _recruitGuy}; sleep 1; }; _fng removeAction _recruitGuy; [_fng] join (group player); _fng enableAI "MOVE"; sleep 1; nul = [[["New Team Member recruited.","<t align='center' shadow='2' size='0.7'>%1</t><br/>"],["","<t align='center' shadow='2' size='0.7'>%1</t><br/>"],["","<t align='center' shadow='2' size='0.7'>%1</t>"]]] spawn BIS_fnc_typeText; sleep 5; nul=[_fng] execVM "wRecruit\dismissing.sqf"; __________________________________________________________ newguyinit.sqf - file content below: // set unit not captive _unit=_this select 0; _unit setCaptive false; __________________________________________________________ dismissing.sqf - file content below: _guyRecruited = true; _fng = _this select 0; _dropGuy = _fng addAction ["Dismiss","wRecruit\dropguyinit.sqf"]; while {_guyRecruited} do { if (captive _fng) then {_guyRecruited = false}; if (not alive _fng) exitwith {_fng removeAction _dropGuy}; sleep 1; }; _fng removeAction _dropGuy; [_fng] join grpNull; _fng setCaptive true; sleep 1; if (not alive _fng) then { hint "Team member deceased"; } else { nul = [[["Team Member dismissed.","<t align='center' shadow='2' size='0.7'>%1</t><br/>"],["","<t align='center' shadow='2' size='0.7'>%1</t><br/>"],["","<t align='center' shadow='2' size='0.7'>%1</t>"]]] spawn BIS_fnc_typeText; nul=[_fng] execVM "wRecruit\recruiting.sqf"; }; sleep 5; ____________________________________________________ dropguyinit.sqf - file content below: // set unit captive _unit=_this select 0; _unit setCaptive true; _____________________________________________________ This works well in single player but I would love to know how to make this multiplayer-compatible without making the script too big or cumbersome. ?? Also, how would I be able to implement this on units spawned in-game by other scripts? I used setCaptive as the condition needed to achieve the effect I wanted but I'm sure there are different ways or conditions that could be used similarly?
  21. Crushas

    Teaming in solo will ruin this game. period.

    I guess they enjoy ruining the fun for others, more than competitive victory and honing their own skills.
  22. Hannu Le

    Teaming in solo will ruin this game. period.

    Teaming is pathetic in single mode, and it ruins the joy from the individual players. Teamer, you are not hero, when you win fights with support of your team members. Be hero and go play agains other teams in team mode.
  23. CTI player IF

    Grades in CfgWeapons

    There is a new command GetWeaponParamArray in 2.01 Arma Resistance by [4RTehch]. With the help of this command (and another command magazinesArray) it's possible to check more precisely whether a unit is out of ammo for a specific weapon. One can gain available magazines first (by picking up magazines with some ammunition from magazinesArray), and check whether some of them are in the magazines[] of that weapon. However not all weapons having a "magazines[]" parameter (e.g. GrenadeLaunchers and other weapons defined in some MODs). But all weapons must have muzzles, and all muzzles must have magazines. Thus one should gain muzzle list by GetWeaponParamArray first, and gain their magazines by GetWeaponParamArray then.
  24. Can it be extended to ground vehicles? There are no "pilons" as I know, but it will be damn convenient to refuel, repair and repair. I use your script last month on my dedicated and all my air crew just excited and others ask about this possibility.
  25. chernaruski

    Compilation List of my GF Scripts - Mods

    Whatsup GF ? Question about the initplayerlocal and gestures... do others in MP actually see your gestures? I mean what is the point of gesturing if its not... I understand correctly, this will run on only on mission start and locally?
  26. HI, yes previous save will work. no worry 🙂
  27. Beagle


    Well since it has become a common "tactic" to spawn Cruise Missiles, GBUs and DAGRS from backpacks using ZEUS profiles in Arsenal...why should anyonewant to play warlords? You even get life tutorials how to do in in VON by now on the US servers. The game mode is a joke nowm, a bad joke. Just right now i picked up one of the magic Bergens two players dropped all over the base and was able to shoot ASRAMS, AMRAAMS and Scalpels out of my bare hands....magic. This experience explains a lot of the bullshit that is going on lately in warlords. AT least we now also know how to equip a police siren.
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