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  1. Hi All. Im creating a multiplayer mission where I want it to start with the players in a helicopter, and they get dropped off, and then the first spawn starts from there and then later on they have choices of new spawn points. the problem I'm having is that when I select in the editor "select respawn position" I start in the bottom left corner (south west) of the map. Only when I take the the tick box off does the player start off where I have him in the editor. Is there a way to have the player start in position you have him in the editor, (in the helicopter beling delivered) and still have selectable respawn points? Its driving me mad a little as I only just looked at this and my mission is nearly finished. I have tried on player init to put "this incargo heli1" but it still ends up in the middle of the sea. As a background I have done everything in eden editor and no scripting, I don't know how to do that..... Thanks for your help James
  2. fluffy_nosed_horse

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP

    I'm not sure. I thought someone might know why, but I will add that as a bug and we will see if that's the case. Thanks for your reply.
  3. fluffy_nosed_horse

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP

    Hi Guys. I am having trouble getting the sound FX in CUP to play in my editor with triggers (flies, crow and cow for example) I have CBA installed, but not even sure which "CUP" project the sound FX fall under. Is it MAPs? I am interested in why this isn't working as none of me or my friends can get it working. L ove the project by the way, all my friends now have it and we are having a blast with it. Thanks guys
  4. Hi Guys. Im new to mission making, not very good at scripting, but i am using the eden editor. i want to try and stay in there, and have a trigger that activates the end mission when a certain number of civilians are killed in an area. Is it possible or do i have to make little sqf files and all that wierd stuff that scares me. can i do it in eden or is it impossible? this is for a multiplayer coop scenario. Cheers for your help in advance.
  5. fluffy_nosed_horse

    Revive only, no respawn, cant do it in eden.

    i guess thats saying that the vehicle the player is in is equal to heli 1, and the brackets are needed to seperate the or operator :D makes sense. thanks a lot. Anyone know how to get revive working without respawns from eden editor? Cheers james
  6. Hi Guys. I cant find any info that says if i can have the end game revive only in my multiplayer mission. im a complete noob here, so maybe im missing something but i have just spent an hour watching spawn vids and stuff and want to just quickly use the eden editor to set it to Revive but not respawn, but i have to select respawn for the revive to work.... i see there is a tickts option and thougth about setting tickets to 0 to disable that and be left with only reivive, is there a way to do this in the editor? Another retarted mess i made was when i was trying to get a taskt o compelte if i had player 1 or player 2 in the chopper, i put in player1 in heli1 or player2 in heli1 and it didnt work.... in the end i used isengineon heli1 to activate hte trigger, but knowing why the or operator doesnt work would be helpful also. sorry to be a plonker. cheers.
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    left handed bindings

    Hi. Are there any players out there that are left handed (in real life) and have a set of decent keyboard bindings? I have a friend who will not play Arma, because there are too many controls (like having to hold ctrl to change stance, grenade type etc etc.). he usually uses the arrow keys.... I wonder what other left handers have adopted to as keyboard binds to make the game "playable", or what they find hard about being left handed and how the solve it. I would of thought it would be a case of painstakingly finding something that works for you (which i would of done) but it seems he doesn't have the patience, and i know that he would really enjoy the game if he could get over it. Thanks in advance left handers....
  8. fluffy_nosed_horse

    Harbour Games MP - Play with the Arma 3 Devs

    So, those who played...can we get a "Harbour Games" description?
  9. fluffy_nosed_horse

    Google+ Official page

    Hahahaha. This was actually more a question for the devs, to see if they have abandoned it (i would delete it from my circles if so) but still an interesting conversation has occurred. I will chuck in my 10cents (or 10pence as im actually English and in England). @longjocks, @SwiftN7 Not religious, but people tend to give up things for lent in my country. . . just because its something to do i guess..... a few girls giving up chocolate or cake, thinking they might get thin, that borderline alcoholic proving a point by giving up warm shitty lager. I chose to give up facebook as i too see it as a bit of a plague. All that happened was i didn't really get invited to any events, and didnt know where my friends were going, as they are now using this as their only means of communication. Its almost robotic. Sometimes, i woudl be like "why didnt you tell me about it" and they would say "but i put it on facebook". Its sad, and i have moved away from it, because there is too much shit to filter also. Its such shite information. Google+ i like more. Its easier to manage what you see, and they also have discussion groups on interesting topics, where you can ask anything to similar interested people (i joined an ARMA3 discussion group actually which was easier than logging into a forum all the time, but not as knowledgable). i know google is slowly taking over the world, but to be honest. their stuff is pretty awesome. for me (suppose it helps that most products are intergrated with my android phone). I like that i can manage what i see on G+ better and (partly because of the small user base) i don't get 1000's of pictures of peoples kids,read how (and they post this every bloody week) much they are looking forward to the weekend, or how upset they are that they dropped there dinner on the floor. When we have a LAN party we block the facebook page from the FB junkies. Ironically facebook is a social tool that is killing real life social interaction. I would love it to die. Oh and dont get me started on Uplay.....i bought trails HD on steam, and now i dotn watn to play it because i have to log in to Uplay. After the nightmare of getting splinter cell to work i hate it. Steam is amazing though. (i know there are haters, sorry i love it)
  10. fluffy_nosed_horse

