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  2. I keep getting multiple errors but i can't understand why because i create a simple mission in eden editor with the same mods as the server just 2 for now, CBA_A3 and ace, i have the mods downloaded into the Arma 3 folder and i copied across the keys the errors i keep getting are 11:47:15 Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.a3_characters_f 11:47:18 Warning: looped for animation: a3\anims_f_epa\data\anim\sdr\cts\hubcleaned\briefing\hubbriefing_loop.rtm differs (looped now 0)! MoveName: hubbriefing_ext 11:47:18 Warning: looped for animation: a3\anims_f_epa\data\anim\sdr\cts\hubcleaned\spectator\hubspectator_stand.rtm differs (looped now 1)! MoveName: hubspectator_stand_contact 11:56:31 Mission test.Altis: Missing 'description.ext::Header' 11:56:32 Missing addons detected: 11:56:32 ace_cargo 11:56:32 Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.ace_cargo i have the exact same mods i unsubscribed and resubscribed i tried repairing then uploading the mods, nitrado customer support has been next to useless except when i had Error: createPeer failed they fixed that but only after half a week at this point i don't mind paying someone who knows what they are doing as long as they can fix the issue and show me how to do it myself in future i just really need this done in time for, if possible, 11th or a few days after Thank you for reading this far
  3. icebreakr

    [IceBreakr/IBIS] Fapovo Island

    Small hotfix coming with couple of bugfixes, it will be updated under 1.7.
  4. ghostdededed

    Challenges bug?

    A friend removed a challenge to get a new one but it's been days and hasn't gotten any new challenges yet. Is there a way to get them to come back again?
  5. Today
  6. Hello! I came up with a fun gamemode, where two sides fight to push the front line to the starting line of the enemy side. Players play as a part of a squad, usually led by AI. AI groups move independently, sharing and their intel about known enemy locations among each other and responding to the nearest targets, trying to find an advantageous position to attack from. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2418209864
  7. I have since encountered this error on several more PBOS, some published by myself some by others. Is there anyone in a position to shed some light on to why this happens or how to avoid it. Sometimes using the official addon builder works, sometimes only 3rd party packers. sometimes I have to use the binarize option to get a successful signature.
  8. Thanks for the report @pierremgi we will investigate ASAP
  9. Hi guys! Not sure if I should ask this question here but here we go: I'd like to connect to my Arma 3 server (Ubuntu) via a custom address instead of IP:PORT. Something like arma.domain.com. Is there anything I should do on the Arma server side?
  10. canadian1337

    Linux Ubuntu Server & Installing Mods

    I'm using @marceldev89s script, it's very useful :)
  11. DSabre

    Naval Legends (WIP)

    Interesting, Crater class looks very similar to the Liberty, at least to me. Would you happen to know what the differences are?
  12. That's my take on the situation when it comes to moving ships/carriers. The engine is just not well aligned to this purpose. Last time I looked into a 'moving' Nimitz, I tried to make her list and sink eventually. With the Nimitz itself it looked okish and believable, but when you put on planes it looked less convincable and finally, any unit on deck will start swimming animation when you alter the road lod below it. On the update of the carrier position in Eden, it needs an eventhandler and some script to move the carrier parts. params[["_nimitz", ObjNull]]; "Nimitz in attach eden events" call bis_fnc_log; _eh1 = _nimitz addEventHandler ["AttributesChanged3DEN", "_this call TTT_nimitz_fnc_updateNimitzLocation"]; _eh2 = _nimitz addEventHandler ["UnregisteredFromWorld3DEN", "_this call TTT_nimitz_fnc_uninitialize"]; _eh3 = _nimitz addEventHandler ["Dragged3DEN", "_this call TTT_nimitz_fnc_updateNimitzLocation"]; _nimitz setVariable ["eh1", _eh1]; _nimitz setVariable ["eh2", _eh2]; _nimitz setVariable ["eh3", _eh3]; "Attached events" call bis_fnc_log; true; // Init.sqf - for USS Nimitz by JDog //Spawns Nimitz and initializes other scripted systems // Modified by TeTeT && Leshrack params[["_nimitz", ObjNull]]; private []; private _nimitzDirection = getDir _nimitz; private _nimitzPosition = getPos _nimitz; //build the part array for the diffirent nimitz parts //assemble the parts { //create part at the nimitz position private _part = _nimitz getVariable [_x, objNull]; _part setDir _nimitzDirection; _part setPos _nimitzPosition; } foreach (_nimitz getVariable ["carrierParts", []]); if (getPosASL _nimitz # 2 > 0.5) then { "The carrier flightdeck height is too high, some scripts may fail" call bis_fnc_error; }; if (getPosASL _nimitz # 2 < -0.5) then { "The carrier flightdeck height is too low, some scripts may fail" call bis_fnc_error; }; //TODO: initialize nimitz services if they haven't been yet by another nimitz on the map consider race conditions //with keybinding system need to have something to check against for location //elevators //actions included as part of the models //catapults //find solution to initialize on all planes (also dynamic) //iflols //find solution to initialize on all planes (also dynamic) //arresting cables //find solution to initialize on all planes (also dynamic)
  13. Update Added Driving, Tanks, & Vehicles T-72 Turret Ejection (Lollipopping) Music, Sounds, Screams, & Voices Sound Mods Vehicle Volume Controller Escape From Tarkov Weapon Sounds - Tier One Weapons Hud, Interaction, Menu, User Interface, Video Settings Infantry Gameplay interaction features & functions Grenades In Tank Hatches for ACE Cams, Camera, Zoom, & 1st/3rd person view Cams & Cameras
  14. Update added Animations & Static Poses Anims for PiR WW2 - Made specifically for WWII scenarios. Replaces animations in PiR mod: Sprint, Run, Slow run. Anims for PiR WW2 ACE - Made specifically for WWII scenarios. Replaces animations in PiR mod (using ACE for PiR): Sprint, Run, Slow run.
  15. Unicode or whatever doesn't matter, it's just because the font in Arma 3 doesn't support such special characters.
  16. Consider some DAYz videos showing class Man entities walking over moving vehicles. If the same fearures are available in the next Arma incarnation I just want to be prepared. Hopefully these hacks for making big ships won't be neccessary.
  17.  EO


