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  2. Ehh. I'm not sure about just upgrading RAM. I mean, I know that will be an improvement as I currently only have 16GB. 32 would be great, but like, I can run Star Citizen right now without much issue and that's probably one of the most RAM intensive games I can think of. And these crashes were happening with essentially empty missions. Literally one player and one added object. Not ruling out that this could be an issue with my system though. RAM does seem to be running at higher capacity than it should be. It was hovering above 50% with just Steam and Discord open. Went through and killed some programs and restarted Steam and Discord seems to have helped a bit, but in the past I've found that this issue has a tendency to come back after a day or so. Irritating, but at least the memalloc fix lets me game.
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  4. The spawnScienceGroup.sqf is being started via execVM from the (missionPath + "runMission.sqf") file: if(!isServer) exitWith {}; scientist = objnull; scientistDead = compileFinal preprocessfilelinenumbers (missionPath + "scientistDead.sqf"); checkForWin = compileFinal preprocessfilelinenumbers (missionPath + "checkForWin.sqf"); giveUnitsPistols = compileFinal preprocessfilelinenumbers ("scripts\common\giveUnitsPistols.sqf"); policeKnowsAbout = compileFinal preprocessfilelinenumbers (missionPath + "policeKnowsAbout.sqf"); [] execVM "scripts\common\eastGermanyGroundDefences.sqf"; [] execVM "scripts\common\eastGermanyAirDefences.sqf"; private _handle = [] execVM "scripts\common\addAirAssets_1.sqf"; waitUntil {scriptDone _handle}; private _bldgList = []; // Choose random city record targetCityRecord = selectRandom eastCityAreaArray; // [cityName:string, center:pos, radius:number] // Choose building private _pos = targetCityRecord select 1; private _radius = (targetCityRecord select 2) / 2; _bldgList = [_pos, _radius] call getHouseList; // Place victom _handle = [_bldgList] execVM (missionPath + "spawnScienceGroup.sqf"); // <<<--------------------------- waitUntil {scriptDone _handle}; // Create task [true, ["tskAssassination"], ["Assassinate the Scientist", "Assassination", "assassinationMarker"], scientist, "ASSIGNED", 1, true, "kill", true] call BIS_fnc_taskCreate; ["itemAdd", ["scientistDeadID", { [] call scientistDead; }, 1]] call BIS_fnc_loop; ["itemAdd", ["patrolKnowsAboutID", { [activeFootGroupArray] spawn patrolKnowsAbout; }, 2]] call BIS_fnc_loop; ["itemAdd", ["vehiclePatrolKnowsAboutID", { [activeVehicleGroupArray] spawn vehiclePatrolKnowsAbout; }, 2]] call BIS_fnc_loop; I deleted the log files and started the mission fresh. It produced two files: mpStatistics_7736.log and Arma3_x64_2021-10-26_10-05-50.rpt mpStatistics_7736.log: AddInitAndRemoveOverridden statistics ... total messages = 899 55 ... Type_10 186 ... Type_53 21 ... Type_54 7 ... Type_58 4 ... Type_59 75 ... Type_63 5 ... Type_64 19 ... Type_69 5 ... Type_269 5 ... Type_270 24 ... Type_288 4 ... Type_325 4 ... Type_326 4 ... Type_327 4 ... Type_328 406 ... Type_356 39 ... Type_360 1 ... Type_362 4 ... Type_380 27 ... Type_386 AddInitAndRemoveOverridden remoteExec statistics ... total messages = 2 2 ... Type_375 Arma3_x64_2021-10-26_10-05-50.rpt: 10:09:04 [CBA] (settings) INFO: Checking mission settings file ... 10:09:04 Client: Nonnetwork object 2053e940. 10:09:04 Client: Nonnetwork object e66f200. 10:09:04 Client: Nonnetwork object bac3da60. 10:09:04 Client: Nonnetwork object bac3dde0. 10:09:04 Client: Nonnetwork object bcc2fe40. 10:09:04 Client: Nonnetwork object 82bb040. 10:09:04 Client: Nonnetwork object 3ec5d520. 10:09:04 EPE manager release (0|9|0) 10:09:04 [CBA] (xeh) INFO: missionNamespace processed [false] 10:09:09 Starting mission: 10:09:09 Mission file: BlackOPs 10:09:09 Mission world: gm_weferlingen_summer 10:09:09 Mission directory: C:\Users\edamr\Documents\Arma 3\mpmissions\BlackOPs.gm_weferlingen_summer\ 10:09:10 [CBA] (xeh) INFO: [20838,200.864,0] PreInit started. v3.15.6.211004 10:09:10 [CBA] (settings) INFO: Reading settings from settings file. 10:09:10 [CBA] (settings) INFO: Finished reading settings from settings file. 10:09:10 [CBA] (xeh) INFO: [20838,200.95,0] PreInit finished. 10:09:10 damagehide - unknown animation source damage 10:09:10 damagehide - unknown animation source damage 10:09:11 c:\bis\source\stable\futura\lib\network\networkserver.cpp NetworkServer::OnClientStateChanged:NOT IMPLEMENTED - briefing! 10:09:11 [CBA] (xeh) INFO: [20839,201.606,0] PostInit started. MISSIONINIT: missionName=BlackOPs, missionVersion=54, worldName=gm_weferlingen_summer, isMultiplayer=true, isServer=true, isDedicated=false, CBA_isHeadlessClient=false, hasInterface=true, didJIP=false 10:09:11 [CBA] (versioning) INFO: [20839,201.608,0] VERSIONING:cba= 10:09:11 [CBA] (xeh) INFO: [20839,201.608,0] PostInit finished. 10:09:12 Unknown task state: 10:09:12 Unknown task state: 10:09:12 Unknown task state: 10:09:12 Attempt to override final function - deleteallwaypoints 10:09:12 Weather was forced to change 10:09:13 Error in expression <// Choose random city record> 10:09:13 Error position: <// Choose random city record> 10:09:13 Error Invalid number in expression 10:09:13 Error in expression <ecord = selectRandom eastCityAreaArray; // [cityName:string, center:pos, radius:> 10:09:13 Error position: <// [cityName:string, center:pos, radius:> 10:09:13 Error Invalid number in expression 10:09:13 Error in expression <// Choose building> 10:09:13 Error position: <// Choose building> 10:09:13 Error Invalid number in expression 10:09:13 Error in expression <// Place victom> 10:09:13 Error position: <// Place victom> 10:09:13 Error Invalid number in expression 10:09:13 Error in expression <// Create task> 10:09:13 Error position: <// Create task> 10:09:13 Error Invalid number in expression 10:09:13 Suspending not allowed in this context 10:09:13 Error in expression <waitUntil {scriptDone _handle};> 10:09:13 Error position: <scriptDone _handle};> 10:09:13 Error Generic error in expression 10:09:13 Suspending not allowed in this context 10:09:13 Error in expression <waitUntil {scriptDone _handle};> 10:09:13 Error position: <scriptDone _handle};> 10:09:13 Error Generic error in expression 10:09:19 Weather was forced to change 10:09:32 EPE manager release (34|84|0) 10:09:32 Number of actors in scene after release: 34 10:09:32 EPE manager release (0|34|0) 10:09:34 damagehide - unknown animation source damage 10:09:34 damagehide - unknown animation source damage 10:09:34 damagehide - unknown animation source damage 10:09:34 damagehide - unknown animation source damage 10:09:34 soldier[gm_ge_army_machinegunner_mg3_80_ols]:Some of magazines weren't stored in soldier Vest or Uniform? 10:09:35 [CBA] (xeh) INFO: missionNamespace processed [false] 10:09:35 [CBA] (xeh) INFO: [21915,224.968,0] PreInit started. v3.15.6.211004 10:09:35 [CBA] (settings) INFO: Reading settings from settings file. 10:09:35 [CBA] (settings) INFO: Finished reading settings from settings file. 10:09:35 [CBA] (xeh) INFO: [21915,225.049,0] PreInit finished.
  5. Super excited for this but just one question, can we ride the camel?
  6. 2LT Miller

