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Found 156 results

  1. Nutzgo

    Simple Zeus questions

    Hi. I'm trying to create my first scenario. have some questions about EDEN and Zeus. 1) When I place an Ai, eg a civilian in Eden-editor, how can I controll that Ai when I enter play as zeus? When I'm Zeus in a game, I can place an Ai and controll him, but I cannot controll pre-placed Ais. How do I do this? Same thing goes for preplaced objects and buildings. 2) Is it possible to make custom presets in Zeus and/or Eden? Say I want to create a custom made base, road controll point, or a custom made personell group, and save them as presets in the menu - how can I do this? Thanks in advance //Nutzgo
  2. I have a hostage mission with the 3DEN Enhanced mod and have "Is Hostage" on 4 hostages that you need to hold "Space" to free the hostage. Im aware that the the trigger has something to do with "Enh_isHostage" but i do not know the code for the task to detect that the hostages have been set free. Anybody know how?
  3. zilfondel

    EDEN bug

    Hi, I have never seen anyone discussing this bug before, but here goes: I have noticed a bug where I cannot open a mission on a particular map. If I try to open a specific mission, it opens a different mission instead. Steps to reproduce: edit a mission on Altis that has been previously saved make changes to mission, but do not save open a different mission on a different map - discard changes made to mission try to open the mission from step 1 Eden will not open the mission, but will open a separate mission from Altis instead. The only way I can then open that mission is to exit Arma 3 entirely and relaunch. Sorry, the issue persists even if I exit the game. You have to save a new mission on the same island, and only then can you load your old mission. I have been experiencing this issue for at least a year. Occurs with no mods installed.
  4. Hey guys, I want to create a Battle Royale Style PvP Mission for me and my friends. I want the mission to end when there is only one player left. If possible it should show the mission completed screen. My problem is that i have no idea how to script it. Ive tried googling but i couldnt find anything usefull. I hope you can help me. Vecto1511
  5. Toxicsc0tsman

