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  1. steeo3

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Hey, Have any of you guys notice a huge fps drop after the last update ? Before the update I was getting solid 40-65 fps, after update my game caps at 8fps single or multiplayer with or without mods. I am using the -cpuCount param. Using a Intel QX9770 @ 4.2 Ghz, Ati Radeon 5860 x2 ( 2x1gb ) Crossfire 6GB Kingston Hyper X HPR @ 1066mhz. I also tried using the performance binary version but no difference. Have also tried verifying on steam but all was ok. Regards, TAW_Steeo3
  2. I will just say this one last thing before I lock this thread. Thank you for not argueing, I'm sure both of us don't want to. If I have somehow insulted you ( untintentionally ) I am sorry. Best Of Luck, And once again a big thank you to the community. Stephen
  3. Thanks for reply mate. I think I will just work on my gamemode and have it need a3mp aswell, This ofcourse will effect the overall gamemode filesize, but if people want it, they will download it to play. I wish to thank all the community members who have taken their time to reply to this and help me how they can, it's great to see that there's actually a community who will help you when your stuck. As for the gamemode itself, it will be in 2 parts on clientside and 3 parts serverside to prevent others making servers until the gamemode is fully functional Clientside mods required - @a3mp;@mygamemode Serverside mods required - @a3mp;@mygamemode;@uwg_server Again, Thank you all for your time and effort, It really is appriciated. Stephen ---------- Post added at 14:33 ---------- Previous post was at 14:10 ---------- Hold on one second there mate, 1 - I did not start this thread for an arguement, so before we continue move it to pm's instead please. 2 - steam vac banned if you read the sentence under it, you would see it's 1,167 days ago. You think if I was still a cheater, There would be more vac bans ? 3 - I did not once insult you whatsover, you simply lied to me about the license until I found out by a moderator, then wouldn't even give me a hint to where I would start porting when i got the sample files, the only thing you said to me was "scripts". And yes, I removed you as a friend on steam because there's no point in having someone in your friends list, if the 1- don't even answer you and 2 - Wouldn't help someone stuck or in need, instead you just blank the person/ 4 - There's a lot more applications to use than ts3, skype being a big one for example. It's very easy to download a program that changes your ip, and why would I car what age you are ? Now please mate, don't ruin this thread by conflicting, I will say again that I don't want any arguements, and if you feel the need add me on steam or p.m me. Peace, Stephen
  4. There is a reason I was hencing towards @a3mp instead of AiA. AiA Just Ports the addons to arma 3, does not do textures or anything like that. If im realising a big gamemode, I do not want it to look like it's only half done texture wise. Alduric's work on @a3mp is by far the best port I have seen as of today, The textures are crystal clear and the map works with no script errors when loading it into the editor or ingame. I'm aiming this gamemode so nobody will need to have arma 2 anymore, not have to copy the required chernarus addons from their a2 folder to a3 folder. Some people just bought arma3 and did not but arma2, it's horrible to have a gamemode on arma3, where people would have to buy arma 2 just to play it. Thanks, Stephen
  5. Hi mate. Thanks for replying. It would be great to see your version whenever you get it working and stable, thanks for thinking of allowing me to use it when its in a playable state. I would love to help you port over chernarus, but i'm afraid I know nothing about texturing at all :( Thanks You and good luck porting it over ! Stephen ---------- Post added at 13:55 ---------- Previous post was at 13:51 ---------- After a more in-depth read of the license, It wouldn't be great to strip all other part out and just leave chernarus. That would be modifying Aldurics Mod And Then re-releasing it with just chernarus without permission. I don't think the license allows that. I was also speaking to a bi moderator a week ago and he said it's completely up to the mod author to give permission to modifiy his content. I will say that I DO NOT want to physically edit the chernarus map whatsover, I want to keep it standard. Thanks, Stephen
  6. @ Das Attorney No, I am not making this gamemode for any sort of competition. This is a gamemode for the public to play, nothing more. It would be nice to try and enter a competition, but This is really far from even being in alpha or beta and this gamemode has nothing to do with this competition. It may take a long time to even think of releasing this, currently only me and one other developer working on it, So things are slightly slow moving at the moment. Thanks, Stephen
  7. Hi, @serjames > The @a3mp addon's filesize is too big (5.4gb i think ). If i'm making a gamemode it would require somebody to download 5.4 gb just for the map, then whatever size my own part is going to be ( probably around 800 - 1.6 gb ) What f I were to strip all of the other maps out of a3mp and just have chernarus and then upload it but still give credits to Alduric - a3mp ? is that allowed ? As far as i know it's around 2.6 gb just for the chernarus part. I could also add map notes where the players tab does be and add a tab called attributions and add alduric a3mp to it. I'm sorry but I simply cannot release any details of the project. I'm 100% sure that we need to use chernarus. Thanks, Stephen ---------- Post added at 13:25 ---------- Previous post was at 13:21 ---------- @Byrgesen > I could make the gamemode work with a3mp, but i'm afraid when I release the project, people might not want to use it as they will have to download a3mp first, which is a large file, and would then have to download my released part aswell ( As i said roughly 800-1.6gb ) I would just like to know would this large mod size scare the public away from downloading it ? Thanks, Stephen
  8. Hi guys. I'm not sure if anyone can help me with my situation or not. Please click on the link and read my first post >http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?173440-Need-Helping-Porting-Chernarus-To-Arma-3 If anyone knows where I could get either help or someone who has already ported chernarus to give me permission to use it in my own gamemode please either p.m me on bi or add me on steam. Thanks Guys, Stephen
  9. Hi all sorry for late reply, spend 12 hours fixing clutch on car :D @ drstrangepete > The map in @a3mp is perfect, I do not wish to edit it at this time as the gamemode is the important thing atm. Yes I've asked the author ( Alduric ) could I use his map but he said no and will not give me permission, even though he used the APL-SA license in making his mod ( You have to do this with the sample files ). As far as i'm aware though it's up to the author to give people permission to use their addon. @ Fabio_Chavez > Thanks for that link mate, I'm looking at the page as I speak I will join the skype group and see if they could maybe help me out. Thanks for all the help guys, If anyone has more input please provide as it will help. Stephen
  10. Kremator, If you actually read all of the post it explains about @a3mp mod there. Please read all of the post before you make a sarcastic comment about it. Thanks, Stephen ---------- Post added at 20:45 ---------- Previous post was at 19:03 ---------- Anyone ???? Even is someone could tell me where to start with the sample files it would be greatly appriciated. Thanks, Stephen.
  11. Bump. Anyone who would like to help please p.m me or add me on steam. Thanks, Stephen.
  12. Hi mate Stephen here. I'm off work tomorrow so I will help you then. My server is still working perfectly :) Make sure you on tomorrow and send me a msg on steam when you see my on and I'll get it sorted for you. Thanks Stephen. ---------- Post added at 04:42 ---------- Previous post was at 04:36 ---------- @Darkhost You have deleted the ama2net DLL files from your server directory . Put them back in. Then make a Databases.txt file and edit it to suite your database. Remember it only works with mysql server 5.5 with strict mode disabled. If your stuck at waiting for server to sync data your db is not setup correctly and the mission file cannot save to the db. Use the netexplorer eze in arma2net to make sure the SQL plugin is loading. If anyone still needs help after that add me on steam and send me a msg. Thanks. Stephen
  13. steeo3

