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  2. whiteface73


    In my experience the biggest lags (that‘s an euphemism for A3 coming to a grinding halt) happened after respawn...but this problem seems to be solved since I don‘t use the MP save or GRAD anymore. When I had the problems, they had no effect on my co-player (and vice versa) or the dedicated server. How server side saving could lead to such big client side problems escapes me.
  3. yeah they just love to hang out at the bottom of the stairs don't they, i just checked my function and i got round that by running the patrol script on each group member, which worked fine for me as i just wanted a few units patrolling the one building, but is maybe not a good fix for your needs i think, for a group patrolling many buildings. I feel like the more stairs there are in a building the less the AI wants to behave, perhaps arma AI is scared of heights 😉
  4. A new episode : Ryzen 3 2200G + RX550 + 16 GB DDR4 @ 1080p As I had said in the previous episode "... Obviously, with a graphic quality in "Standard", it's rather ugly ...". So a RX 550 Sapphire Pulse has been added to the test. This is how it looks just out of the box, without lifting the hood and going into the BIOS. The CPU goes up to 3.7 GHz in Max Boost, the RAM is at the base frequency of 2133 MHz. Using YAAB, the "classical" test in urban environment loaded in IA, you can see the successive gains, first by using the RAM in profile # 1 in the BIOS @ 3000 MHz then using the EZ mode of ASUS , this "OC for Dummies" pushing the 4 cores up to 3.85 GHz. In game, here in MP on my "2vs1" test mission, in the last configuration (EZ + RAM @ 3000), FPS level is in the 25 and 35 FPS range, a few times more, rarely less, the graphic quality is good and overall the gaming feel is frankly good. Note: testing, I observed a particularly high level of the GPU usage, regularly between 70 and 90% but also in long sequences to almost 100%.I know from experience that since the release of Visual Update and the 64-bit client the impact of the graphics card in the performance level has increased significantly. I will have to do some tests with a much more efficient than the RX 460 and GTX 670 used in previous tests.
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  6. Dimrose


    Outcry is now back online with major improvements! Look for Outcry Dynamic Mission Generator on the server listing.
  7. I've been fiddling around with Vcom for a bit, but it's been a recent addition to my A3Wasteland MP mission, which uses civilians as the AI (with the other factions as playable). I'm not too sure if Vcom has control over them, as I read this on the Armaholic page: Just wanted to see if there was anything I needed to do other than the basics of installing it to get Vcom to control CIV? Cheers 🙂
  8. I can get it work with regular unload waypoints(load works too) Its a decent enough work around so if anyone has issues with it in future they can use this. Cheers man
  9. CDNSniper

    [REQUEST] ORBAT Tutorial

    I've solved the issue. Problem was I had spaces in the class names. But now, when i place the orbat module down, im getting an error that says Orbat params not found.
  10. nickobus

    Project True Viking

    Awesome work! I am so glad that for this spiritual successor to Astfor kinda thing. I am loving the look, sound and feel for all the content; though I hope we will get a version of a uniform that is gloved with knee pads too. Keep up the awesome work! Are the KM-90s/Galil 5.56mm? edit: Nvm, I see that the railed version has a different magwell that allows for the stagnag kinda magazines, so I assume it's all 5.56.
  11. What's your path like in P:\scripts\userconfig.sqf ? Should be like this roadpath = "/rof/rof_mull_of_kintyre_c/roads/"; must be a slash at the end
  12. Donnie_Plays


    I've had the same comment a few times on my MP missions. However, when it comes to released content, I've never once enabled "Select Respawn Position" as a setting, because I generally think selecting spawn points is lame in apocalyptic sandbox scenarios. (the whole point of the environment is the grind of getting geared and staying alive through the process). I have no idea what causes the problem you are referring to. Something is definitely happening with player characters when they die, though and it's clearly something that is having an effect on respawns. It is sporadic. For the longest time I thought the issue was directly related to respawn positions and objects spawning in the same place, causing immediate death on the character. I proved that wrong though, by putting in parachute spawns (Exile style). It basically fixed the problem, but I did still see it occur one time, while testing the WarZones mod. Something is happening with player deaths in the code. I'm not sure what is happening or why. The issue you are referring to has occurred multiple times in Arma. Usually... the issue is related to someone not using the right version of Arma or an outdated version of a mod on a mission file that has not been updated. Here is an example from a vanilla Wasteland server without mods. https://www.reddit.com/r/armadev/comments/6xbse4/multiplayer_spawning_at_000_stuck_in_map_without/ Exile https://www.exilemod.com/topic/19421-respawn-bug/ http://moosemilker.com/forums/topic/arma-3-exile-automatic-death-bug/ Epoch https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/6498-dead-re-spawn-on-their-body/
  13. NATO US Army Overhauled [RHS] updated -bug fixes for some helmets Download https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1458833592
  14. CDNSniper

