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  2. This is awesome. I wanted to ask is it possible to place the composition into the map such as under a mountain, which is technically hollow? This can give the illusion of being "inside" the map via GPS coordinates. Or is there a map limitation that requires the users and AI to be on "top" of the surface? I can see this as a great way to create tunnels and undergrounds inside the maps.
  3. Currently running an Exile server on Namalsk, and wanted to add some RHS weapons/gear to the LootTable, I used the Compiler, and only Vanilla weapons and gear will spawn. Which, I assume means, I copied the LootTable over correctly from the Compiler. I've tried removing Vanilla weapons as well and absolutely nothing in the way of weapons ever spwaned. Example of what I've got in the config.cpp of exile_server_config:
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  5. Nice idea, but a little suggestion. I did the same thing with VC tunnels a little while ago in an attempt to make the tunnels dark (trying to work around Arma's lighting), but I had players teleport to a sort-of prep room, so they weren't potentially teleported into the enemy AI's line-of-sight. Depends on the situation or intended use of this though of course.
  6. you can save loadout and position (or what you want) in the profileNameSpace. See some topics about that: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/219410-how-to-make-persistent-scripts/ https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/212394-save-loadout-and-position-on-disconnect/
  7. RCA3

    Funny & interesting videos

  8. On steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2264230558&searchtext=
  9. pierremgi

    RVMAT files

    Not sure where your default.rvmat comes from. unrapped by Kegetys... The fact is that the begining seems to be corrupted. You can't replicate tokens like ambient in the same class (and here in no class). See multiple doubloons in: Can't help further with this structure.
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  11. I hope the title says it all. In a campaign I am working on, the player begins each mission in a safe-house, and I was wondering if it is at all possible to make it so that the player has the same equipment that he ends the previous mission with and also have a safe storage container where he can store equipment throughout the campaign. If this isn't possible, then let me know. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hello guys some of you may find it useful. Shared the script + composition of the tunnel. Teleport scripts WORKS also on dedicated, only AI can't use it.
  13. omri2050

    Arma3 Videos

  14. Having found a cache of old weapon models on an old HDD I've been tinkering with them to try and bring them up to Arma standards more for nostalgia's sake really. They use several smaller textures and in a bid to save memory I've been attempting to merge these smaller textures into one larger texture. I'm also trying to save myself time so I don't have to manually re-UV-map each texture. I've found some old .PTM files on the same HDD that I've used to merge textures like this in the past - However, when I edit and attempt to use the PTM file I simply get an error in Object Builder saying "Error reading PTM file" I was wondering if this function is still supported in Object Builder (as I haven't used it since the OFP/Arma days back when it was 'Oxygen') and if anyone had a functioning PTM file to use as a base as the old formatting seems to throw errors.
  15. Jackal326

    Ballistics_x64.dll not found error

    Either you require the ACE mod to play on the server, or you're running ACE and it isn't installed correctly.
  16. YAY sorted it! I un pbo'd the example PatPgtips sent me & eventually found what as different & found a way to fix it. If you have the same problem, the visual bug, check the init script of each player or AI who has the dog script in the init, & change the true to false e.g. null = [this,"Alsatian_Random_F",1,false] execVM "vScripts\vDog\vDogPatrol.sqf"; (will fix the bug) If like me you see the bug then your dog handlers init script will read null = [this,"Alsatian_Random_F",1,true] execVM "vScripts\vDog\vDogPatrol.sqf"; just change the true to false & problem solved. The colour not needed, just used in this post. Dont know why the ArmA3 2.00 update caused this to happen? & not exactly sure what the true/false refers to?
  17. R0adki11

    Cold War Rearmed III

    CWR3 is not a true cold war mod, its aim is to recreate the units/equipment/factions that we had in Operation Flashpoint and Operation Flashpoint Resistance. So I am afraid to say its not going to be 100% accurate.
  18. Slay No More

