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  1. I want bots to spawn in random place in whole marker called "respawn" Im calling script with "start", both for independent and west, any way to randomize it?
  2. Script working until sometime later in scenario(deathmatch) Possible bug here is that MGI_agent_Grp = createGroup playerSide; might be MGI_agent_Grp = createGroup [playerSide, true]; will check
  3. I want call this script on already flying some Jet i create addAction What code should i edit to make script work? NVM.. found i've got another question, is there any way to fully randomize weapons on pylons?
  4. 9900K with fastest memory smth like DDR4@4000 Watercooled, overclockable to around 5.3 all cores
  5. abudabi

    Server FPS limit testing

    Any updates @Dedmen?
  6. 2016 12 14 dll's reupload https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XnWpnsSVLejgLRWQnSfx0FqQm2z0bOLs
  7. All trees and caustics is so strong, that makes RHS tanks like M1A1 and T-72&T-90 laying upside down every mission in every chernarussian forest Any kind of fixes for this? https://youtu.be/WjRwgoUgHyo?t 0:00 - 0:10 we got very lucky that we got back on the ground.. AllInArma Terrain pack had less tree-antiarmor(antivehicle) slowing force, less flippining tanks was there
  8. @Brisse run benchmarks again pls, win10 updated
  9. Toggle gunner zoom on vehicles on pure 1.68 x64 have big latency again, on 1.66 it was fixed Tryed in SP scenario, everything work ok, will test in multiplayer
  10. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_vatZXoRzdQYk9HUGhoUkNBYlU updated link
  11. @fred41 you mean about this thing? And the third advantage is the xtbb, im right?
  12. @fred41 hello, i'll very pleasured if you can find some another perfomance boosts since x64 bins was realeased
  13. abudabi

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    @ruPal click on quote