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Found 2 results

  1. Explanation of the Mobile Weapons Project The Mobile Weapons Project is a futuristic conversion mod set at the turn of the 22nd century. The intent of the mod is to create a futuristic and immersive setting in ARMA that allows the users to have a unique sci-fi experience. To that end we have created multiple unique systems and functions for the players to help them feel like the soldiers of tomorrow or.. next week. The project will explore multiple concepts for the soldiers of the future through the use of multiple factions and looking to real world experimental projects to help us make grounded equipment and technologies. Examples of this can be seen in our first work, the Conqueror Suit and its planned features such as suits requiring spare parts should the suit get damaged and fuel cells that need to be swapped out when empty. The World of the Mobile Weapons Project 5 years of constant conflicts between the superpowers of the world, never openly becoming a world war, but coming very close on several occasions. The so called 5 years of fire were sparked by the deaths of most of the major world leaders due to negligence on the part of a North American Unions weapons manufacturer known as the Mobile Weapons Manufacturer. This led to the MWM being globally barred from selling weapons and the CEO and a good portion of the board being sentenced to prison or death to appease the world's powers. Many nations started banding together for protection and to gain strength after feeling like they'd been embarrassed and made to look weak. Inevitably this led to conflicts both internally and externally as policies changed and expansionism took over the world again. The Great Pacific Alliance formed with China and Japan at its heart in the East, The nations of Europe having dissolved the European Union formed a new alliance named the European Alliance, and the NAU became isolationist once again only focusing on protecting vital resources and their borders. The final faction to arise during these times was the private army for hire known as the Mobile Weapons Unit who were contracted by the NAU to assist them and their allies. Sporting experimental equipment rejected by the NAU the MWU would be considered a waste of money until the battle in the ghost city of Hing Cho where a company of the MWU tore out their powered armors internal A/Cs and inadvertently solved the issues the suits had been having. If you'd like to learn more feel free to join us at our discord https://discord.gg/YK7wDmQ The Mods Current State Currently the mod has been focusing on developing the Mobile Weapons Unit fraction of our mod. Equipped in experimental power armor rejected by the NAU the MWU was originally just the security force for MWM rebranded and trained to be PMCs after their barring from selling guns the MWU has a lot of experimental weapons and equipment that allows us to set a great tone for the mod and get certain groundwork in place for future developments in the mod. With the MWU we started with the Jet Pack and focused on trying to make it able to do three things. The MWU Faction in game 1. We wanted the jet pack to be controllable unlike anything we’d experienced before in ARMA. To this end we not only added short jumps but retros a jump where you aim mechanic that affects the length of your jump and where you jump. Testing the jetpack for controllability Retros 2. We wanted the jet pack to be very mobile until a lot of others we’ve seen where its short jumps primarily in a uniform manner. Testing out the long jump 3. We wanted the jet packs to have limited fuel instead of the recharge systems we’ve seen in other jet packs. Through testing within the unit we use as testers and based on our universe, we discovered that the common jetpack controls people use overlap important tactical abilities like slowly opening a door, so we implemented a jetpack safety system which shut down the jetpacks systems while activated and allowed use of those features again. Next came the powered armor, we wanted it to make sense for the lore and maintain a sense of realism. We started with a concept of a powered under suit that had armor over it which housed systems meant to help run the suit. (We abandoned the powered undersuit for more traditional EXO’s in the upgraded version however) The Armor came out nice, but after increasing the survivability of soldiers we looked to increase their effectiveness. We tried to go with logical upgrades and features a suit of powered armor would offer. The suit turns on and off so these upgrades can be toggles. The suit offers increased speed represented by slightly increased movement speed, increased strength represented by an decrease in recoil by about 30%. The suits HUD offers useful tactical data to the user, distance to target, compass, targets grid coordinates, players velocity, and altitude. Ex. . Finally, since