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  1. I tried. They don't. Still scraping the ground as if it wanted to light up hell's fires.
  2. 2014, uh ? 🙄 I think I will drive by myself, period.
  3. I recorded the motion of a truck with BIS_fnc_unitCapture, and I now want to play this motion with BIS_fnc_unitPlay. No problem so far, the vehicle is doing exactly what I want, but when doing so the tires are scraping on the ground. I thought adding an AI on the driver seat would help, but nothing changed. How can I get this vehicle to stop braking this way ?
  4. I wonder if there is a way to make ACE consider other objects as ToolKits ? We have a backpack that is visually suitable as a toolkit. We can adjust its weight in order to reflect the fact that it carries some tools, but is there a way that ACE accept it as a valid toolkit ? I've found that for some modules, some properties are definded to allow this. For example, in the logictics_wirecutter module, there is a config property that you can have, so the item (backpack or vest) can be considered as having an embedded wirecutter. I would like to see the same thing for repair (and eventually medical) modules.
  5. thanks @pierremgi. I ended up replacing all those modules with one single server-side script to manually apply damage without effects at mission startup. With such a workaround, everything was fine. Very strange bug, nonetheless...
  6. Hey everyone, I set up a scenario using Eden, and the EditTerrainObject module to give a damaged look to a few buildings. I hosted it on my PC and had a try with one of my team mates. We are encoutering a strange behaviour : - I can see buildings as damaged. - He can see buildings as clean. - When I enter a damaged building, nothing change. - When he enter a damaged building, he can see some kind of glitch, with the damaged version quickly appearing and then the clean version is here again. I had a look on the function used by the module, but it seems perfectly fine. Did anyone ever had a similar problem ? Thanks, Cheitan
  7. Cheitan

    Emitter 3Ditor

    Right on time ! I'm just starting to look for emitters. This will be definitely the best tutorial I could ever imagine.
  8. Cheitan

    Anti-Puncture Spray

    Your guess is right ! This type of device can be found in most car repair stores. It is design to contain enough matter to fill in and reinflate a standard tire. Afterward the can is disposable. Of course, here comes a bit of unrealism, given the size and the composition of military grade tires such as the ones on a Marshall for example. But here the goal is to bend the realism a little bit in order to bring a more usable feature ingame.
  9. Anti-Puncture Spray for ACE Repair module by [LM] Cheitan What is this about ? Tired of not having enough spare wheels in your vehicle to keep it moving at a decent speed ? Here is the solution : an anti-puncture spray ! This mod adds a new item you can store in your inventory or in your vehicle. It is a spray that you can plug on a damaged tire. It will inject a specific paste in the tire which will firstly fill the hole and secondly emit a lot of gas, leading the tire to be usable again ! Initially developped among other features for the french team La Muerta, it is now available for everyone. Only french and english translations are available for now. Feel free to submit your own language ! How to use it ? You must have at least one spray in your inventory. Get close to the damaged tire and use the external action key from ACE. It will display a new action on the black part of the tire, named "Use anti-puncture spray". Trigger this action, and it will open a loading bar during 10 seconds with a sound effect. Once the spray is empty, it will be removed from your inventory, and the tire will be usable again. However, keep in mind that over damaged tires cannot be fixed with this spray. Also it will not magically restore the tire at factory state, but it will make it able to reach max speed with the vehicle. Known issues - If the loading action is interrupted, the sound effect will still be hearable until it end. However, do not worry : no item will be taken from your inventory ! Disclaimer and credits This mod is released under APL-SA. - La Muerta Team for testing and support - Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com - Dedmen for various help with code and licence - ACE Team for creating such an amazing mod/framework - Bohemia Interactive for bringing us such a great game If you have developped or enhanced a feature and you think it should be included in this mod so that everyone can benefit, feel free to reach me on BI forum. I would be pleased to see your work and integrate it if relevant, making you a contributor of this mod. Changelog can be found in readme.txt Download La Muerta cloud space (deprecated) Armaholic
  10. Hi @leshrack , thanks for your awesome work ! We rely on your mod since a long time to get our choppers and planes out of their comfortable nest every time we need to bring Hell to the enemy ! I'm very glad to see this small but essential mod updated. I wonder, have you ever thought to render the tow bar between vehicles ? A very simple 3D model with its position updated with the aircraft and tower movement would be very good looking. As you are thinking to set a github, maybe someone will have something to give you for this !
  11. The first one (on Namalsk) is a bunker composed of 3 big parts. The upper bunker, the access ladder + medium level, and then the tunnel + lower level. The two others are only compositions, which means they are built from plenty of objects. Concrete walls, doors, stairs, etc.
  12. Hi, if your question is about my "reduced" version of Persian's script, you just have to add one line in your forEach block, calling LM_fnc_addInjurableUnit. You can also call LM_fnc_addInjurableGroup right after the forEach, out of the block, but if you open the script file defining this function you will see that the only thing done in it is to loop over the units of the group and calling the first function on each one. Here your code is already looping through a group, so let's call directly LM_fnc_addInjurableUnit from it, no need to do another loop after.
  13. Oh, my bad. Fixed, thanks.
  14. Hey @Rockapes, here is the downloadable zip with the code inside. You have to integrate it to your own mission to test it, it's not a standalone package. Have a look to the readme.txt to learn how to use it. It's very simple. Note that I've not checked if it's still working as expected, but we are using it in various missions, and it still seems to work fine. MEGA + Key
  15. What's the problem with the last hotfix ? Didn't see anything wrong. Anyway, yes I can share it, no problem. I don't have it on my computer right now, but let me a few hours and I will pack it up and share it here. However, keep in mind that I don't want to steal @Persian MO's work, so only the anim part is still existing in my code. Other effects such as smokes, AI healing, etc etc, are not part of my script anymore, as we are playing with ACE and ASR. And the vanilla healing is hardly compatible with them. If I have some time during the first quarter of 2018, I may design a more complete and compatible script, but right now it's only for ambient purposes.