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    You did it again😀 congrats!
  2. spotter001

    [SP] Wolves And Sheep Campaign

    Good old Chernarus! will play as soon as i find some time, congrats on the release.
  3. spotter001

    ArmA 3: Dunes

    Amazing work, thanks for the effort! Production quality is so high!
  4. Sounds interesting.
  5. spotter001

    [WIP] [SP-COOP][CAMP] Team Stranger Sniper Campaign.

    Great news, thank you for starting this project. I remember that old Arma 2 sniper campaign it was a blast. I always play with ACE mods even the vanilla campaign. It adds so much realism to long range shooting. Take your time, don’t rush it. It takes time to create an immersive campaign. My advice is to focus not only on shooting part since sniper teams frequently provide reconnaissance and gather intel too. Best of luck!
  6. spotter001


    Awesome work! It's more polished campaign now.
  7. spotter001

    [SP/COOP-(1-4)] Prepaid Nightmare

    Sounds interesting, will try it for sure. Thanks!
  8. spotter001

    The East Wind: Escalation [RHS/BAF]

    Congrats on the realease and all the hard work. Since i already played the EW with replacement packs, i wonder if you altered the missions like new objectives or added new missions? In that case i'll definitely find it worthy to play again:)
  9. spotter001


    Wow, you're churning out like a factory! Well done!
  10. well done, can't wait to try it!
  11. spotter001

    [SP] Search and Rescue

    Hmm...I think i read some time ago that on Kunduz map you have to hold "Alt" key to open door. something like that.
  12. spotter001

    [SP/CO6) Ghost Recon: Island Thunder 2 Campaign

    Overall it was pretty good balance. I would have preferred less AI troops with higher skill. This way, i find it just a bit boring to have so many of them on small islands. So, their large numbers, up to 60 troops per mission do balance things out but sometimes they act like idiots:) I take out one from the group, then others lay down and after a while they stand up again and do nothing, basically waiting for me to shoot them again. Ofc, nobody wants all-seeing uber sniper AI that places headshots from 1km in an instant. I understand it's not easy to strike best balance.
  13. The latest update, v0.11 is broken for me. Firing from any DGR weapon creates an explosion sound (like a hand grenade) when a bullet hits any object. Firing into air seems to be ok:) Is it just me or something went wrong?
  14. Uh, i can't get it to work. I'm using Daggers Mk13 with its ammo and my range card keeps showing 300m zero. I'm trying to get it to 100m. I've set ACE3 options to Overwrite zero and set Default zero at 100m. But to no avail, still says 300m.
  15. @Plexyshard1490 thanks buddy, but this is something else. I have a weird issue that setting a new score zero does not reflect in the rangecard. It's probably something with ace3.
  16. Hey Dagger, any news on that weird issue with zeroing?
  17. Hmm i can't find Set Zero Rage in the menu...Even if i change the zero range via ctrl+alt+pgDw/pgUp when i check the range card it still says 300m. We used to have the option to set zero range via radial menu -> equipment.
  18. spotter001

    [SP] UNTSALT Day 2

    No probs, glad it's clear now.
  19. spotter001

    [SP] UNTSALT Day 2

    Well, tried to play but it says i need CUP Weapons?
  20. Well that's freakin awesome! thanks for the tip!
  21. spotter001

    [SP/COOP-(3-10)] Rebelism

    wow, sounds like the kind of mission i prefer! thanks for sharing!
  22. spotter001

    [SP/CAMP] Underdogs

    Thanks Undeceived, don't wanna sound ungrateful, if i may ask, do you plan some new masterpiece for 2018?:)
  23. spotter001

    [SP] UNTSALT Day 1

    Long time no see Mathias:) Glad you made another release, i've enjoyed your missions.