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  1. Waffle_SS

    RDS A2 Civilian Pack

    I've been having these issues before the last ArmA patch, so that's something else.
  2. Waffle_SS

    RDS A2 Civilian Pack

    Could you please send your version to me also? I play with a group of ~60 people and it would be nice to be able to use these without sound issues.
  3. Waffle_SS

    RDS A2 Civilian Pack

    Get in sound and bus engine are ear-rapingly loud. Civilian units/uniforms are completely broken and appear invisible or just crash arma.
  4. Is anyone else having issues with the secondary movement mode, moving multiple objects at the same time, and rotating an object around a user-defined axis? For all 3 of these functions, I have issues where the object will move far away. If I try to move multiple objects, they scatter about a 1km away and spread out from each other in random directions. EDIT - seems to be an issue with certain objects that breaks the functions for all objects.
  5. _rank = rank player; [player,call { if (_rank == "PRIVATE") exitWith {"CfgUnitInsignia classname"}; if (_rank == "CORPORAL") exitWith {"CfgUnitInsignia classname"}; // ... etc }] BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia
  6. Waffle_SS

    Blocking turret from rotating

    I would assume making the gunner turn out would be the best way of achieving this, although I don't know how to do so.
  7. player enableSimulation false; This will freeze all animations on the player, although that may be a bit overkill for what you want to do.
  8. I found a temporary fix. I didn't test it on the custom ship, but it works with regular objects. In "attachToWithMovement.sqf" find (ctrl+f) (line 53) _attachThis setVelocity [ _vel select 0, _vel select 1, (_vel select 2) + STICK ]; and replace it with: _attachThis setVelocity [ 0, 0, (_vel select 2) + STICK ]; This seems to prevent the player from sliding after moving.
  9. Waffle_SS

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    I already have a quickfix script if your interested. http://puu.sh/8wKNY.png http://puu.sh/8wKOz.png
  10. Waffle_SS

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    You guys should really set the map size in the cfgWorlds class so certain scripts will be able to work. Also, I have a working fix for the street lights if you guys are interested. It automatically replaces the old ArmA 2 lamps with the ArmA 3 equivalents in an efficient manner. http://puu.sh/9r1y0/20fce76396.png http://puu.sh/9r1yq/48673bfc07.png
  11. Waffle_SS

    addmagazine not working right!!

    If you want 5 rounds in a magazine, then yes...
  12. The addaction command is local to the client it runs on, meaning the script that adds the action to what you want has to be running on everyone's computer or they wont have it. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addAction Either put the addAction code in init.sqf, or have your "exec.sqf" executed by a trigger/unit initialization field. ex: execVM "exec.sqf" You can then use the "condition" parameter of addAction to show/hide based on true/false.
  13. Waffle_SS

    Time stamp

    If you want to save a single date, use a specific variable for it: timeStamp = date; sleep 1; hint str timeStamp; if you want to save multiple times and be able to add onto it, create an array: if (isNil "timeStamps") then { timeStamps = []; }; timeStamps set [count timeStamps,date]; sleep 1; hint format ["Timestamps: %1\nFirst timestamp: %2\nCurrent timestamp: %3",timeStamps,timeStamps select 0,timeStamps select (count timeStamps - 1)];
  14. If you want it to be really simple: init.sqf: sleep random 1; if (isNil "traitor") then { traitor = player; hint "This is a message that is private to the traitor."; };
  15. init.sqf: clientCode = nil; "clientCode" addPublicVariableEventHandler {call (_this select 1)}; trigger activation: clientCode = compile format ["hint '%1 has called for support'",player]; publicVariable "clientCode"; This was just off the top of my head (and will only work in multiplayer), so I can't confirm that 100%. This may help you if that doesn't work. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?172867-Simplest-to-broadcast-a-message-globally