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  1. I have this script, which works with any explosive near a wall, and when it explodes it disappears (wall). I would like this to only happen when the player uses an explosive DemoChage_F (Explosive Charge). wall01 addEventHandler ["Explosion", { wall01 hideObject true; }]; Can anyone help me with this?
  2. In my mission, when a Bluefor player enters an area, the trigger causes Independent AI forces to respawn. Altogether 16 Independent soldiers. The problem is that when another Bluefor member also enters the area, another 16 Independent AI enters the game. What should I do to be born only 16 enemies for the entire Bluefor team? Trigger Config Tipe: None Activation: BLUEFOR Activation Type: Present Repeatable: DISABLED Server Only: DISABLED My code: (How to perform this only 1 time to the side (Team). But it can be activated by any player on the team.) if (!isDedicated) then {null = [this] execVM "Gatilhos\Defesa\Alpha\Ind\Squad1.sqf";};