    Google+ Official page

    749, with 1000+ plus1's which to me means, there are more people that were following and it dropped because it wasn't updated. quite a number of people though for what is basically a copy and paste of whatever they put on the facebook page.... up to the devs though.
  11. fluffy_nosed_horse

    Google+ Official page

    Hey BI I understand you have an official Google plus page, but you don't seem to use it anymore...it hasn't had an update in 1 year. Can you confirm if you have stopped using it? Social media is a great way to update your audience on whats happening but some of us don't actually like facebook although i understand there is a larger user base there, it would be awesome if i could keep up to date on all official updates without periodically checking the forums. (although these forums are brilliant for in depth discussion and help. thanks Arma Community)
  12. fluffy_nosed_horse

    What does A2 content library mean for ARMA3?

    Hi Wipman. I think your reply does bring up a good few points. I understand that 1 big pack means if there is a break, then you lose everything possibly. The installation of mod folders puts me off abit, and like you said making 100 mod folders is probably going to be a pain which is one of the reasons to me, someone who hasnt installed a mod, these "big packs" would be a good idea. But, you know i have a feeling that from previous dev posts, that the integration of these mods is already being looked at. Lets hope that they bring a steamworks integration into it where we just subscribe, and unsubscribe for content..... this way, for us that want the big packs we chose the pack of all the mods, just one install, you chose the individiual packs you want. everyones happy and we all have a picnic with some cream tea (im English so thats what might happen) Also, as a non modder or knowing anything about this, your insight into the difficulty's in welcome also. I think from my original post that the answers to the questions are this. 1.does it mean i can load arma2 content to Arma3 without all in arma's bugs? NO 2.do i have to own arma2 to get any of this future content NO 3.do i only have access as a modder? Currently yes, but things will become available in a steady stream as people create there own mods with the content 4.what does this mean going forward and in the future It means that we will be getting a lot of content modded quicker, due to players having a blueprint to work from as a starting point. However choosing what we have is going to a laborious task. with so many varients. I suppose what i wonder now, is how will this affect some bugs that All in arma has which are putting me off? will All in Arma benefit from the release in any way whatsoever? to make it a more reachable mod? im really unsure of how it works, and im very tempted to install it but hearing that it causes duplication in showcases audio, and things like that puts me off..... Thanks again, and any one else with some insight is well appreciated.
  13. fluffy_nosed_horse

    What does A2 content library mean for ARMA3?

    Well, thats great news. I bought OA just incase they required it for the models to be used, but i guess that wasn't very smart. However im happy to give BI the money in all honesty. I have seen this thread here http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?169302-What-is-going-to-happen-when-Arma-2-s-content-is-released-Problems-and-solutions Some person was planning on having a community effort to have a all content in one pack from various modders. I thought for a noob like me that would be great. One of the devs mentioned something about distribution being improved, so maybe this will make it easier. I think if i had to install 30 mods for the content, i probably wouldnt be interested in getting them all which is a shame. However i know you can have packs to subscribe to in the workshop like in L4D2 (i hope i don't get flamed for playing that game). which might make distribution easier. Also AIA seems to be a bit buggy still. would these releases mean the same sort of thing as AIA but with less bugs? (on the website he mentioned that there were something that wasn't is fault, so guessing its a engine problem, but im only speculating, hell thats why im on the forums to find out stuff) Also, your little dig at the end about the negative nora's. . . Have to say i agree with the post mentioned above. I obviously have no idea about modding, or even how it works, but some guy comes up with an idea and they start flaming him. The all in one pack he suggested would make ARMA3 a bit more accessible to me. something im sure the devs want and are aware of. If the idea doesnt work, well fair play, point out the problems but the idea (maybe a utopian one) of everyone wanting to work together to create a awesome pack for noobs like me is nothing but charming to me.
  14. fluffy_nosed_horse

    Radio Subtitles

    As soon as i pressed escape the same happened. had to reconnect, not very handy really. Is it confirmed fixed in dev build? does anyone know the feedback tracker ticket or something like that which shows this? i cant seem to find one :S What a shame. Im guessing it's a really simple problem to fix (probably).
  15. well it fixed it, but whenever i press esc, the same thing happens (pressing escape loses player names and subtitles). this is fixed in multiplayer by reconnecting. I hear the bug is fixed in the dev build, but im having trouble finding this on the feedback tracker to confirm.