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  1. Great one, love it! Good choice of the mods too. It worked flawlessly. Hope you'll keep up with the modern ops! Performance was also excellent, no issues.
  2. spotter001

    [sp_camp] Dark Tides

    Ok, just completed the campaign. Superb story telling. Great scripting, production quality is so good i can only imagine what you could do with a modern and better game engine. Huge plus for voice acting. Overall, a huge thank you for putting so much time and effort into this content. You should start a career as a game producer! Some notes about the missions: To conclude, this is something every Arma fan should try out. Attention to detail and the sheer amount of content must have required a lot of time. I wouldn't mind if you switch to the smaller, mini campaigns in the future. For sure, i'll play anything you release!
  3. Wow cant wait to try out! Just finished the Big Red (ww2) mission.
  4. spotter001

    [sp_camp] Dark Tides

    Yay! It works! I resubscribed to the campaign, seems the patch fixed it. Thanks for suggesting!
  5. spotter001

    [sp_camp] Dark Tides

    Seems i’m out of luck. After the first cut scene i get the black screen. Can hear the footsteps when moving. I even see the world after saving and loading but no tasks are created and NPCs are static. Pretty sure I have all the mods, I would get some error otherwise.
  6. spotter001

    WW2 Rangers Airfield Raid [SP]

    Wow another one, cant wait to try!
  7. spotter001

    [INSURGENCY SP/COOP] Deployed - Lythium

    Yes, i tried locally via Multiplayer menu->host server->LAN. Seems i entered the mission but all options were disabled. Thanks!
  8. spotter001

    [INSURGENCY SP/COOP] Deployed - Lythium

    Sadly, something does not work for me. i get the black screen and it says: Role unspecified and will be chosen automatically Loadout unspecified and will be chosen automatically Respawn disabled I can't get past it.
  9. spotter001

    [SP/CO - 15] Operation "Duck Hunt"

    Looks promising, will try it out. Thanks for sharing!
  10. spotter001

    [WIP-SP campaign] TIER 1: Shadow warriors

    Wow, cant wait for this!
  11. spotter001

    [sp_camp] Dark Tides

    Looks interesting, hopefully we'll get to play with some modern Russian equipment. Got bored of playing with m4 all the time lol
  12. spotter001

    Campaign "Nam 65-75"

    Great. Sounds promising, looking forward to those missions with SOGs.
  13. spotter001

    RELEASED: Ops with Miller

    Looking forward!
  14. spotter001

    [SP] Op. Chalkdust (UKSF Modern Ops)

    Remember TF42, one of the best campaigns ever in Arma.
  15. spotter001

    RELEASED: Ops with Miller

    Very interesting and atmospheric mission. Good scripting skill, a bit of the CoD flavor. Like it! Hopefully this will develop into a mini campaign;)
  16. spotter001

    RELEASED: Ops with Miller

    Wow, sounds amazing. I played your Informant mission that was so good. This will surely be great!
  17. Yes, exactly. ace_compat_r3f from the ACE3 optional folder. Ok, thanks for clarifying! And thanks for your work.
  18. Hi! Can you just clarify, do i need to use ACE3 r3f_compat together with this addon? Thanks
  19. spotter001

    [SP-Campaign] Codename Phalanx

    This must be awesome! Thanks for the effort.
  20. spotter001

    [SP] WW2 SAS Raid: El Alamein

    Wow, i hope you’ll have some time to create more content for A3. i remember your scenarios for A2 they were some of the best ones. will try this one asap.
  21. spotter001


    You did it again😀 congrats!
  22. spotter001

    [SP] Wolves And Sheep Campaign

    Good old Chernarus! will play as soon as i find some time, congrats on the release.
  23. spotter001

    ArmA 3: Dunes

    Amazing work, thanks for the effort! Production quality is so high!
  24. Sounds interesting.
  25. spotter001

    [WIP] [SP-COOP][CAMP] Team Stranger Sniper Campaign.

    Great news, thank you for starting this project. I remember that old Arma 2 sniper campaign it was a blast. I always play with ACE mods even the vanilla campaign. It adds so much realism to long range shooting. Take your time, don’t rush it. It takes time to create an immersive campaign. My advice is to focus not only on shooting part since sniper teams frequently provide reconnaissance and gather intel too. Best of luck!