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  1. @domokun but no idea if Adaptive-Sync is possible this way.
  2. maybe you're right, but if this way power consumption can be further reduced, why not.
  3. One person I know also reported that he connected his monitor to the iGPU of the CPU, via motherboard display connector, while having his RTX 3080 also installed and on desktop and in browser it was the iGPU that was used, but in games it was the RTX 3080, although there was no display cable connected to the RTX 3080 ))) So this is very interesting, since this would allow us to spare a lot of energy, by not using the dedicated GPU at all, on desktop or in browser, considering how power hungry latest gen GPUs are.
  4. Intel 11000 CPUs also have same approach as AMD with Infinity Fabric, but with their memory controller frequency/speed. Past certain memory controller frequency, memory controller + RAM can work only in 2:1 mode, like it can be seen on the screen in CPU-Z memory tab, where RAM itself is @ 2000 MHz (4000 MHz) and memory controller is only 1000 MHz (2000 MHz), so 2:1. Now we need to know what RAM frequency will be doable with Intel 11000 CPUs in order to stay in 1:1 mode, for healthy Aida64 RAM latency numbers (ns), which would result in increased FPS in games, due to lower RAM latency. But this we will know not before 30th of March or maybe even later, after several BIOS (microcode) versions.
  5. This is the power consumption under 100% load, in a stress test and power consuption of the CPU (i7-11700K) + GPU (RTX 2080 Ti) + SSD (M.2) + RAM (2x8 GB 3200 MHz CL14) + motherboard, although the stress test was on the CPU only, but other components have consmued some power as well + a stress test consumes what you will never ever consume under any other circumstances. CPU itself and in games (not stress tests) should be around 100 W - not really more than R7 5800X. Intel 11000 CPUs are pretty big, since there is a much more powerful integrated GPU and they now also support AVX512, which makes cores bigger and further appart from each other, giving a greater surface area for heat to spread across, which is good for us, with air coolers.
  6. 20°C cooler i7-11700K you can additionally OC it so it also reaches 90°C, like R7 5800X. But at that point i7-11700K will be faster at same temp. Intel 11000 have bigger CPU DIE and it's well placed in the center so the best position for coolers to cool it and you also don't need an AiO or custom water cooling and you still can OC Intel 11000 on air.
  7. i7-11700K stock with Noctua NH-D15 R7 5800X seems to be real garbage with 89°C for 16 threads and 7 nano vs. 82°C of R9 5950X (32 threads) only 71°С for i7-11700K (16 threads) i9-11900K will be cooler than i7-11700K thanks to lower voltage for higher frequency.
  8. @Gunter Severloh your RAM (F4-3600C17Q-32GVK) is well above average and performs decently. It greatly helps to unleash your CPU power - no worries here.
  9. @Gunter Severloh well, I see it says up to 3600 MHz and most probably only for 16 GB and with not very tight timings. But you can always try to select the XMP profile in the BIOS to see if it works with your 32 GB. Otherwise you select XMP profile in the BIOS, you apply it all and exit the BIOS and return to BIOS again, before it boots into Windows and you leave everything like it's set by XMP profile, but you change the frequency from 3600 to 3500 MHz. It will still be better than 3200 MHz.
  10. @Gunter Severloh so your RAM is 3600 CL17 and your motherboard as well as the CPU fully support it. Go inside the BIOS of your motherboard and select/enable XMP profile of your RAM and that's it.
  11. @Gunter Severloh what is the exact RAM model you have and motherboard model?
  12. Yes, RAM not only can but really does bottleneck in your case, since on Ryzen CPUs the communication between cores happens using RAM and the slower the RAM, the slower gets data shared/transmited between/to cores. Also with slow RAM (slower than 3600 MHz), you slow down the CPU and thus you slow down as well the GPU, since the GPU is waiting for data from the CPU to build/show frames/pictures, but the CPU can deliver this data on time, because it's still wating for RAM. You won't be able to overclock your 3000 MHz RAM to 3600 MHz. Better you buy some good quality but still very accessible 3600 MHz 16-18-18-38 RAM from Crucial and better be it 32 GB, since 16 GB nowadays is slowly but surely almost like 8 GB before. https://geizhals.de/crucial-ballistix-schwarz-dimm-kit-32gb-bl2k16g36c16u4b-a2222375.html Otherwise here you have same RAM, but just 16 GB, in case 32 GB of it is too expensive for you. https://geizhals.de/crucial-ballistix-schwarz-dimm-kit-16gb-bl2k8g36c16u4b-a2222472.html I hope you have enabled XMP profile in the BIOS of your motherboard for your current RAM sticks so they work at rated 3000 MHz.
  13. Have bought 2x16 GB 3800 MHz 14-16-16-36 XMP 1.5 V and now waiting for Intel to release their new CPUs on completely new architecture since Skylake (2015), to see if I buy this or still Ryzen 5000. Will see if I can do 4266 MHz 16-16-16-36 or 4000 MHz 15-15-15-35 or 3800 MHz 14-14-14-34/14-14-15-34/14-15-15-34 Arma will like it for sure!
  14. Not mentioned if 61 FPS is min, avg or max, screen resolution, video settings used, if any other programs were running in the background (browser, antivirus etc) during YAAB run(s) and if this FPS is after only 1 or more runs, after fresh computer start or after computer being on for some time, with a lot of other stuff running (even if processes killed before YAAB). All of this may impact the result(s) noticablely. Also possible CMA malloc wasn't working, because only selecting it as malloc to use is not enough for it to work.
  15. Considerable FPS boost in Arma with Ryzen 5000X and 3600 MHz RAM, depending from which platform you're switching to Zen 3. Smart Access Memory feature enabled needs to be tested specifically in Arma. Haven't seen anybody so fare testing it specifically in Arma.