    Server side question

    The Best Thing to do would be to just get the mod server side on its own, make a pbo out of the mod and add that to other mods you may have. If you would like clients to be able to join the server without having that mod there's two ways of doing this. #1 - Through the Server.cfg, change verifiysignatures to 0 or 1 instead of 2 ( This way is really not recommended as it also allows hackers onto the server because the files are not signed ) #2- The way i listed above 1. Get the mods server side only, add what you need to the mission file then in init/sqf say > call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "modfoldername\init.sqf" > then in the init.sqf in the server side mod you add whatever script you need to call. Hope this helps. Best Of Luck, Stephen.
  14. Lol You Mean That 1350km/h is not fast enough? What are you flying ??? Try Making A speed limiter script for that vehicle, but in the script make the speed limit like 2350km/h to see if that works ( It might ) You Could also try use arma 3 tools and import the vehicle model and see if you can edit the handling that way. I'm not sure about the gaming engine limiting speed to 1350km/h ? Although I honestly don't see why on earth your would need to go faster than this, try the above it may help. Good luck, Stephen
  15. Hello Guys. Me And another dev is Making A Gamemode For Arma3. We Cannot Disclose Of The Exact Gamemode We Are Doing. I Am Looking For Anyone With The Knowledge And Willpower To Port Chernarus To Arma3. Please Note That I Know You Can Just "Copy The A2 Addons Files To A New Modfolder To A3" But That Gives Lots Of Script Errors and The Textures Do Not Load Correctly In A3 ( Grass, Trees etc ) I Do Also Know That Alduric Has Made A Mod (@A3MP) But I Do Not Have Permission to use this so I Have To Port Chernarus Myself aswell as continue developing the gamemode at the same time. I Do Have A Lot Of Scripting Knowledge Myself, But When I downloaded the sample files and had a look I just simply do not understand where to start with something like that. Anyone who is willing to help out with this will obviously be in the credits of our gamemode, and will also have the option to become a dev with us if they so wish ( I'm Sure They The Would Love To Help Us Test It Out ) Please If Anyone Has The Knowledge And Is Interested Please P.M Me Or Add Me On Steam ( http://steamcommunity.com/id/Steeo3/ ) Thank You, Stephen.