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  1. Hey sorry, yeah I forgot to come back and say thanks! Worked as you did and allowed me to spawn two boats with waypoints, so huge thanks for that !
  2. I would but I honestly have no idea of what to do with scripts
  3. Hi, I'm using a trigger to spawn AI (CSAT) boats and make them move to a waypoint (to chase the blufor boats) and I am getting a "generic code error" when I try to do this. The code I have so far is as follows: group_2 = creategroup east; enemy2 = group_2 createVehicle ["O_Boat_Armed_01_hmg_F ",getmarkerpos "spawn2",[],0,"form"]; enemy2 domove (getmarkerpos "waypoint2") This code is situated in the activation section of the trigger. I have a dot marker set as spawn2 and a circle marker set as waypoint 2 (as I'm spawning a load of ground units at the same time who spawn at spawn1). Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. I am quite confused as to how I use the script, I have downloaded the dropbox file but am unsure what to do next
  5. To make what is described in the link work, do I literally just need to put: //prepare HVT and hostage obj_hostage execvm "Hostage_setup.sqf"; obj_HVT execvm "Hvt_setup.sqf"; in the hostage units init box in the editor? Thanks
  6. I'll give it a go now, thanks
  7. I have tried ACE before but found it a bit too much for friends and I with regards to having to apply tq's etc. It is a grand mod though.
  8. Yes! That is what I mean, apologies for not being clearer.
  9. Hi, thanks for the help that was really kind. However, is there any way i can change this in order to allow the player to make the civ a hostage first (allowing a different side to rescue them)? Thanks again
  10. As far as I was aware none of these explained how to make players be able to turn civilian AI into hostages during the game as everything I found, the civilians start as hostages and are rescued
  11. Hi all I am trying to make a pvp scenario in which opfor will need to take civilian AI Hostage during the mission, and part of blufors mission will be to free those hostages. I am very confused as to how to make this work as I have no experience with scripting. Any help is appreciated, Thanks
  12. Arma Llama

    Faces of War [WW2]

    trying to make like a scenario where US troops have to push up and take a part of the beach. How do I make the Japanese stay in their positions and defend the area??
  13. Arma Llama

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Ah right thanks. About to try out the mod
  14. Arma Llama

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Hi Are there any pre-made missions i can play using this mod? Thanks