    Cant upload/update anything via Publisher

    I have the same issue. Worked on Sunday, didnt work on Monday. Still occures. Could this be a region thing?
  7. Private Evans

    Western Sahara CDLC Unofficial Discussion

    I am absolutely happy to see some new content for the Arma 2035 setting coming....hopefully there will be more following 🙂
  8. Siegfried Backwasch

    Cant upload/update anything via Publisher

    Sadly this didnt help :/, but still thanks for trying ^^
  9. Callsign

    Project RACS

    What is the point of this post?
  10. That was badass Johnny, i'll be adding this to my AI compilation list for the next update, nice work!
  11. Gunter Severloh

    Cant upload/update anything via Publisher

    Hello, try a verify integrity of cache of the Arma3 Tools. You could try locating the STEAM_API_DLL in the root steam directory, delete it, shut down steam and then re-login and steam should reaquire a new version, or latest version. It could be busy steam servers, or interruption in connection. Here is a steam page going over the issue with varies solutions you can try. https://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/1/617329150706495401/ Also check out this article too https://www.itbriefcase.net/solving-the-steam_api-dll-missing-issue Other then those idk what else to tell you, try those and see if that changes anything. Cheers!
  12. Hi all, I've just seen the new announcement for the Western Sahara CDLC from Rotators Collective - https://arma3.com/news/arma-3-creator-dlc-western-sahara-is-coming-soon I figured we should have an unofficial discussion thread. I hope this fleshes out the setting developed by @Lexx's great 'Dunes' mod (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1731998436), and alluded to in Bohemia's own Tac Ops DLC. It's interesting that we're playing as ION again - do you think we'll see a similar portrayal as in Arma 2 PMC DLC? Just fyi for the devs however - 'Assistance' is spelt incorrectly on the side of this helo -
  13. jts_2009

    COVID-20: Vaccine

    There is a marker on the map if you select the task "Leave military base". Just look better -)
  14. Gunter Severloh

    CTD caused by Boats in water and helicopters flying?

