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  1. BlackScorpion

    Arma 3 Marksman Rifles Pack

    Depends. If it's a common issue for all optics, then yes; if it's holo specific, no. With collimator optics the sight radius is defined by the distance between your eye and the sight (vs front sight-rear sight when using "irons"), so the further from your eye it is, more accurate it's actually going to be when lined up properly. Also, based on the screenshots, your SIG appears to be using a G3 magazine. Ummmm... NO.
  2. Does A3 support separate SD ammo, or is it automated when you put on the suppressor? When firing regular ammo, the effects are largely comparable to a muzzle brake/flash hider/longer barrel - more weight, greater length and vastly reduced recoil, muzzle flash and muzzle blast. Velocity change is usually negligible, point of impact changes due to higher "level" effects (barrel vibration frequency etc). SD 5.56 ammo does loose a fair bit of punch but should be good for hitting targets out to 200 m, keep in mind the REDFOR in game have sort of full body armour and due to the ability of A3 soldiers to digest a few rounds by default (wounding), it's not the best option... Oh, yeah, and M72s rock! :D
  3. BlackScorpion

    R3F French Weapons Pack

    HK417s don't seem to work that well with suppressors. You can only fire full auto, and sometimes it fires 10-rnd bursts instead of normal fully automatic fire. Suppressor off, everything works fine.
  4. Well, apart the aftermarket parts, the handles in 552 vs the rest of the SG55x family serve different functions and are completely different. Looking at regular 552 and 553 handles, I can see no way they're interchangeable. See picture 8 here. Also, any idea if you're gonna enable the usage of R3F stuff at some point? They seem to have some nice stuff, plus their current pack only supports their own. Waiting for their updated release...
  5. BlackScorpion


    Sudden, it's clearly visible on your own screenshots (screenshot12.jpg). Only the "Shemag (Olive/Khaki)" work, and the latter has clipping issues. The "Shemag mask" currently appears to be using helmet textures or similar. It's been like that since the shemaghs got some textures and confic entries on them, aka quite a while now.
  6. It's already able to run FHQ Accessories. The Micro T1 works perfectly, as does the LLM-01, atleast. Also, is the SG553-SB actually an SG552, since it's got the 552 charging handle?
  7. BlackScorpion

    More Russian Weapons Arma 3

    Semi-quick bug report, with Dslyexci's gear selection tool: about half of the AKs seem to be mirrored, plus you can run the "regular" versions with suppressors and optics without them showing... and the optic not working. Tactical shows the optics, and it works. All versions seem to able to mount a 6.5 mm suppressor for some reason, without it showing on the weapon. Also, AK74 (Tact) can't use RPK74 45 rnd magazines for some reason. Visually, the guns look top notch. Also, they sound nice... assuming that's custom sounds and not JSRS. Guess I need to trim down my mod selection and try again. Some nice, modernized AKs on this thread to give ideas: http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_4_64/148248__ARCHIVED_THREAD____Russia_s_Westernized_AK_s_and_Gear____56K_Death___Lots_of_Photos___.html&page=1 I'm personally digging the simple AK74 with a bottom and side rail (guys with helmet visors). Just needs to be 7.62x39!
  8. Woah! This was a positive surprise... been waiting on some for A3 for ages not, not that the selection for A2 was that great either. Any plans to create any other paint jobs than the plain SIG gray, I've always found that a bit... odd. Despite loving the rifle itself. Can't wait for the long and 7.62 versions! Also, any plans for 556R or similar (esp. the old proto pic that actually looked like a 551LB with AK mag and rails), for more punch?
  9. BlackScorpion

