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  1. @Belanglos Your problem is related to only 8 GB of RAM, in the first place. I now have 32 GB RAM and launching only ArmA (no other apps open) and not even navigating to any of its menus/options, I already have 8 GB of RAM full. And I suppose you not only have only 8 GB RAM but it's not even 2000 MHz DDR3, more likely 1333/1600/1866 MHz. RAM cleaner is a very very bad idea, because it only causes even more stutter. vRAM, RAM and paging file are there in order to be able to have as much 3D models, textures and sounds loaded from the disk to all of them, so when something is needed, it's already in the memory. Constantly cleaning RAM requires all the stuff to be requested/loaded each time again and again from the disk, which is much much slower than RAM and RAM being much much much slower than vRAM. So RAM quantity is your main problem, but not the only. Even when I've played ArmA 2, which was 32 bit and also ArmA 3, which also was 32 bit (until March 2017), I already had 16 GB RAM and playing like 6 or more hours in multiplayer, I received a message that was saying, that my RAM was full and I needed to close some apps or close ArmA. Looking at how much RAM the .exe file consumes is wrong. This only tells you how much RAM is used for the game to run. Because the game also caches really a lot of stuff and the longer you play the bigger the cache, which has nothing to do with the amount of RMA used by .exe file of the game. Even in 2014, when I had my GTX Titan with its 6 GB vRAM, ArmA 3 32 bit at 1080p ultra was already using 3.7 GB vRAM. So your 3.5 GB vRAM were already a limiting factor back then. Since ArmA 3 is 64 bit (March 2017), I can tell you, that after playing more than 5-6 hours without reconnect to a server or game restart, I could observe like 25 GB RAM of 32 GB, 8 GB of 8 GB vRAM (GTX 1070 Ti) and more than 30 GB paging file, while playing on Altis PvE without any mods with 30 players. I know one guy, who has 16 GB vRAM (Radeon VII) and he has seen more than 9 GB vRAM usage at 1080p. I don't affirm that so much is really used, but it's at least reserved. I also have used GTX 970, with its only 3.5 GB vRAM (+ 512 MB very very slow vRAM). Its performance is very similar to a GTX 1060 6 GB, but with a lot more freezes/stutters, because of only 3.5 GB vRAM. Only launching the game, already more than 2 GB vRAM are used. When playing a little bit in multiplayer, your 3.5 GB vRAM are quickly full, which already starts to cause some micro-stutter (despite good/high FPS), because older stuff is being moved from vRAM to a much much slower RAM to free some vRAM for new stuff, that needs to be loaded to the the vRAM. And this happens non-stop, because your vRAM is limiting. BUT! You also have RAM problem already when starting the game, not even speaking about running the game for several hours. So data is also moved from RAM to paging file, which is a lot slower than RAM itself, which causes even more micro-stutter (despite good/high FPS). And just so you know, you can't really disable paging file in Windows 10. Because even if you disable or limit paging file size in the settings, which by the way are the left overs from Windows 7 user interface, when you check the paging file usage/size with MSI afterburner or with HWiNFO, when you're playing, you will see, that the usage is fluctuating and increasing over time. And one shouldn't disable or limit the size of the paging file, because there are apps/games that need it to exist, because it's how a lot of apps/games are programmed. You should always leave it in automatic management, so when certain disk capacity is needed, it's accessible, so the app/game doesn't crash. Also always having like 20% of disk capacity left for moving files or paging file needs is crucial. You need at least 16 GB RAM and also, if possible at least 6 GB vRAM. Because over time, hardware level needed for a fluid experience in ArmA has increased. A lot when ArmA 3 switched to 64 bit. command -maxMem= in order to limit the RAM usage isn't doing anything. Just so you know. FPS only tells you how fast a game runs, but not how fluid. For good fluidity of a game (not only ArmA), one needs enough vRAM, RAM, paging file, SSD and cores/threads. One can have like 120 FPS with 2-4 5GHz cores, but it will lag/stutter, because of low vRAM, low RAM, low paging file, no SSD, not enough cores/threads. One can play with 40 FPS and experience a much more fluid gameplay, with 6 GB vRAM, 16 GB RAM, auto paging file management, SSD and 4/8 cores/threads. One can experience even more fluid gameplay with 8 GB vRAM and more, with more than 16 GB RAM, 6-8/12-16 cores/threads. Despite having not even half of FPS one would like. And remember! vRAM, RAM and paging file are there, to keep the info loaded for faster access and less lag/stutter. Cleaning it, defies the purpose of having it and its certain size/amount. And also don't compare ArmA to most of other games. Since ArmA is a pure PC game, not a console port. Which if it would have been one, could run much smoother/faster, because consoles are much weaker and console ports, like GTA or Witcher are programmed with this in mind. If you look at Tarkov or Squad, same problems as with ArmA can be observed, despite them being newer and having better/newer engines.
