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  1. 2RGT Lux

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Tnx for answer!! i know (better, I suspected it) ..it's a bohemia problem... i hope they fix, 'cause a lot of mod suffer this problem
  2. 2RGT Lux

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Hi, any news about server keys problem?
  3. 2RGT Lux

    Macaco's Mod

    First of all, sorry for my horrible english... Hi all and sorry for late answer….Tnx Dedmen for the exhaustive answer to R0adki 11. It's true, 'select' instead 'params' (it's an habit), but all work... it this months i'm workin for rewrite some aspect of my scripts and i think i can do it... Ai reaction is a part of Macaco'sMod and is similar to TFAR but in my script AI react to player with some random values wich recreate a plausible situation... sometimes they don't hear you , someteimes yes... and when they can hear you, first they put in 'yellow' state and start to patrol.... at second alert the pass in 'red' state and run to the point they heard... i' tryed to ricreate a situation near reality...
  4. 2RGT Lux

    Macaco's Mod

    Hi Dedmen, no...it's no the same…. my code is different and the AI reaction is different too… try it.
  5. Hi Community ! I'm happy (and a bit proud) to present my work : Macaco's mod… A mod everyday ""work in progress"... for now 9 modules... - AI Reaction (Requires CBA, TASKFORCERADIO) With this module you can activate the "hearing" of the AI, which will hear you when you speak with TASK FORCE RADIO - Timer (Requires CBA, ACE) With this module you can activate a timer, based on the DAYTIME variable (totally rewritten) - FollowMe (Requires CBA, ACE) With this module it is possible to enable an ACE interaction menu that allows the player to have some AI commands run: *follow me *stop *lying *stand up * go up to the nearest vehicle * wears protective clothing (helmet + harness) * handcuffing (use a band) *to free - "Logistic Vehicle" module. (Requires CBA, ACE) With this module (can be synchronized with just one faction vehicle) it is possible to create a logistic vehicle for refueling / resetting and vehicle repair ... Also you can use an AI that "simulates" the repair of the vehicle but that if killed will make subsequent repairs impossible ... - "Earthquake" (Requires CBA, ACE) The module allows to create earthquakes with destructive areas; the intensity of the earthquake is adjustable ... - Module "HQ" (Requires CBA, TASKFORCERADIO) The module allows you to create an HQ vehicle with different features: * Equip the vehicle with aeronautical radio with 40km range (Task Force Radio) * Equip the vehicle (in the inventory) with UAV backpack (Darter), batteries and terminal (depending on faction) * Equip the vehicle with an omnidirectional radio disturbance antenna (Task Force Radio) * Equip the vehicle with a directive antenna (movable) to increase the range / power of the radio (Task Force Radio) -"Sounds Of War" module (Requires CBA, ACE) The module allows you to create areas with war sound effects and possibly (real) explosions and light flares, useful for example to delimit areas game recreating a more realistic situation ... -"Supplies" module (Requires CBA, ACE) The module allows you to request a supply case, with a virtual arsenal set by the editor. The module is equipped with various options for operating dynamics. -"Watch" Module (Requires CBA, ACE) With this module it is possible to activate a clock (with graphic interface) that creates two alarms, publishes useful variables for triggers and executes sqf files at the end of alarms .... - "Advanced Stamina" Module (Requires CBA, ACE) (feat. Hollywood) This module manages advanced stamina, adding the possibility of drinking, eating, etc ... Note for those who used the previous mod "Advanced Stamina Mod": Edit the missions with the old mod and then re-insert the modules with Macaco's Mod ON STEAM WORKSHOP: Macaco's mod ON YOU TUBE: Macaco's Channel (Tutorials) SECONDO REGGIMENTO INCURSORI ( 2RGT ) : http://www.secondoreggimento.it/
  6. 2RGT Lux

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    Ohhh TnX! I tried inserting the full path of the folder .... it didn't work ... I didn't think of the single GM folder ... thanks again !!!
  7. 2RGT Lux

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    Sry guys... help me to solve my doubt.... I've ARMASYNC..... there is a way to start the game with GM ? Or it is possible only from official launcher?
  8. Hello everyone ... sorry, I know the discussion is old, but I need a little help if possible ... I uploaded via FTP the folder @ A3Log to the directory where I have all the mods .... I added to the list mod (both -mod and -Servermod) @ A3log ... I compiled the .ini file .... As soon as I start a mission and try a simple "[" I am Superman! "] Call A3Log;" , this error appears in the RPT file: "Call extension 'A3Log' could not be loaded: The specified module could not be found." can someone help me? Thank you!