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  1. spotter001

    [SP/CO - 15] Operation "Duck Hunt"

    Looks promising, will try it out. Thanks for sharing!
  2. spotter001

    [WIP-SP campaign] TIER 1: Shadow warriors

    Wow, cant wait for this!
  3. spotter001

    [sp_camp] Dark Tides

    Looks interesting, hopefully we'll get to play with some modern Russian equipment. Got bored of playing with m4 all the time lol
  4. spotter001

    Campaign "Nam 65-75"

    Great. Sounds promising, looking forward to those missions with SOGs.
  5. spotter001

    RELEASED: Ops with Miller

    Looking forward!
  6. spotter001

    [SP] Op. Chalkdust (UKSF Modern Ops)

    Remember TF42, one of the best campaigns ever in Arma.
  7. spotter001

    RELEASED: Ops with Miller

    Very interesting and atmospheric mission. Good scripting skill, a bit of the CoD flavor. Like it! Hopefully this will develop into a mini campaign;)
  8. spotter001

    RELEASED: Ops with Miller

    Wow, sounds amazing. I played your Informant mission that was so good. This will surely be great!
  9. Yes, exactly. ace_compat_r3f from the ACE3 optional folder. Ok, thanks for clarifying! And thanks for your work.
  10. Hi! Can you just clarify, do i need to use ACE3 r3f_compat together with this addon? Thanks
  11. spotter001

    [SP-Campaign] Codename Phalanx

    This must be awesome! Thanks for the effort.
  12. spotter001

    [SP] WW2 SAS Raid: El Alamein

    Wow, i hope you’ll have some time to create more content for A3. i remember your scenarios for A2 they were some of the best ones. will try this one asap.
  13. spotter001


    You did it again😀 congrats!
  14. spotter001

    [SP] Wolves And Sheep Campaign

    Good old Chernarus! will play as soon as i find some time, congrats on the release.
  15. spotter001

    ArmA 3: Dunes

    Amazing work, thanks for the effort! Production quality is so high!