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  1. connorwarman

    The ISIL Foothold

    Gotcha, I was playing in SP when I should have been playing in MP to ensure the respawn functionality worked as intended. Thanks for letting me know.
  2. connorwarman

    The ISIL Foothold

    Just finished giving the 'Respawns' version a go. Good stuff. I enjoyed the variety in the approach that I could take to accomplishing the mission, and consequently I see a lot of replayability value in the mission. Moreover, it was simply fun to play through. I wasn't able to accomplish all the tasks before I ran out of respawns (SP team switching), but it was proper fun all the same. Thanks for making this.
  3. connorwarman

    Cold War Expansion - Norway

    Really cool. I'd love to see more people expand upon the GM setting more. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this!
  4. connorwarman

    Altis 90's

    Great mod. I just purchased Global Mobilization earlier this week and have really been enjoying the assets. I think incorporating them into the Armaverse was a great idea, I'm glad someone's taking the opportunity to expand on the lore/history of Altis/Stratis as well. Good stuff all around.
  5. connorwarman

    Question about CSAT in the contact dlc.

    I believe it was implied that CSAT and the Russians are at the very least allies, but I don't think Russia is a part of CSAT just yet by 2039.
  6. connorwarman

    Future plans to continue "The legacy"

    Got it, thanks. I would love some more CDLC's. Looking forward to it.
  7. connorwarman

    Future plans to continue "The legacy"

    Is there more Creator DLC coming out in 2020? And if so, do we know what it will be?
  8. Considering the canon ending of 'East Wind' has NATO/FIA winning the conflict on Altis/Stratis, I imagine that CSAT would be thrown off the islands entirely. I don't see any situation in which the new FIA-backed government would allow CSAT to remain on the islands in any capacity. If anything, I think that the Alatian government would make an effort to become a part of NATO itself. If for nothing else other than national defense. Years of war will have ravaged the national economy and people. They would be seeking stability and peace, which NATO secured for them, and could provide in some capacity going forward. I think the talks would likely end in a deal in which CSAT is expelled from the island, and NATO is given a temporary (5-10 year) deal in which they can station units on Altis/Stratis, but in return, they must support the new government financially and provide for the islands defense while the AAF is disbanded, then re-built from the ground up as the ADF (Altis Defense Force) with NATO assisting in training and equipping this new force.
  9. connorwarman

    About ARMA 3 'win' ending

    About a year late here, but there is two separate endings. You got the 'B' ending, also known as the non-canon ending. If you would like to get the 'A' ending, the canon ending, do the last mission again, but this time completely disregard Miller/CTRG calls and instead participate in the NATO assault.
  10. connorwarman

    [SP] Failed Negotiations

    Updated to v1.2: Fixed an issue in which enemy units were not operating in the manner they were intended to.
  11. connorwarman

    [SP] Failed Negotiations

    Updated to v1.1: Added needed atmosphere to the starting area, added slightly more enemies, and added additional voice over dialogue to the end of the mission, making the ending less abrupt.
  12. connorwarman

    [SP] Failed Negotiations

    Failed Negotiations - Version 1.2 Overview: Failed Negotiations is a single-player mission that takes players into an alternate 2035 NATO - CSAT standoff. In this alternate reality, both sides attempted to pursue a diplomatic solution before taking up arms. But, when the negotiations fall through the situation quickly escalates on the small island of Stratis. You participate as a NATO infantryman in a combined arms assault to re-secure key territory. Key Details: - Singleplayer mission focused on immersive combined arms combat. - 15-25 minutes in length depending on your skill-set and kit. - Voice Acted. - No mods required, download and play! Credits: Mission developed by Connorwarman - Voice acting done by KiwiSandwhich (Odin), Whale (Reaper 6-1), ragz93 (Eagle 2-1/2-2), Armadillo (Alpha 1-3), and TWBones (Alpha 1-2). Various scripts used, namely from kylania. Download: Workshop: Link to Workshop Page
  13. connorwarman

    [SP-Campaign] Codename Phalanx

    Just completed this campaign. Phenomenal work. The narrative was interesting, the game-play was well paced and the conversation system was intriguing and unique. I'll be keeping my eye out for more content from you!
  14. connorwarman

    [SP] Road To Pyrgos

    Probably the best SP (non-BIS dev made) mission I've ever played. Phenomenal work. The voice over work was high quality, the transitions smooth and un-interrupting, and the game-play was engaging but not overbearing in difficulty. Great job.
  15. connorwarman

    ACRE2 Stable Release

    Does ACRE2 block alive players chatter while dead players are in spectator? To be more specific, in my group - dead players in spec cant hear living players chatter. Is there a way to change this?