    Sp persistent gameplay save

    Random one for you eden editor experts. I'm trying to setup a persistent zombie/survival game, on a single player scenario, with weeks of playtime. Basically a map with caches, bandits, zombies etc. I want to do one big build and setup on eden, but I want to be able to load the scenario back into eden after I've actually played it, I want it loaded in with all the changes that will have happened to my character and the map as I've played it. Basically, does arma have the ability to load a saved, being played scenario into eden? And then play on from that version.. .. Any help appreciated, two days looking foe answers on this.. Stu
  6. I created a TDM scenario for 10 on 10 gameplay. This one is in Agios Dionysios, and has barriers that restrict the playable area. There are limited supplies on the map, and two resupply locations for Blu For and Op For to fight over. Feel free to check it out if you like. Uses minimal mods (should be listed at the link). Any feedback is appreciated. First-person only settings. I am aware that the respawn ticket counter works, but does not display on-screen on a player's HUD (it does display on the player death/respawn screen). Let me know what you think. I plan on making a bunch of these in various towns across Altis, Tanoa, Malden, Chernarus, and Fallujah, among others. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1337308392
  7. Anyone else noticed the long loading times since 1.78 in Eden (vanilla arma x64/no mods/no magical launch parameters/mallocs etc...) (talking about "play scenario"(in singleplayer))? Before i pressed the button and the mission was instant loaded ~1-2s now its like 10-15s (game installed on ssd (550mb/s read/write), no hw change, nothing else is slow even benched & trim'd it because i thought it was broken... Steps to reproduce: - start Editor - Stratis/Altis/Malden (Tanoa/Virtual Reality unaffected) - place 1 playable unit - press "play scenario" (in singleplayer) - enjoy loading times that feels like back in 5.25" floppy times... Can someone confirm this? edit: long loading times only occur on altis/stratis/malden, tanoa/virtual reality are loading as fast as pre 1.78
  8. Hello, is there a way to set the texture in Eden by script so it persist into the mission preview and exported scenario? I tried using setObjectTextureGlobal on the Eden placed plane, but this is not saved anywhere. Is there maybe a special variable in the object or other way to mimick the 'edit vehicle appearance' capability? Background is that the F/A-18 now has a huge list of 2017 textures and I would like to auto paint the planes on the carrier with the correct squadrons. E.g. if you choose CVN-68 your planes get painted with Nimitz squadron textures, if you use CVN-75 you get different squadron textures, those for the Truman. The populate script of the Nimitz has been modified already for that, but I fail to persist the textures between Eden and mission preview. Cheers, TeTeT
  9. Hiya! Despite my rank on this forum, I am actually pretty well acquainted with the Arma Editor (Can't say my script skills are too good though ) as I have been playing since about late 2014. Anyways, I am trying to recreate the Original Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad in a more modern setting. Is it possible to create a sort of trigger that when you, for example, talk to an NPC, a line of dialogue appears? I am more so looking for a Mount and Blade effect w/o actual voice acting and just reading blurbs of dialogue. For the first section of dialogue, I wish for the player to interact with a UN Colonel. The Colonel will be leaning on his desk or whatever and I would have the player approach and have a section stating "Speak" and I am incoporating dialogue from the actual book. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  10. Hello all, First time poster here, I have been scouring and i mean SCOURING for a solution to a problem I have. Im trying to place an infostand with an "addaction" in the init that would open a bar gate for vehicles to pass through, however adding "Gate_DOC_121 animate ["Door_1_Move", 1]" within the correct parameters is not working whatsoever this is what I am trying. addAction ["Open Gate One (Perimeter)", "Gate_DOC_121 animate ["Door_1_Move", 1]"] I am pretty new to Arma coding itself and im sure it has to do with the "[" anyway to mitigate this?
  11. I've done the rounds trying to find a definitive answer to this question but no dice so far.... What is the maximum number that can be added to the Time Acceleration module?.....there must be a hard coded limit.
