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  1. connorwarman

    ACRE2 Stable Release

    Does ACRE2 block alive players chatter while dead players are in spectator? To be more specific, in my group - dead players in spec cant hear living players chatter. Is there a way to change this?
  2. Does F3 block chatter from spectator by defualt, or is that an ACRE2 thing? To be more specific, my group is unable to hear living players while in spec and we'd like to change that.
  3. We recently hit our two month anniversary, we've only been back up and running for a few months - but I think we've all been startled by the success we've had so far. In the short time we've been around we've made some great memories, most of them summarized in my own video, "A Revival". We've had a steady stream of applications coming in, building up our player base with a group of quality dudes all working towards a common goal of tactical fun. We're currently rolling with 20+ active members. Our focus on quality over quantity is still as persistent as ever. We've had plenty of videos surface since the groups revival two months ago, you can keep up to date on our videos here: http://coretactical.org/media/ If you're interested in joining a group of cool, like minded people, shoot us an application at: http://coretactical.org/apply/
  4. connorwarman

    War Chronicles WW2 Modification

    Really stoked to see a WW2 modification in the works, I hope all goes well for you guys. That Lee Enfield got me a little hot and heavy...
  5. This may be the wrong place to ask this, but I figured I'd give it a shot. Does anyone know of a way to get ArmA 2 terrains working in ArmA 3 with the proper keys? I've attempted to throw Fallujah and Podagorsk up on my server, with the keys that come with them... but it doesn't appear to be reading them, possibly because they are A2 server keys. Any ideas?
  6. connorwarman

    Sound update ruined this game...

    Interesting, I personally found the new sounds to be a major improvement over the old ones.
  7. connorwarman

    A few Questions from an Arma noob

    Jackal326 pretty much hit the nail on the head. 1.)-One of the great things about ArmA 3 is how modifiable it is. You can play the game any way you want, it's just a matter of downloading the mods you want and throwing a scenario together in the editor, or even easier - just downloading a mission from the steam workshop. 2.)- In regards to servers, most public ArmA 3 servers are running KOTH(King of The Hill) or Wasteland, which are two PvP gametypes. Although, most people agree that to get the best experience out of ArmA you should join a community or unit. You can look through a list of units here: https://units.arma3.com/ I hope this was helpful. :)
  8. Does @CUP_Terrains work with other old ArmA 2 maps like @A3MP? The specific maps i'm referencing are Podagorsk and Fallujah.
  9. connorwarman

    ASR AI 3

    This is great, been waiting for this. :)
  10. connorwarman

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    This is pretty cool, can we expect to see this in the next update laxemann?
  11. This program is seriously awesome, it's likely the best program for community repository installation, updating and management out right now, and I'll even go as far as to say it's the best tool of it's sort the ArmA community has ever had. If you aren't already using it, I highly suggest you do.
  12. connorwarman

    LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmA 3

    Looking forward to it. :)
  13. Core Tactical is Back! After a year or so offline, Core Tactical is back with a passion for tactical fun. We've established ourselves with a new website, forums and server. We're just getting started out again, so playercounts are low currently, but were use to that here. Quality over quantity has always been our goal. Website: http://coretactical.org/ What was posted in our original post still holds true, we hold all of our members to the same virtues and play style. Our passion is serious gaming, we understand that every individual participating in our sessions has a life just as complex as our own and is taking a chunk of their free time to be apart of the community, that's not something we take lightly. We've condensed our mod pack significantly, we're currently only using the following, ACRE2 for radio communication. RHS mods for more modern units. ShackTac mods, such as ST_Interact & STHUD. We currently play every Saturday night at 7PM EST/6PM CST/4PM PST. If Core Tactical sounds like something you'd like to be apart of, we suggest you take a look at our 'About' page on our website, and send us an application if what you see there interests you. To apply, head to http://coretactical.org/apply/ See you on the battlefield!
  14. connorwarman

    Infected Script by Gulozwood

    Is it possible to disable the zombies from using civilian local voice chatter? Ruins the immersion for me.