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  1. Neat! Brings back memories of a long ways back and the initial ideas.
  2. Blackbuck

    Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    Here seems the best place to post this. Just noticed it whilst looking at something else. Click Me Gotta love the Daily Mail...
  3. Blackbuck

    UK Special Operations A3

    Finally getting around to congratulating you on the updated release. Always nice to have more British themed stuff.
  4. Blackbuck

    Desert Tigerstripe Units

    More lovely additions!
  5. Blackbuck

    Nogovan Armed Forces [WIP]

    Good to see you've taken the plunge into A3!
  6. Blackbuck

    Desert Tigerstripe Units

    This is something nice for a change! Always good to have some tigerstripe options. I don't suppose for future releases you'd consider these variants?
  7. Blackbuck

    Is Arma 3 authentic?

    The Mi-48 is still an abomination, especially considering that the "real life" image is just an Mi-28... I'm all for an updated Hind of some description or another (the Super Hind Mk.V would be a better fit) just not one that comprises of two different companies work into one odd looking conglomerate. Other than the Mi-48 however everything is as was expected.
  8. Blackbuck

    october 3rd arma 2 crash

    Well about 20 or so guys just added "-noautoupdate" and success. It indeed appears to be JA2L related...
  9. Blackbuck

    F/A-18 Super Hornet

    Huzzah. Looking forward to having a jaunt around Takistan with it.
  10. Blackbuck

    Nogovan Light Infantry

    Fantastic seeing a return of these fellows.
  11. @ stuff for ArmA 2 no mate, I've not done anything since OFP, those were good times.
  12. It's nice to see these guys again in ArmA 2 :)
  13. Blackbuck

    The Lost Brothers Mod

    Good to here about changing the namer :) Easily by favourite tracked IFV.
  14. Blackbuck

    RH Hk416 Pack ver 1.0

    Nice to see my 2 (3 if you differentiate between the Masada and ACR) in the game. Had some fun on Utes messing about with them =)
  15. Blackbuck

    SJB SAS Pack

    Has it even begun to be fielded yet? You already have Multicam for the SFSG personnel so... I don't see there being that much point.