  12. ========================== [E2TB] Export To Terrain Builder ========================== I'm pleased to announce the release of E2TB, a small module for Arma 3 that allows you to export data to Terrain Builder. Writing this announcement here because it only concerns Terrain Makers. Why? If you have tried to import from EDEN or from any other custom tools that generate objects while in mission to Terrain Builder (such as XCam, Surface Painter, Map Builder), you may have seen the hassle of objects' rotations being often incorrect once imported. This has been very painful for many terrain makers, given the fact that rotations needed to be corrected back into Terrain Builder. This mod fixes most of those issues. You can check out results in this comparison image: This came out of a painful session of 4 days (for 40 lines of code or less), where after all experiments I was able to import using .lbt format, the format that Terrain Processor exports with. The last 2 of those days have been heavily spent on Discord's Arma3 #terrain_makers channel. A big thank you for help / discussions to @lappihuan @zgmrvn @mikero @W4lly63 @ianbanks @Ice @cring0 @Adanteh @HorribleGoat @t_d ...and all the other folks involved in those discussions in those memorable days of October 18th and 19th 2017. After this, a new fix from @ianbanks came in. This is what is now being used. How does it work Copy the objects to the clipboard: From EDEN: click on the menu Export > Export to Terrain Builder (E2TB) or the absolute position alternative From within a mission (SP): run the action Copy the map objects to the clipboard or the absolute position alternative. To do this you'll first need to drop the SCAR_E2TB_Module in your mission. Copy the contents of the clipboard in a file and save it with the extension .txt From within your map in Terrain Builder: File > Import > Objects. If you exported with absolute position, ensure that you import the objects in Terrain Builder by checking advanced options > absolute in the import dialog. According to our experience, absolute position works better with large objects such as Big Rocks. Your mileage may vary. A huge thank you to @ianbanks for the absolute code positioning / TB matrices computations, and for allowing me to include his work in E2TB. Scale E2TB will use the size as reported by the following tools: XCam Surface Painter Map Builder Download Find E2TB on: Steam Github Note There are certain objects that behave very differently in EDEN and Terrain Builder. These are the objects that have the named property `placement=slopelandcontact` into the geometry LOD. The intended behaviour for these objects is to stay flat on the ground and adapt to the terrain. Though, in EDEN you are able to easily position them horizontally, but once imported in Terrain Builder they will follow the ground. As an example, if you were to put a barbed wire on top of a bunker that is on a slope, once imported in Terrain Builder the barbed wire will follow the underneath terrain slope and hence be in an incorrect position. As a compromise, E2TB assumes that all of those objects are used as normally intended to be: on the ground, following the terrain. This should cover 95% of usage. If you use those objects differently, you will have to manually fix them in Terrain Builder. We are working on alternative options to see if we can come up with some other solutions, as in the end it boils down to the fact that EDEN and Terrain Builder do not treat these objects in the same way. A sane development cycle for those objects: set them on the ground using SLOPE mode (to follow terrain) so that you can preview them as close as possible to what you'll see once imported in TB. Comments and feedback welcome. _SCAR
  13. Created a mission, went perfectly fine. Tested constantly through the entire creation. Only simple modules and scripts used. Suddenly the screen is locked in the sky when I preview the mission. All I had done between the preview working and not working was add some empty props like signs and chairs! I even tried to remove said items but there was no luck. I spent an hour rolling back my changes but to no avail. This is exactly whet I get when I hit "Play SP" from the Eden Editor:
  14. Hello. Recently I have noticed really bad lag when selecting or moving multiple units in the Eden editor. This happens whenever I drag a selection box around lots of units at once, either in map or 3d. It also happens when dragging lots of units at once to a different part of the map. With a single unit the lag is minor but when selecting many (e.g. 20) I get a screen freeze for 20-30 seconds until they all become highlighted and editable again. I am using a lot of mods but the issue is the same when running stock vanilla. I have also tried dev branch and non-dev branch. Non-dev seems slightly faster but there's not much in it. It's been a while since I played Arma 3 but I never used to have this problem. In the past selection and movement of units in the editor was basically instant. I should add that apart from this issue Arma runs very smoothly for me, so it isn't caused by an under-spec system. My settings are all mostly on max. Is anyone else experiencing this, or perhaps someone knows what causes it? Thanks.
  15. Croy Mossman