the suit was designed to allow soldiers to operate in the upper atmosphere, we implemented a shielding system. Running on limited charge the shield deplete after every instance that would hit a player at high velocity. (Frag grenades drop the shields very fast) the shields don't recharge organically, but need to have their power cell manually replaced or charged. This gives operators shielding, all though limited. Due to the internal circuitry and such the armor runs very hot on thermals, in fact hot enough heat seeker missiles will chase the suit over certain vehicles. With all this experimental equipment we felt we needed just a bit more to truly make a player feel immersed. So we're working on implementing an armor break system. The system makes it so when hit on certain points there's a chance that certain suit functions will cease to work properly unless the part is repaired or replaced. Future Plans for the Mod While the mod isn't posted yet its near the point where we can share it with the public so we decided to make this post. With that in mind we currently plan on focusing on the faction's infantry, this includes their weapon suits and potential enhancements. We want to try different concepts for vehicles, aircraft and eventually want to add in mechs. For terrain we want to see if we can simulate Zero G combat. At this time we don’t have anyone who can do vehicles or mechs and need help in general to get the bigger stuff in. Below you can see models we are currently working on adding to the game or are in the concept phase. Concept Pictures Those interest in playing the mod or helping with its development can join here on the discord and someone will be with you to help get you situated! https://discord.gg/8zd8kHKKRR Update: the mod was released here is a link for those interested https://discord.gg/8zd8kHKKRR
  2. Along with my Command & Conquer mod, and the Army Men one (though the progress on this is a tiny bit halted, but will definitely continue it. Just have a lot of time constraints), I've always been curious at how a War of the Worlds mod could work in the engine. It would probably be extremely difficult to get the Fighting Machine (Tripods) to not topple over unless they're weighted properly. I've always had a hangup about there not being any good period accurate movie adaptations (set in 1898-99, which the books were written), and the only close thing we can get to this is Jeff Wayne's Musical Version - which is amazing, but I would like a non-musical movie set in this time. Also there's a very...low-budget, poorly acted movie I've seen. The mod here would feature British military with gear appropriate to that of 1898-early 1900's (so early 1900's would be acceptable too). And then there'd be the gray ironclad "Thunder Child", which is AN ABSOLUTE REQUIREMENT, and maybe some generic ones. The Tripods, or Martians, however, are a different story altogether. This is all left to interpretation, and would there be smaller ones too to give the Martians a bit of unit variety? Also as to the design, I am not sure what description or picture reference we'd go off of. There's the book, some various art pieces for said book, the 1953 movie (set in the U.S...which, is not the aim here, but that's fine...and it IS a good film and a classic, but you know), the 2005 Spielberg film (those Tripods were actually really wicked looking, and still creep me the heck out), Jeff Wayne's versions (which are, I'm sorry to say, a bit akin to a walking pair of breasts, but are also still freaky, so don't get me wrong...if I look past that [someone mentioned it once, and I couldn't unsee it], it's actually a really cool design), and then a couple of versions from some...not so great adaptations (namely the one with Jake Busey...I like Jake Busey but it's not a great movie, sorry). I'm uncertain as to what versions of the Martians to go with, but maybe in the end one could use any version they'd like. If you'd still like to go with a more modern take on it, I'd still suggest the modern British Armed Forces - it'd be interesting to see a group of Challenger 2's going up a hill to fight off the awaiting Martians, and one could use the UKF mod folder in conjunction with the Martians. Of course, the Martians' heat-rays would absolutely wreck anything thrown at them. But I have been imagining an OFP/CWA campaign of missions as either a civilian or a soldier trying to survive the Martian offensive. Still, a period accurate mod is more interesting to me, and I'm mostly typing this to see if anyone would like a mod like this in the future (if I get tons better at modeling, scripting, etc). There is that Space Invaders mod and it has the 1953 "Manta"-type Martian in it, so not sure about what type of Martians should be involved here. I would love a proper Martian War in the game and I think ultimately this would be a great idea if it can be pulled off. I'm interested as to the discussion of a mod like this.