    A Large Fixed Wing transport aircraft for Arma 3

    Well... the C-130J is still in production and being bought by quite a few nations, as is its smaller brother, the C-27J. For comparison, at least a few years back the average age of USAF aircraft was ~35 years or so (if not more, can't remember). C-130 itself has been in production for the past 49 years, the H model alone was for 32 years. TBF, the Super Herc fits in just fine with most "Western" stuff ingame, seeing as they're currently in production, too: (stealthy) Blackhawks, Comanches, Merlins, Littlebirds being all flown or in service in the 90s, with Merkavas, AMVs, M-ATVs and Fenneks being current issue. Hell, some NATO countries are already getting rid of their M-ATVs and Fenneks... The A400M isn't really a full C-130 replacement, seeing as it's about twice as big. It's more of an option for the nations who don't need, or want, the strategic capacities of the C-17 that much, but still want some and a bit more oomph that the Herc. Since most nations will hire something like An-124 or use the NATO C-17 pool to do most of the heavy lifting to theater, the A400M fills the niche of organic strategic airlift capability that's needed only occasionally, and also serves the heavy end of tactical airlifting. It all really comes down to figuring out your mission profiles, load factors and what you can afford. FYI, the C-5 production line was shut down two decades ago, and the -5M upgrade program almost didn't happen, while C-17 production is barely going on. Meanwhile, An-124 production is getting a reboot, then again the thing was a commercial success in the first place and has been easing the loads on C-5s and C-17s during the recent sandbox games era.
  10. BlackScorpion

    Zeus gaming Nights

    INDEED! Been playing with Zeus since OFP times (on and off since '06 or so), and if we get the community back up to those active levels (massive combined ops missions etc), it's gonna be rather interesting! We go back a long time, and a lot has changed... but the most important thing is still to have fun and organized team play! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xn2MY7LATt0
  11. BlackScorpion

    UK Armed Forces

    Great stuff! If you want nitpicking... the UBACS cool material should be a lot lighter shade, pretty much coyote brown. I've seen the darker brown on the underarmour T-shirts and some "unofficial" regular DPM UBACSes (is there even an official one?), though, so for those the shade would be spot-on.
  12. BlackScorpion

    UCP Soldiers

    You could prolly print it with a few techniques, without degrading the performance much (I do sort of study these things at uni, if you reeeeeeeally want I can dig around), but for most bit it's just not worth the extra trouble. As in the picture, the shirts are designed to be worn with body armour on, so any camouflage wouldn't be showing. Besides, the area is fairly small and the effect of camouflaging it would be negligible, plus the environment the fabric is in isn't really good for most colouring dyes. That said, the Brits did issue their S95 Fleeces initially in DPM, but switched to solid green later as they found the camouflage useless in an undergarment. If you need MTP reference, I got an UBACS right next to me...
  13. BlackScorpion


    I was trained to k... shoot paper with a diopter-sighted AK, so these AKs suit me fine. While I do like the normal sights too, I find the diopters/ghost rings a lot easier to use. I also have some Russian kit, and do have a reference for Digital Flora LBVs (6Sh112), since I bought a set for a friend a while back.
  14. BlackScorpion

    Headgear and Glasses Pack

    Bright red could be useful for range things, especially if you add hearing protection. Then again, that's kinda combining the red ballcap and rangemaster cap we already have, but... maybe add some MSA Sordin etc stuff besides the Peltors for more variations? :D I also have a few ESS glasses/goggles if you need references. One interesting idea might also be to do those mesh caps, either in full mesh or just some of the panels. HSGI and 215 Gear do some, atleast. I got the 215 Blended cap for summer use, personally, and it's quite nice during the summer. Again, if you need ref... I also know quite a few people with real-deal MICHs pimped out, incase you run out of ideas. Keep up the good work, can't wait to see these!
  15. BlackScorpion


    It's there, and easily visible if you've got no gear on, the digital camo is just very blended. You need to look very closely. The units could maybe use a bit more contrast, but the problem is that digital Flora itself is quite blended. Check some photos or get your hands on a set, and you'll see my point. Direct quote of myself at Armaholic: Also, would it be possible to get the RPK and AK to share mags? Assuming they use the same ammo, that shouldn't be an issue. Also, for eye candy, maybe make the empty mag state too and versions for different mags if you implement that. Besides the points I mentioned, the units also seem... glossy. You know, glossy like photo paper vs office paper, or a plastic packaging. They reflect stuff and have a smooth surface. The BIS units seem to share the problem to some extent, but would be nice to see more "matte" units.