    New To Editing.

    Hello everybody, I have been playing Arma 3 now for quite some time now and after about 400 hours in I have decided to get into the editor, mostly to just play around. The thing is I literally don't even know where to start learning about it at. I have downloaded the "alive" mod, and would just like to know where I should start learning at, to fully understand the editor. Thank you for your time, see you on the battlefield.
  16. I am using LARS compositions spawn-er and it has stopped working. The creator is not currently responding and hasn't be active since July. here is the error message _wp |#|setWaypointCombatMode _mode; _wp setWayp... Error Foreign error: Unknown enum value: "" File LaRs\Functions\fn_createComp.sqf [LaRs_fnc_createComp], line 1201 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- here is the code from LaRs\Functions\fn_createComp.sqf. Line 1201 is highlighted. Let me know if the whole file is required. //***** //WAYPOINTS //***** private _fnc_spawnWaypoint = { private [ "_position", "_ATLOffset", "_placement", "_compRadius", "_mode", "_formation", "_speed", "_behaviour", "_description", "_condition" ]; params[ "_cfg", "_group" ]; _position = getArray( _cfg >> "position" ); _ATLOffset = getNumber( _cfg >> "atlOffset" ); //_position = [ _position, _ATLOffset ] call _fnc_getPosition; _position = [ objNull, _position, [0,0,0], _ATLOffset ] call _fnc_setPositionandRotation; _placement = getNumber( _cfg >> "placement" ); _compRadius = getNumber( _cfg >> "completitionRadius" ); _mode = getText( _cfg >> "combatMode" ); _formation = getText( _cfg >> "formation" ); _speed = getText( _cfg >> "speed" ); _behaviour = getText( _cfg >> "combat" ); _description = getText( _cfg >> "description" ); _condition = [ ( _cfg >> "expCond" ), "TXT", "true" ] call _fnc_getCfgValue; //TODO: does this need defering private [ "_onAct", "_name", "_script", "_timeout", "_show", "_type" ]; _onAct = getText( _cfg >> "expActiv" ); _name = getText( _cfg >> "name" ); _script = getText( _cfg >> "script" ); _timeout = [ getNumber( _cfg >> "timeoutMin" ), getNumber( _cfg >> "timeoutMid" ), getNumber( _cfg >> "timeoutMax" ) ]; _show = getText( _cfg >> "showWP" ); _type = getText( _cfg >> "type" ); private [ "_effectCondition", "_effectSound", "_effectVoice", "_effectSoundEnvironment", "_effectMusic", "_effectTitle", "_wp" ]; _effectCondition = getText( _cfg >> "Effects" >> "condition" ); //TODO: does this need defering _effectSound = getText( _cfg >> "Effects" >> "sound" ); _effectVoice = getText( _cfg >> "Effects" >> "voice" ); _effectSoundEnvironment = getText( _cfg >> "Effects" >> "soundEnv" ); _effectMusic = getText( _cfg >> "Effects" >> "track" ); _effectTitle = getText( _cfg >> "Effects" >> "title" ); _wp = _group addWaypoint[ ASLToATL _position, _placement, count waypoints _group, _name]; _wp setWaypointType _type; _wp setWaypointCompletionRadius _compRadius; _wp setWaypointCombatMode _mode; _wp setWaypointFormation _formation; _wp setWaypointSpeed _speed; _wp setWaypointBehaviour _behaviour; _wp setWaypointDescription _description; _wp setWaypointStatements[ _condition, _onAct ]; _wp setWaypointTimeout _timeout; _wp showWaypoint _show; _wp setWaypointScript _script; //TODO: Effects need testing _wp setEffectCondition _effectCondition; _wp setSoundEffect [ _effectSound, _effectVoice, _effectSoundEnvironment, "" ]; _wp setMusicEffect _effectMusic; switch ( true ) do { case ( isClass( missionConfigFile >> "RscTitles" >> _effectTitle ) ) : { _wp setTitleEffect [ "RES", "", _effectTitle ]; }; case ( isClass( configFile >> "CfgTitles" >> _effectTitle ) ) : { _wp setTitleEffect [ "OBJECT", "", _effectTitle ]; }; default { if ( _effectTitle != "" ) then { _wp setTitleEffect [ "TEXT", "PLAIN", _effectTitle ]; }; }; }; _wp }; //**********
  17. so i have made a few templates for my group but in the virtual arsenal there is no option to select an insignia when on our server, is there any script or mod to allow this
  18. croatinator