    This is the wiki for that code https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Unusual_process_exit#0xC0000005_-_ACCESS_VIOLATION what you did was the correct thing to do thats why you solved your issue at least temporarily. What are your computer specs btw, sounds like you may need a little upgrade, as SJB suggested upgrading your ram will seriously help. So whatever you have currently get more, and with a high frequency. In this game lots of ram with a high frequency, the game on an SSD, decent GPU and good CPU imo i7-700k or better will allow the game to perform well without issues, or until you have 200+ ai on the map throwing grenades and dropping bombs on each other at once in Georgetown Tanoa will you see a major performance loss. 😆
  15. lukaszk1987

    How2: A handanimation for my Weapons

    could you please help me in making this animation ?? Please . some monsters are coming out :( please help
  16. Hello guys ^^ My Idea is to create an Arma 3 Team-Deathmatch Server like the old Academy TDM server. I would create many features myself that it is also a unique server. Please vote in the poll what you think. Thank you all ^^ Have a nice day ^^
  17. Loosy_Goosy

    Lack of Indian army Mods

    So I was scrolling along the pages for some good aircraft mods to include on my LAN gaming server, and being a person who has tried a lot of aviation mods from the community, I was kinda disappointing to not see IAF or MARCOS or any other good Indian armed forces mods. And I think we seriously need some Su-30 MKIs or HAL Tejas or Rafales on the page.
  18. Get more RAM. But in all seriousness, what you have done is pretty much the way to fix it... Also, check out this thread that is pinned at the top of this part of the forums. Might be some more solutions but if what you have done has worked leave it well enough alone.
  19. Here is my contrib. I added some log lines. Seems to work, but should be tested deeper: TAG_fnc_loadClientData = { params ["_loadout", "_positionASL", "_dir"]; waitUntil {!isNull player}; player setUnitLoadout _loadout; player setDir _dir; player setPosASL _positionASL; }; if (isServer) then { profileNameSpace setVariable ["TAG_disconnectedLoadouts",nil]; addMissionEventHandler ["HandleDisconnect", { params ["_body", "_id", "_uid", "_name"]; if(!isNull _body) then { private _loadout = getUnitLoadout _body; private _position = getPos _body; private _direction = getDir _body; if(isNil {profileNameSpace getVariable "TAG_disconnectedLoadouts"}) then { profileNameSpace setVariable ["TAG_disconnectedLoadouts",createHashMapFromArray [[_uid,[_loadout,_position,_direction]]]]; } else { (profileNameSpace getVariable "TAG_disconnectedLoadouts") set [_uid,[_loadout,_position,_direction]]; }; diag_log [_uid,(profileNameSpace getVariable "TAG_disconnectedLoadouts")]; }; false } ]; addMissionEventHandler ["PlayerConnected", { params ["_id", "_uid", "_name", "_jip", "_owner"]; if(_jip) then { private _clientData = profileNamespace getVariable ["TAG_disconnectedLoadouts", []]; if (_clientData isEqualTo []) exitWith {}; private _value = _clientData get _uid; diag_log ["<<<<<after connect>>>>",_value,_this]; [_value,TAG_fnc_loadClientData] remoteExec ["spawn", _owner]; }; } ]; };
  20. How is spawnScienceGroup.sqf being executed? If it's unscheduled, the waitUntil on lines 14 and 29 would throw the error "generic error in expression." You might want to share a .rpt file.
  21. Harzach


    Yes indeed, thanks for the catch @ZaellixA!
  22. Jackal326

    Discord Unban Request

    Just to clarify my previous post, it was in reference to replies to their threads, rather than whether or not they were successful about becoming unbanned. It was in no way a comment on moderation of the Discord or these forums. A suggestion could be made for a "Discord unban request" thread to be made an pinned as the frequency for appeal posts seems to be increasing.
  23. You're right, no need to draw no icon. For all each framed code, I'm not sure you waste performance if you just skip the framed code with quick condition. There are plenty of framed (or more often!) codes which don't impact performance if the condition is not too complex. Example: all addAction on player , the condition is checked on each fame (at least). There is no performance impact with fast checking like the condition I'm using.
  24. Hey, Since yesterday I have huge problem, I cant upload/update anything to the Workshop anymore, no matter if I try to publish something via the Editor or via Publisher. I am always getting the error: '"Something went wrong Steam error code :16, Error code 1, Error message: STEAM_API_DLL TODO" https://prnt.sc/1xdnpiu I even tried to upload it from another PC on an different Network, but still got the same error, but I worked with another Steam account without any problems. I tried a lot of things but nothing fixed the issue :/
  25. We are trying to update our settings and take advantage of some of the new features. Quite frankly its a little confusing As example would be the following setting worked for view distance before the update. We want players to be able to set their own View distance; The confusion lies in which we should be overriding, both the mission and the client, or just the client? You can see from above we had to leave the server option of overriding the mission blank to make it work which seemed counterintuitive. Adding further to the mystery are the indication of the meaning behind the red and green x's and checks, which have different meaning depending on where they're placed. Anyone have an easy walkthrough or suggestions for this?
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