    Add this to a playable unit's init.... player setVariable ["thirst", player getVariable ["thirst", 50], false]; player setVariable ["hunger", player getVariable ["hunger", 50], false]; I'd recommend adjusting the players health/armor slider to compliment the reduced hunger/thirst stats.
  18. pierremgi

    Display special chars ?

    Have a look here. Not tested
  19. Recaldy (DayZ)


    Thanks. Is there a way to set a predefined level for hunger/thirst for the player? I'd like them to be around 50/50 at the beginning if possible.
  20. MuRaZorWitchKING


    Pop it into your init.sqf and I recommend a sleep infront of it as well. Good luck!
  21. Unfortunately, I could not find any direct solution to this problem. Only thing I could do is split mission in several parts.
  22. kd_odk

    Save Appearance.

    That wld be great. Like a prefered outfit for each mode and at least 2 outfits for encounters. 🤘
  23. That's scary dude. my gun won't fire all the time in encounters and elims. I'm pulling the trigger and she just stands there or she throws her elbow and I dont even have R3 set to do that anymore. Smh
  24. kd_odk

    Visual Settings

    I have pictures to back this up but I cant figure out how to add them to the post and I'm done. I'm about to give up on the game all together. 💔😣
  25. kd_odk

    Visual Settings

    Idk what is going on with the lighting in the game but no matter what game mode I am in at the beginning of every match I have to adjust the brightness and contrast. I cant seem to find a setting that will cover day/night and snow/grass. It's all over the place. Once in awhile in eliminations I accidently kill a teammate because their name tag blends in with the snow and then I get killed by them because they think I am being a jerk but there isn't game chat so I can't explain myself. 😕 Most days the depth of field is all over the place and I can't identify a player because they blend in so well with whatever they are standing in front of. For example, earlier today in Elims three people were standing against the wall of the plane and it wasn't until one of them ran into the snow that I realized someone was there. They could be standing right in front of me, in broad daylight, and I can't see the details of their outfits. They have pretty much been a dark silhouette this whole time no matter what I do to the in game setting and my T.V. settings. I am pretty much forced to rely on my audio and even then if I hear someone crawling around I can't figure out where they are. I can't see 10ft in front of my character because of the shadows and the way everything just blends in together. Does anyone else experience this? I know it isn't just my T.V. because my boyfriend has a 4k monitor and he deals with the same issues. I enjoy playing your game but I get so frustrated because I can't do anything to make the experience visually better. I really need you to address these issues so I can stop rage quitting and start having fun again. Thanks, Kd.
  26. kd_odk

    Game broken, Took my crowns and equipment

    Same here. I talked to someone about it a couple of times but they asked for my player id and I sent them a pic because I wasn't sure which number it was. Then they asked for it again because I guess they didn't see the pic so I emailed them both of the numbers in the bottom left corner of the screen at the menu. That was a couple of weeks ago and they haven't replied since I sent the last email with my player ID. Honestly, I'm beginning to give up on the game altogether. 😕
  27. kd_odk

    Visual Settings

    This is on PS4 btw. I have some pictures so I can show you what I am dealing with but I am new to this and don't k ow how to post them. Smh.
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