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  1. Thank you very much Sir o7. And i´ll take the time to report bugs and issues ingame 🤙
  2. so you say that the devs dont watch their own forum? =P thanks anyway 😃 i´ll try it out 😃
  3. Because this is what the Arma Sandbox its all about! I personally play arma since it wasn´t even called Arma 😉 And now that i can Play on my Series X, i´d like to have the opportunity to set my personal Graphic Settings! I know already some games with a good variety of graphical settings i can choose. So please Bohemia! I don´t really care about Ultra Graphical Settings (like i never did in other Arma Titles). I want my own Settings to hit 60 FPS. 😃 Thank you and keep up the good Work! P.S.: I can´t wait for Crossplay! My PC will be my Server then =P
  4. FreshWeed

    Arma R 60 FPS on Xbox Serie?

    i really feel the best way would be a proper Graphic Setting pannel like PC users have. Arma in general should have the posibility to change graphic settings. OR at least a Performance- and a (what we now see) Quality mode, with the backdraw of under 60 fps. I would love to set up my own graphic settings =(