  2. Ripjaws is same as Trident Z. You just don't pay for "sexy" aluminum body and no RGB blingbling. 16 GB is ok.
  3. @Smart Games 100% in which program/game? What is the model of CPU cooler you have? What is the voltage you have set for it to run @ 4.8/4.3 GHz? You can and you should overclock the cache higher than that.
  4. @Smart Games congrats, mate! Which air cooler do you use? 70 degrees is 100% load? Load in which program/game? Have you overclocked CPU cache as well, as it's very important?!
  5. Have received my i7-5775C with 128 MB eDRAM (L4 cache) and overclocked it to 4.3/3.8 GHz core/cache. Not delidded, yet ))) In YAAB 1080p standard it's 2-3 FPS avg. faster than my 5.0/4.4 GHz core/cache i7-4790K. But all the magic starts, when you're on a mountain, from where you can see everything around you or when you're flying and setting terrain and objects to 4-8 km. When you turn your head, even if very quickly, there is 0 microstutter because of loading kms of objects and terrain. It's already there, instantly. Buttery smooth in all sircumstances (vs. i7-4790K). I don't know how to describe it better. The feeling is almost like changing from a HDD to SSD. CPU's IMC (integrated memory controller) accepted without any problems all my 4 dual rank 2400 MHz DDR3 sticks with tightest timings possible. I don't regret even 1 second having paid ~400 € for a 2015 CPU. Just because of this smoothness it was already worth it. @ 4.3 GHz and 14 nm (vs. 22 nm) it's not hot and fans can spin slower -> less noise. Next step is to buy an Intel Optane 900P for ultimate smoothness in Windows.
  6. Guys, next week I can finally reorder the i7-5775C @ AliExpress for ArmA only to replace my i7-4790K 4.8/4.4 GHz. I hope this time I won't destroy it with plastic toothpick while cleaning the leftovers of silicone )))
  7. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T143979 MIM-145 Defender, AN/MPQ-105 Radar, S-750 Rhea and R-750 Cronus Radar continue to emit sound after being destroyed (like T-100 Varsuk did before) https://feedback.bistudio.com/T127814 List of vehicles with dashboards lighten up only when headlights are switched on (despite engine on) https://feedback.bistudio.com/T137525 AAF and CSAT full ghillie have their injury RVMATs swapped https://feedback.bistudio.com/T137524 Qilin LSV's RVMATs make it darker than other vehicles https://feedback.bistudio.com/T137522 "clothing1_injury.rvmat" is lighter than "clothing1.rvmat"
  8. Groove_C

    (Co30) Evolution-A3

    Any servers with this mission?
  9. @Taxxor90 Yes, it's better to completely separate Frametimes from FPS.
  10. @Taxxor90 Oh, so it's frametimes graph, but FPS bars down there ))) Have not paid enough attention then. I had to select ArmA 3, because there was another process as well. Later I've managed to understand how to hide/remove it from the list and add it to ignore list.
  11. @Taxxor90 I have corrected my previous post to: It's may be obvious that the .exe is only visible only once it's launched, but it's really confusing for average user who first launches your program and can't see/select needed process (which is normal). Also it's annoying that one can only compare FPS of 2 runs but not framatimes (at least I couldn't find it). Frametimes comparison would have been much better than simply FPS.
  12. Updated our server and everything is just fine - people can connect. The problem was just that the server was not updated to the hotfix.
  13. @clawhammer 3866 CL18 is very bad for Ryzen, because Infinity Fabric can't operate at 1933 MHz (3866 MHz) and it switches instead to only half of the speed - 967 MHz, to guaranty 3866 MHz operation of RAM. And also 18-18-18-38 is really high for 3866 MHz. What you can do, is to manually switch your RAM in the BIOS to 3600 MHz, so Infinity Fabric can run at 1800 MHz instead of only 967 MHz and without changing RAM voltage or anything else RAM related, put your RAM to operate at 16-16-16-36 instead of 18-18-18-38. Because your RAM operates at 1.35 V, which is same voltage as for 3600 CL16 kits. You will see your FPS will improve and latencies will go down.