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  1. My vacation starts today. Just saying.
  2. Is there any way to use the attach ir strobe function on units that are not in the players group?
  3. Anyone know how to add AI vehicles to persistance so their location is saved (local) without syncing them to the Virtual AI module? I do not want them virtualized, only save their position.
  4. easyeb

    3CB Factions

    Anyone have any working blacklists for ALiVE to get rid of all the AA units and groups from Takistani Insurgents?
  5. easyeb

    3CB Factions

    Sorry I missed the question had been asked so recently. Using the above method I'm drawing blanks. I can't find CfgGroups anywhere, and all the 3CB content seems scribbled, binarized? I have a feeling I'm missing something though, as I can't find CfgGroups, so I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. EDIT: Got it! You hit "Config" on the debug console, not "Function".
  6. easyeb

    3CB Factions

    Enjoying this mod quite alot with Alive! Thanks for taking the time and making in! I'm trying to find the group class names to blacklist the AA teams of the Taki insurgents: Fire Team (AA) and Section (AA). Are the groups class names available anywhere so I can take a look at them? Cheers!
  7. easyeb


    What helo are you using in the clip?
  8. I'm having trouble getting the sync waypoint to work. I'm using middle mouse button as per instruction, but no syncing is appearing. My middle mouse button seems to work just fine, but is it possible to remap the key somehow or is there something I'm missing?
  9. easyeb

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Greetings! Nice addition to the game, thanks! For the Maxxpro that's in the UK3CB factions addon, how do I place a unit in the front passenger seat (commanders seat?), moveInCommander doesn't seem to work.
  10. That would need to check continously right?
  11. I run an alive mission so time of day when script runs will vary greatly. I guess I need it to get the current time of day, and then run that snippet, no?
  12. So I use setTimeMultiplier to make the hours run a little faster in a mission. I’d like it to run at 2x speed at daytime, and 4x speed at night time. Anyone have any idea of how to implement that?
  13. Trying my hands on this modeling and texture work. When making a collimator sight the reticle is seen faintly, floating in front of the weapon when not aiming. It’s most prominant when wearing NVGs and it’s as if the brightest parts of the reticle is bleeding through. what is causing this and what canI do to avoid it?
  14. Holy shit seven kids? No wonder these birds are never released 😂
  15. easyeb

    Tactical Wrist

    Nice addition! Thanks for taking the time. Little details like this make a huge difference. What helmets are in the screenshots?