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  1. themightyfoxtrot

    [WIP] [SP-COOP][CAMP] Team Stranger Sniper Campaign.

    I forgot about this aha... I've only just logged in for the first time in forever. Life got in the way for me so I never ended up developing it!
  2. Hello Mate, Not sure if you're still active, I had this script ages ago and wanna use it in a mission I've made for myself, any chance you still have it? With Armaholic shut down I can't find it anywhere! Cheers
  3. themightyfoxtrot

    [WIP] [SP-COOP][CAMP] Team Stranger Sniper Campaign.

    **UPDATE - 23/03/19** - Sniper School Mission is completed. Taken longer then what I thought because of various things outside the world of arma. Feature's include a Unknown and Known distance range. (Don't want to give to much away.) Moving on to the main missions now will let you all know how it goes.
  4. themightyfoxtrot

    [WIP] [SP-COOP][CAMP] Team Stranger Sniper Campaign.

    UPDATE (01/03/19) - I am going to focus on the SP Element first as I feel it is easier to code. Once the SP Side of it is done I will adapt the mission to CO-OP.
  5. themightyfoxtrot

    [WIP] [SP-COOP][CAMP] Team Stranger Sniper Campaign.

    Would you guys find a tutorial style mission at the beginning beneficial or a waste of time?😀
  6. themightyfoxtrot

    [WIP] [SP-COOP][CAMP] Team Stranger Sniper Campaign.

    I did plan on doing something like this pending how the project turned out. But for me the ballistic system on ACE is the main focal point for me as to why I included it...but like I said that's not stopping me from creating an SP mission for it. After all I do love SP
  7. themightyfoxtrot

    [WIP] [SP-COOP][CAMP] Team Stranger Sniper Campaign.

    Jeez, Wasn't expecting such a quick reply! I like the idea of just taking each mission 1 by 1... this has been my faltering before. Definitely about the idea of stealth and detail. I love to put as much detail into mission as possible but still want to make it interesting even for myself to play. I didn't think about the idea of using claymore's actually almost dare i say like all ghilled up the last bit using claymore's as a defense. Sounds good will definitely be in contact!
  8. ***PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS*** Hello There! I am currently in the process of designing a Campaign and want feedback on my idea and eventually when I start rolling out mission's them as well. Since moving over to ACE I've loved the ballistic system as part of it. I was inspired by Igneous01 - ArmA 2 Campaign and wanted to create something similar but on the ArmA 3 Platform. However, I wanted to make something that is also co-op but was unsure if that is possible so please feel free to comment down below. I also didn't want thousands of mods I wanted to use mods that are the most popular on the Steam Workshop but like I've said if you have any suggestions please mention them below. Here's a general summary of my campaign: MODS: ACE RHS USAF RHS AFRF Apex Now I know this campaign won't be for everyone but I would appreciate any idea's that great community can provide. ***PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS***