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  2. Asking that this thread be moved to the Completed section or shut this one down. Announcement post going up in the Completed section ASAP.
  3. @Tankbuster so you're just ignoring the benchmarks that show marginal at best temp advantage, at least double the price, more noise, chemical problem between aluminum and copper no matter which additives are present in the system, loss of liquid over time and much greater possibility of failure, ok. Also famous youtubers, like der 8auer or Linus went back to air for a reason for their own high end systems with very high overclock. And they are not alone. I know a lot of people myself that already have used several different AiOs before going back to air.
  4. LeGrange10K

    Get to know - Kamil Prihoda - Senior Artist

    Will there be more weapon customizations such as Ghillie covering for sniper rifles? And I love the “Say Cheese” message on the M2 it’s awesome ;)
  5. Rich_R

    Dismount Where You Look

    We’re using the Steam Workshop version.
  6. I never really used the greyhawk drone in a mission before. The issue I am having is getting the greyhawk to take off from the ground. It always crashes. The reason it needs to start from the ground is I am using the vehicle spawn Modules to allow the UAV unit to have three greyhawks to use during the mission. Is there a trick to get it in the air safely from the ground.
  7. Pyrit.

    Update 1.1 Bridges - Changelog

    Yes indeed there are multiple polaroids on each map showing the same location - to make the hunt more intense 🙂 Yes indeed the food purpose is still in the development 🙂 While we value community feedback deeply, those changes are not something we will have a complete picture of immediately. Already some monetization changes are being developed so stay tuned 🙂
  8. @Theo Thalwitzer, Maybe don't... I think instead make the units potential recruits on the fly. Here's a completely untested idea, Have fun!
  9. The lineIntersectsSurfaces looks really promising. will try that one out. But the "first surface" is not always right, as the player can be in buildings and the roof is the first surface. So therefore I think it is necessary to start from the player position/height. I will play around with the new knowledge and as I got very close to promising solution, so I call this solved now. I think I can figure the last bits on my own. Thanks for the help!
  10. Hello! Not worked. I Installed mods: Exile,cup t core,cba,Napf Not loading game..(Connecting) Sorry no speak English!
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  12. Am I overlooking all the new PMC clothing that was in the Dev branch? I can't seem to find it in the VA.
  13. I invite you to have a read of our forum rules here: https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/54604-forum-rules/
  14. ▶ What do you do on Vigor? Senior Graphic Artist ▶ What is your contribution to the Vigor Team? My specialization is the graphic part of weapons, props and other assets. ▶ What do you like about Vigor? As a person who doesn't like cold weather in real life, I'm really into the Norwegian setting of Vigor. ▶ What do you want to see in Vigor? More game modes would be cool! ▶ What do you do when you are not making Vigor? Right now I'm participating in Inktober. It is a drawing challenge where you're supposed to do one ink drawing a day during the entire month. And I'm also part of the Blood 1 modding community for a looong time. ▶ Did game dev change your view on the games and how? Throughout the last few decades, video games have become a cultural touchstone and extended their relevance way beyond the early years. And with almost 18 years in the game industry, while becoming an important part of the team that creates games I would say yes 😉 ▶ Your favorite games and why? Blood, Duke Nukem 3D & Shadow Warrior - the Holy Trinity of the Build engine. Doom, Quake, Half-Life series, Ion Maiden and many more 3D shooter deserves a mention. I'd put them on the same level. These games are as much fun now as they were back in the nineties. And why? Because you can mod these games. In some way, you can alter the game and how it's played creating your own unique experience. Plus I have met many dedicated people that rally behind modding certain games for either technical help or even just encouragement and inspiration. ▶ What's your favorite music, movie, show, book and why? I finally got my hands on Blood, Sweat, and Pixels book. I like books about the game industry overall. When it comes to music, I like Tool, Deftones, Dälek, Death Grips, Nine Inch Nails and many, many more. It is hard to pick just a few 😉 And you should check the Brutal Assault festival if you are into metal music. Best festival in the world! When it comes to shows - Robot Chicken, Rick and Morty and South Park. ▶ Is there something that you want to say to our community? Feedback is an important part of game development. It's a tool that is used to build things up, not break things down. Ask questions and make memes! ▶ You are Outlander; humanity has fallen. What would you do? I would grab a guitar and start a post-apocalyptic hardcore band! Bonus (From Radim) ▶ What's your favorite video game soundtrack? This one is easy - Quake II
  15. If it's spamming your logs a lot, it could effect server performance, one way to stop it is by using -noLogs in server startup parameters
  16. Dedmen

    Macaco's Mod

    FYI. That has already been integrated into TFAR itself.
  17. @killick did not work ACP's will still get a transport waypoint generated by GAIA and then lose its original waypoints that had a sentry and guard waypoints next to Bridges they are protecting. Each APC has a full squad in it's cargo space so there is really no room for it to pick additional troops up but it still moves attempts to pick them up then moves with the group is attempting to pick up to its destination point and then just sits there idle until it receives another transport waypoint. Very frustrating.
  18. You need to store the result of "addEventHandler" and call "removeEventHandler" with it. I'd recommend storing it directly on the unit (_x) using setVariable. Do Triggers have a "OnDeactivation"? Otherwise you could check inside the eventhandler if the marked location has been reached (put a trigger on the target location, and just set a global variable) and then remove the eventhandler using _thisEventHandler variable. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addEventHandler https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/removeEventHandler https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setVariable Isn't it enough to just trigger once the enemy side sees the invaders? Why go to such great effort to try to detect shooting? Afaik there is a "Detected by X" trigger type that you might be able to use? I'm not good enough at explaining stuff, so I'll have to leave that to someone else.
  19. Absolutely. I subscribed on CUP Weapons on steam workshop, so it must be up to date version. I even unsubcribed and subscribed again to redownload mod Upd.: I found out what's wrong. It's on server side. Server version of CUP Weapons is still 1.12.0
  20. Are you sure? There was a second update after the first update on Monday, the first one had issues with weapons stuff missing, which your error message fits to.
  21. Lysergic Aldent

    How to use UnitCapture in Arma 3.

    you could set up an event handler to check for _unit !alive and if true exit the script. not 100% sure on how this would be done. im pretty sure there is an EH that will fire when a unit dies. maybe use a global var as a flag set in the EH. then check the flag in your script and if true then Exitwith { };
  22. Dedmen

    Compass to big in map

    Correct. It comes from ACE https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/issues/6200
  23. Had this error when tried to enter server. CUP Weapons is up to date, I checked. Russian letters say that this session is over.
  24. YumKimil

    Compass to big in map

    This is a default size of compass
  25. ampersand38

    Dismount Where You Look

    It looks like the direction it's calculating is reversed somehow? Can you try making sure you've got the latest code? Maybe try saving `fn_dismount.sqf` to your testing mission folder and just running it with `execVM "fn_dismount.sqf"`. https://github.com/TFT8/addons/blob/master/tft_dismount/functions/fn_dismount.sqf
  26. YumKimil

    Compass to big in map

    Hi guys, I have only 1 month playing Arma 3, and I have a problem with compass, this is to big in map (see image) If I make double click over compass, this change your position, buy the not size This is related with mods, but I cant find what value I need change, for compass go to default size If you can help me, thanks in advance
  27. Kaisharev

    The ACU Project

    Hey, do we have permissions to retexture this?
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