    (EDS) Slay's Expedited Drone System

    Still hurting, but I've been wearing arm braces to bed for the last 3 weeks, cranking up NSAIDs, no surgery yet, finally this Friday I get into the doctors for nerve testing, the symptoms I was having are definitely not like they were, but still there for sure. Still makes life difficult, I would have had this stuff done sooner if I A, knew how to do standalones and B didn't have to take breaks for my wrists. Pic of my new arms: In my mission which these scripts are taken from, the player has to spend about 3+ in game hours or so grinding out XP to purchase the perk requirements for various drones, there was 5 levels, and a the first stage, access to the recon drone is avalible only, then medical drones at level 1, level 2 the medical ugv and rollers unlock, so on and so on. I couldn't think of a way to do this in a mod format sadly, so I stripped all of that RPG elements out and left it raw so to speak. I think I may have fixed it by adding DEBUGINFORSLAYSINFO = false; to the init of the mod, hopefully solving it, but it almost appears its missing a bracket.
  19. Arma 3 I get the error "extension ace_advanced_ballistics_x64.dll not found" when setting up or entering the server in "overthrow" mode, and I do not know what the problem is caused by. Can someone who knows the solution help? (I'm not sure I'm bringing it up under the right heading)
  20. Jason Vidal

    Problem PLAYER 1

    Good morning to all of you, Since update 2.00, I can't access my old Arma 3 profiles anymore and the game gives me directly the "PLAYER 1" profile. When I try to add or modify a profile my game crashes and gives me the following error message 0xC0000005 - STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION. I have already made the following attempts : - Reinstall the game; - Check the files by Steam; - Install my profiles in the Arma 3 folder directly; - Check my Windows 10 firewall (Windows Defender); Here I hope you could help me, because I only play this game and after 4000h it never happens thank you in advance.
  21. this of course complicates things since im trying to implement this in a multiplayer-mission, thanks for the advice ill look into it🙂
  22. I think the only true way to increase the speed would be to make an addon and change the speed characteristics of that vehicle. From a scripting perspective, you can certainly set the velocity of any object, but you have to loop it. Something like this: while { alive _vehicle } do { sleep 0.1; _vel = velocity _vehicle; _dir = direction _vehicle; _speed = 10; comment "Added speed"; _vehicle setVelocity [ (_vel select 0) + (sin _dir * _speed), (_vel select 1) + (cos _dir * _speed), (_vel select 2) ]; }; I wouldn't do this if players are in the SDV because it will have a somewhat jerky motion, could cause nausea 😉 There may be other solutions, this is just something I have done for moving a large sub around in the water.
  23. Hello fellow Arma3-Editors, Obilgatory im am relativly new at editing and scripting in Arma3, I have been trying over the past few days to improve a Vehicles top speed (in this case an SDV's). I attempted to use the setVelocity script from example 2: _vel = velocity _vehicle; _dir = direction _vehicle; _speed = 10; comment "Added speed"; _vehicle setVelocity [ (_vel select 0) + (sin _dir * _speed), (_vel select 1) + (cos _dir * _speed), (_vel select 2) ]; modified it slightly for the need, but never got it to work the way i intended it to: a permant speed increase when the SDV is used. So the question that i have is a two-parter: 1. Can i achive my goal of giving the vehicle a permanent speed-buff only in the editor without needing to write seperate scripts? 2. No matter if the answer to the first question is yes or no, i kindly asked to be told which steps i need to take to achieve this
  24. Same problem its not the dogs that are upside down, but some of us are seeing a "Survivor" AI unit stuck upside down in the dog & moving around with it. This only started after the last Bis A3 update to 2.0, was fine before??? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2259581893 Tested the mission you sent me, running all the usual addons & that worked fine just like previously! Tried a different mission with the Dogs in (without the Horses Addon in it) right after testing yours & still the same problem? Weird or what? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2264093489 I'll un pbo your mission & try your scripting to see if that will fix it. Thanks for your time.
  25. aride

    Speed Helicopter

    Yes, it's exactly only for IA. thx, in this page i Found that : I managed to increase the max speed by increasing the mass in lod Geometry, but I think it's more of an alternative solution. In my opinion it is in the RTD file that we configure the power but I can change the parameters, it has no influence

    Apex Framework

    hi @fn_Quiksilver i have a question, we have a turkish server for your i&a mod. we loaded pylon manager and advanced sling load mod, mods are working perfectly but dont work when die&respawn. how do i solve this problem?
  27. soul_assassin

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Join us on https://www.twitch.tv/redhammerstudios at 22:30 CEST (in 2 hours) for a live stream AMA!
  28. @TangVector, You can stop the animation loop with a condition (like trigger activated), [_unit, "STAND", "FULL", { triggerActivated trg1 }] call BIS_fnc_ambientAnimCombat; Also, And @pierremgi, example 1) on bis_fnc_ambientAnim Have fun!
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