    Can't delete old spawnpoint

    Hi. I have an odd problem. I have been making one big mission for at least 6 months now. One problem I have in MP is that I have one extra spawnpoint which is not shown in Eden editor. How is that? Well, I think I placed a marker and then used script for spawning there or something like that. Later on I started using modules for spawning. Since I am working a long time on this, I cant be sure. Now, the problem is, now I can't see neither that marker, nor spawnpoint. Nothing is in that place. Yet, when I start the mission in MP, I can still choose that spawn, with it's old name and spawn on it. I tried searching for that marker or respawn module in the left panel in Eden and it is just not there. Somehow, the mission won't show me the spawnpoint while editing, but it will show in the game. I opened the "mission.SQM" file where all the stuff in the map is written and I actually found that spawnpoint by searching for its name. It has its ID, type, classes and atributes. When I try to delete that whole part of the file and start the mission in editor, I get the error saying something about missing }. What part to delete, from which line to which? Can anybody help me?
  19. I'm New to this so I'm not up on the terminology so I'm having a hard time finding; if it even exists, the functionality to have a mission file that loads in pre built AO's from script files. My thinking is that i have this awesome editor that allows me to place all the units, elements, triggers, functionality, etc... Why cant I simply grab all those elements and export them to a script file, rather than create a script file and manually type in all all of it to spawn in and what not. I am trying to avoid using the AI dynamic random spawner tools. Id like to put the time in to create AO's, have them be called based on a trigger and then have them unloaded on trigger. if this doesn't exist then for the love mike I'm willing to work with someone to create it.
  20. Hi, I'm kinda new to the whole editing missions thing, so I've been using the RESPAWN ON DEATH option in all of my missions. I wish to improve that, so I wanna make it so SQUAD A could respawn on any of HIS squadmates, and SQUAD B could respawn on any of HIS squadmates, but SQUAD A can't respawn on SQUAD B. I found out how to let players respawn on other players but how can I restrict a player to respawn only at certain respawn positions? Thanks for any replies!
  21. I want to change the posture of placed characters. Instead of just having the stance changed to lay, kneel or stand, I also want to change how they hold their weapon. Instead of it being at the "up and ready" when I place them, I want to maybe have the weapon at the low ready or something like say they were guarding prisoners. Heck, somewhere I had seen a quick build video on utube and a character was placed laying down on his back, working on the bottom of a vehicle. I don't remember the video to go back and ask the poster about a mod or setting. As I get to know Arma, I want to make some of those pics of builds or scenarios that the pics get posted in one of these threads. Is this going to be a easy setting change or a mod of some kind, or something more challenging like scripting (which I know nothing of yet)? Thanks for y'alls time. Mike
  22. Hey there everyone, I have been trying to hack away at this issue I have, with no end in sight. Maybe one of you can help.... So I have a multiplayer mission set up. There are two teams (Alpha and Bravo). Both teams have to go to a table to be briefed before the mission. Alpha team leader is owner to 3 triggers, while Bravo team leader owns 3 separate triggers. The triggers display subtitles, specific for each team. The issue I keep having is Alpha teams subtitles show up when Bravo team leader goes near the trigger and vise versa. Both teams' subtitles show up for one unit. I have the mission set up to where if you pick Bravo team, Alpha does not spawn, and the other way around. Is there a way to only spawn a trigger when a unit is present, like the "!alive obj" for condition of presence? I would love to get this fixed so I can finish this mission, and my friends can try it without being confused on which mission they are doing. I know it may seem confusing.. This is my first time posting a question in here, and I'm not the best with explaining things. But if you happen to decipher my gibberish, please let me know if you know of a solution!!! Thanks
  23. Arson0207

    Achievement broken?

    I spent couple of hours learning Eden and I did all the things in order to unlock Puppeteer and Dressing Doll achievement and still they are not being triggered.... Am i doing something wrong or??? Thanks.
  24. OK, I am trying to make a SP mission where the main characters thoughts will be displayed in the side chat in order to give the player new tasks. However whenever I run the scenario as the main character I get no text in the chat even though the trigger activates and the chat indicator at the bottom lights up for a bit. BUT if I run the scenario as another NPC I can clearly see the text the main character says in side chat when the trigger get activated. I am very new to the editor so I might be missing something simple. The trigger I am using has a condition of: alive VK (VK is the player variable) with a 3s delay so that I have time to load in the mission before it activates. On activation I set: VK sidechat "text" This is what I see when i run the scenario as the main character. This is what I see if I run it as a different character. Please help.
  25. I was wondering if there is a way to create custom loadouts for AI in Eden, group them into squads and then use them in Zeus? I was trying to do this with Copy and Paste in zeus but the AI reverted to their original loadouts.