    [REQUEST] ORBAT Tutorial

    Hello, hopefully this topic isn't dead. Need help with this one. This is my Orbat Config. When i jump in to edit my mission, im getting an error "Line 2:/CfgOrbat/: 'F' encountered instead of '{' class CfgORBAT { class Task Force Athena { id = 0; idType = 0; side = "West"; type = "Unknown"; commander = "Mattis"; commanderRank = "General"; text = "Task Force Athena"; textShort = "TF Athena"; texture = "\a3\missions_f_epa\data\img\orbat\B_Aegis_texture_ca.paa"; color[] = {1,1,1,1}; class NATO { id = 0; idType = 0; side = "West"; text = "North Atlantic Treaty Organization"; textShort = "NATO"; texture = "\A3\ui_f\data\map\markers\flags\nato_ca.paa"; class NATO BG { id = 0; idType = 0; side = "West"; size = "Battalion"; type = "MechanizedInfantry"; commander = "Vance"; commanderRank = "Colonel"; text = "NATO BattleGroup"; textShort = "NBG"; class 1Co { id = 1; idType = 2; side = "West"; size = "Company"; type = "MechanizedInfantry"; text = "Alpha Company"; textShort = "A Coy"; }; class 2Co { id = 2; idType = 2; side = "West"; size = "Company"; type = "MechanizedInfantry"; text = "Bravo Company"; textShort = "B Coy"; }; class 3Co { id = 3; idType = 2; side = "West"; size = "Company"; type = "MechanizedInfantry"; text = "Charlie Company"; textShort = "C Coy"; }; class 4Sq { id = 4; idType = 2; side = "West"; size = "Squadron"; type = "Armored"; text = "Delta Squadron"; textShort = "D Sq"; }; class 5Sq { id = 5; idType = 2; side = "West"; size = "Company"; type = "Support"; text = "Echo Squadron"; textShort = "E Sq"; }; class 6Ba { id = 7; idType = 2; side = "West"; size = "Company"; type = "Artillery"; text = "Golf Battery"; textShort = "G Bty"; }; }; }; class EUDF { id = 0; idType = 0; side = "West"; text = "European Union Defence Force"; textShort = "EUDF"; texture = "\A3\ui_f\data\map\markers\flags\EU_ca.paa"; class EUBG { id = 0; idType = 0; side = "West"; size = "Battalion"; type = "MechanizedInfantry"; commander = "Montgomery"; commanderRank = "Colonel"; text = "EUDF BattleGroup"; textShort = "EUDF"; class ACo { id = 1; idType = 2; side = "West"; size = "Company"; type = "MechanizedInfantry"; text = "Alpha Company"; textShort = "A Coy"; }; class BCo { id = 2; idType = 2; side = "West"; size = "Company"; type = "MechanizedInfantry"; text = "Bravo Company"; textShort = "B Coy"; }; class CCo { id = 3; idType = 2; side = "West"; size = "Company"; type = "Infantry"; text = "Charlie Company"; textShort = "C Coy"; }; class DSq { id = 4; idType = 2; side = "West"; size = "Squadron"; type = "Armored"; text = "Delta Squadron"; textShort = "D Sq"; }; class ESq { id = 5; idType = 2; side = "West"; size = "Company"; type = "Support"; text = "Echo Squadron"; textShort = "E Sq"; }; class GBa { id = 7; idType = 2; side = "West"; size = "Company"; type = "Artillery"; text = "Golf Battery"; textShort = "G Bty"; }; }; }; class Altis Armed Forces { id = 0; idType = 0; side = "Resistance"; type = "unknown"; commander = "Achaeus"; commanderRank = "General"; text = "Altis Armed Forces"; textShort = "AAF"; texture = "\A3\ui_f\data\map\markers\flags\AAF_ca.paa"; class 1Reg { id = 1; idType = 0; side = "Resistance"; size = "Battalion"; type = "MechanizedInfantry"; commander = "Balakros"; commanderRank = "Colonel"; text = %1 Regiment class AgCo { id = 1; idType = 2; side = "Resistance"; size = "Company"; type = "Infantry"; text = "Agetas Company"; textShort = "A Coy"; }; class CyCo { id = 3; idType = 2; side = "Resistance"; size = "Company"; type = "MechanizedInfantry"; text = "Cycliadas Company"; textShort = "C Coy"; }; class ArSq { id = 112; idType = 0; side = "Resistance"; size = "Company"; type = "Armored"; text = "%1 %2 Squadron"; textShort = "112th Armor Sq"; }; }; class 2ASq { id = 2; idType = 0; side = "Resistance"; size = "Company"; type = "Helicopter"; text = "%1 Aviation Squadron"; textShort = "2nd Avn Sq"; }; }; class 11SF { id = 11; idType = 0; side = "West"; type = "Unknown"; commander = "Cole Taylor"; commanderRank = "Colonel"; text = "11th Special Forces Operations Group"; textShort = "11 SFOG"; texture = "\A3\ui_f\data\map\markers\flags\USA_ca.paa"; class 75Rangers { id = 5; idType = 0; side = "West"; size = "Company"; type = "Infantry"; text = "5th Bn 75th Rangers"; textShort = "5BN75RNG"; }: class TFAegis { id = 0; idType = 0' side = "West"; type = "Unknown"; text = "Task Force Aegis"; textShort = "TF Aegis"; }; class 160th { id = 160; idType = 0; side = "West"; size = "Company"; type = "Helicopter"; text = "%1 Special Operations Aviation Regiment"; textShort = "160th SOAR"; }; }; }; };
  15. beno_83au

    How to get UAV operator from the UAV?

    Quick search of the commands wiki for all things "UAV" gives this: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/UAVControl Edit: In case you haven't already bookmarked it: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Scripting_Commands_Arma_3
  16. Would be cool, but i think not, it includes much of diffrent vehicles and here variants (the Leos). What is with artillery like a BM-21 ore a 2S3 ?
  17. I'm looking into making a UAV jammer using disableUAVConnectability. The only issue is that command requires I know what unit is controlling the UAV. Is there a way to get the unit controlling the UAV from the UAV object? Here's an outline (not at all final) of my current thought process for the code just in case this entire approach is fundamentally flawed (If you've got pointers for other potential issues feel free to share) //Get jammer_target (uav) from cursorObject; //if (typeOf jammer_target == darter uav)then <- going to use either this or isKindOf //{ // if (jammer_target distance > jammers's max range) then // { // Get target_controller from jammer_target; <-- Is this possible/how would I do this? // target_controller disableUAVConnectability[jammer_target, true]; // jammer_target engineOn false; // }; //}; thanks for any help you can give
  18. hey alive team i noticed that when a camp or composition spawns it spawn around A M112 charge that is not interactive at all. is there a way to change that to a garbage pile or something?
  19. empleat100

    arma 3 won't launch with stereoscopic 3d

    Looking at this error DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG it will be probably because arma 3 doesn't support 3d and even it used to work, it isn't main goal of arma to support 3d and probably doesn't even work anymore. Other reasons which cause this error, should cause problems in other games aswell, i don't how could be anything else. I wanted to see nuke 3d. VR reality not yet fully optimized and is expensive and it yet lack depth and is fake 3d.
  20. wow man, i never used my account i just lurked but after seeing this i have to post. my family is from Jasło and the screenshots really feel like the real thing. i assume youre from Jasło or familiar with it. if you want to make my life complete i can PM exactly where my house was haha i hope you keep developing it.
  21. crs24


    @Jezuro Could it be programmed that newly airdropped vehicles, crates and such won’t spawn to land on the active part of the runway that called in planes land at, like how airdropped vehicles seem to spawn so they don’t land on each other? Just a thought I had since this would be a potentially bigger issue with locked vehicles blocking the runway. I’ve also seen newly called in helicopters and vtols land on the runway as well, although not as often. That could possibly be solved with some visible or invisible helipads which maybe there already are invisible ones, like the one you can see at the AAC on altis is often used by new helicopters and helicopters already tend to land in certain places.
  22. johnnyboy

    Sirens (Prelude)

    This looks super cool EO, congrats on the release. I'm going to take time out from my latest script obsession for some creepy zed adventuring!
  23. yeah i can make it an addon. only issue is that it uses “ingameuiseteventhandler”, which cant be stacked, so if its used by any other addon or the mission itself, there would be a conflict
  24. ZackTactical34

    Tactical Combat Link - TypeX

    @snkman Sorry for the scuffle on your mod thread (maybe an admin could clear it up). As with my original post, outstanding work. I’ll continue testing to see any areas for improvement in TCL (almost like a bug reporter). Again, excellent job 👍
  25. Victruso

    Official Zeus - Multiple bugs and concerns

    Numbers 1,5 and 6 used to be solved via the debug console(RIP, one of the best tools for the public server community) but people started griefing with it which is what probably got it removed in the first place. So that'd mean we'd have to wait for an official QoL update to Zeus, one which I'm not expecting at all.
  26. Pre-2035 AAF backed INDEP FIA fighters replacement pack for the main campaign, DL'ed missions, ect. Mods MLO Uniforms, CUP, INDEP FIA Overhauled (CUP Edition)
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